Influencer, PR and Blogger Reviews

PR-perfect, search engine-loving reviews from people your target market look up to

61% of consumers has made a purchase based on a recommendation from a blogger. And that figure right there shows no sign of slowing down.

If you’re hoping to profit from the stardust that influencers and bloggers can sprinkle, you need the right strategy for picking perfect partners and sealing the deal with them (which, let us tell you, is not to be underestimated).

What is the VelSEOity Influencer and Blogger Review Service?

In this brave new social world, no longer is it enough to tell your audience how your product or service will improve their lives. You need others to show them – and those others should be third-party individuals who they trust, admire and respect.

But influencer and blogger reviews aren’t just about making the sale there and then, as they also deliver a whole host of other benefits. Like…

  • Creating a buzz on social
  • Strengthening brand trust and recognition
  • Building backlinks faster – to climb through the search engines more quickly
  • Helping you to reach a relevant audience
  • Tapping into the words and imagery that works (good bloggers and influencers know their business)
  • Capturing very specific keywords and audiences
  • Delivering consumer education through a trusted third party – 81% of the online population trusts the advice they get from bloggers
  • More results for a lower price tag than traditional advertising (70% of online consumers learn about companies through articles like blog posts)

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How our Influencer and Blogger Review Service works

Reach new audiences and enjoy an immediate uplift in sales, by picking the right person to review your product or service.

Our influencer and blogger review service can flex and fit to both product-based businesses as well as those that deliver a service.

Here’s how the process goes…

Before anything, we get to grips with your target audience

We’ll analyse the social posts and online pages that they’re engaging with – and the influencers, bloggers and review websites they trust.

We’ll come to understand their goals, their worries, their hopes.

We connect the dots between influencer, industry and you

This is when the real work begins. We’ll kick off conversations with key influencers and bloggers in your industry – balancing a relevant pitch with negotiating a deal that works for both parties. It might sound simple enough, but digitally wining and dining those busy influencers and bloggers is no mean feat.

We firm up the details

What will you receive for the payment made, that’s the question, and there are all kinds of combinations.

Will it be a long-form review coupled with posts over on social, or just an @ mention? (86% of influencers say they have a blog, FYI).

Agreeing a deal for both a blog review and a social post can lead to a double whammy of both instant sales and drip, drip traffic and future transactions.

We’ll advise and guide on making more of that influential review

More like mentioning the review on your own social profiles. More like including links OUT from your website and quotes from the reviews put in the right place to nudge visitors to conversion.


How do I contact bloggers?

Feel free to go it alone and give blogger and influencer outreach a whirl, but be forewarned – it’s far from the easy gig many take it to be. In short, the approach is EVERYTHING (it’s about SO much more than the money you offer); we sum the ‘right’ approach up as being helpful, relevant, unique, personal and placing yourself in the shoes of the influencer.

What is an influencer outreach campaign?

An influencer outreach campaign simply means a strategy that promotes your brand, product or service to strategic bloggers and influencers who serve your target market.

How much does blogger outreach cost?

This is one of those ‘how long is a piece of string?’ kind of questions.For most small to medium sized businesses, our influencer and blogger reviews cost between $100 and $1000 per review. It’s frustrating that we don’t have a dead set answer, we know – but get in touch and we’ll provide you with a fixed quote, no obligation, no pressure.

What is influencer outreach?

Influencer outreach presents something completely different to traditional advertising – it’s a fast-fire route to awareness, credibility and trust. In order to choose and win over the right influencers, you’ll need target market analysis, competitor research and blogger/influencer connections (as well as the right pitch).

How do I find blogs and influencers who fit with my target market?

Google, Bing and Yahoo are your friends, as is YouTube (for vloggers) and Tumblr (for bloggers). Remember blogger and influencer research and identification is all part of the package with our services.

Where do I get free quality backlinks?

Take care if you’re new to the world of link building. There are plenty of ‘agencies’ that will offer a world of links for just a few bucks, then give you nothing but a blacklisting from Google. The only way to get genuine free AND high-quality backlinks you’ll need to create superior quality content WORTH linking in to.

Do backlinks still work in 2020?

Absolutely, without question, YES. However there’s no denying that the SEO game has changed, and more and more weight is likely being placed on links and interaction on social media.