How to Remove Ripoff Report from Google Search Results

How to Remove Ripoff Report from Google Search Results

It’s true what they say, bad news travels fast. This can especially be seen with bad reviews. If your product or business was the victim of a bad review, you can be sure that people will see it. In this day and age customers comb through reviews on many different search engines before they are willing to trust a business. And unfortunately, if there is a negative review, they will often times be scared off.

Remove Ripoff Reports as they can Affect Business

Negative reviews and negative feedback must be taken seriously. Research study after research study have proven that potential customers not only read bad reviews but will also be scared off from using a product or service based on the review. In fact, a recent report found that just one negative review can have a 15% loss of potential customers. This is a huge impact. And, as the amount of negative reviews grow, so will the loss. This is especially true if the bad review come up on a Google search engine result.


How Online Reviews Impact Online Businesses:

If your Google rating is poor, or if you have negative reviews on Google, customers are far less likely to even click on a link to your business. Interestingly, when online stores have no reviews, they are more likely to get a potential customer’s business than an online store that has poor reviews. This fact alone illustrates the huge impact negative reviews have online.

Negative Reviews Impact Offline Businesses

A walk in customer will also be highly impacted by negative reviews. If this customer has heard negative reviews or has seen negative reviews online about a brick and mortar store, they prefer to stay away. For instance, when restaurants have poor reviews on travel sites or apps, they have many less walk in customers than those restaurants with good reviews. Bad reviews can basically ruin your SEO or search engine optimization.

A Decrease in Sales

Before a customer makes a purchase, they will intuitively think about the pros and cons. They will naturally compare a product or service with another product or service found at a different store. It is only then they will make the purchase. Now, customers are using online reviews as a way to decide whether they want to invest in a certain good or service. If your company has received negative feedback, the customer may reconsider their purchase. This is especially true with stores who sell nice, expensive items. If this store has bad reviews, it is certain their sales will begin to fall.

What Exactly is Ripoff report?

Ed Magedson, the founder and entrepreneur behind Ripoff Report, has described himself as an advocate for consumers. Since 1998, Ripoff Report has grown into a widely used place to post consumer complains on the internet.

Complaints Board, a site that also posts consumer complaints, allows both positive and negative criticisms. Ripoff Report on the other hand, only allows negative reviews. Ripoff Report is essentially an online forum that allows customers to warn other consumers about certain retailers or online businesses. Ripoff Report is basically a free space to air a grievance a customer has or has experienced.

To post an online review on Ripoff Report, the user must supply their name, their address, and the email. This allows Ripoff Report to verify the user through their verification process. When a review is posted on Ripoff Report, the user can ask that a professional such as a lawyer, a government authority, a member of the media, or a consumer advocate contact them. Or, if the user prefers to post anonymously, that is an option as well. Certainly, allowing anonymous posts may lead to unfounded or fake reviews. Even so, Ripoff Report does not investigate any reviews to see if they are true or unfounded.

Understandably, there are many businesses that feel completely victimized by Ripoff Report. In fact, some people even claim Ripoff Report has been founded on a basis of blackmail. And to make matters worse, Ripoff Report has recently added a “verified” service that allows businesses with no negative reviews to stay off the site indefinitely.

This could be a good move if you are wondering how to remove ripoff report from google search results.

How to Remove a Ripoff Report or Make it Less Apparent in Google

If you’re wondering how to remove a Ripoff Report from Google search results – then start with the advice below.

Say You’re Sorry

If the negative review about your business is even a bit accurate it is definitely in the best interest of your business to make amends. Contact the reviewer and say you are sorry. Tell them your company made a mistake and that you would like to fix the problem. It is always the best idea to quickly deal with these situations before they turn into a bigger management problem.

After you have mended fences with the disgruntled customer you may ask them if they wouldn’t mind amending or deleting their reviews. However, this opens another can of worms. For most sites, not even the author of the review can change or erase their own review. And, even if the customer posts a follow up review, it can keep the negative review active for longer on search engines such as Google and Bing. And, you never know what the customer is going to say in their follow up review. Sometimes customers will even mention that you asked them to get rid of their review.

Only Post Rebuttals at Your Own Risk

Ripoff Report does allow businesses to write a formal rebuttal to either the individual who wrote the review, the company that was mentioned in the review, or to any other parties who were affected in the review.

However, rebuttals can sometimes cause more damage. Since the reviews or reports are listed in chronological order on Ripoff Report, a rebuttal will always be underneath the original report. And, these rebuttals can rarely fix any of the underlying causes or issues that were the problem for the customer. In fact, rebuttals can actually do more harm than good because they will promote the original review despite the explanation.

Take Control of Your Search Results

Individuals and business owners have the ability to lessen the damage caused by search engine results. There is a lot of free resources that will help you do this. Aside from completely getting rid of Ripoff Report on your search results, the way to alleviate poor reviews is to elevate positive or neutral reviews in your search ranking. This will force Ripoff Report to at least be pushed off to page 2 of search results. Only 6% of customers will even get to page 2 of their search results. We can help you with this – get in touch.

Hire a Reputation Management Firm to Help Negative Ripoff Report Disappear

A reputation management firm can help bury a negative Ripoff Report. A reputable reputation management firm will use their expertise in Public Relations and Search Engine Optimization to create many positive websites, online articles, and other videos about your business in hopes to take Ripoff Report off the first page of search engine results.

Usually, this method is very effective. However, in some cases, a Ripoff Report review or listing is just too powerful to stay down for too long. Search engine optimization is definitely an ongoing project, and if it is not, the results are not good. This is the most suitable option for those questioning how to remove ripoff report from Google search results.

Legal Options

If you are wondering how you can remove a Ripoff Report from Google, you may consider the legal route – here is the lowdown.

Option #1-Sue Ripoff Report
The first legal option you have is to sue Ripoff Report, Xcentric Ventures, LLC. Ripoff Report has been no doubt sued many many times. Unfortunately, despite the possibly hundreds or thousands of lawsuits against Ripoff Report for anything from extortion, defamation, and a number of other reason, Ripoff Report has never lost a case in the United States of America. This has allowed them to keep an excellent legal standing. Ripoff Report always sites Section 230 as its protections of the Communication and Decency Act.

Option #2-Sue the person who wrote the defamatory Ripoff Report
If you feel like suing someone is the only way to get your review off of Ripoff Report, it is probably best to sue the person who wrote the complaint in the first place. This is a safer route than suing Ripoff Report.

Why not sue Ripoff Report?

Before you think about suing Ripoff Report you need to understand that Ripoff Report is protected by the Communications Decency Act. Essentially, this act eliminates all responsibility for Ripoff Report and does not hold them accountable for the reviews that are on the site. This is why Ripoff Report has such legal standing and why there has never been a lawsuit against Ripoff Report that has been won. Because of this, the best course of action is to submit a court order to Google forcing them to de-index the search results.

Even if you feel that you have a very strong case against Ripoff Report, suing them is a very expensive and time-consuming option that will require many lawyers with a very small chance of victory. In fact, the judge may dismiss the case and require you to pay for Ripoff Report’s legal fees.

If you’re interested in removing a Ripoff Report or need help with any other form of reputation management – contact us


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