About Us

My name is Cormac Reynolds and I run Velseoity. Cormac Reynolds SEOI’m a London based, professional SEO with a specialism in link acquisition, having worked in this specific area since 2013. In my time I’ve supplied SEO products to some of the world’s largest SEO firms, as well as worked with huge household brands directly. Our team’s focus at Velseoity is to offer a white hat SEO solution, that’s realistically affordable and doesn’t compromise on quality. We provide the best of both worlds and great customer service to boot. I’m around long enough to know that SEO is an ever evolving dynamic area and that’s why we’re always doing the same. We implement the latest knowledge and the newest strategies to ensure our clients succeed!

We can Help your Brand

  • Increase Leads
  • Get More Business
  • Rank in Google
  • Drive Brand Awareness
  • Improve its Online Reputation
We know what we’re doing and provide insight, knowledge and information on the marketing industry and as such I have been featured and mentioned on a number of world renowned blogs including: