Let’s Discuss Influencer Marketing

2020 is known as the year of influencer marketing, according to various experts. This is further supported by the fact that 91% of marketers in 2020 intend to launch a minimum of one influencer based marketing campaign. There are numerous reasons why this strategy is working so effectively and the biggest reason is because it provides social proof.

Every American sees about 5,000 ads every single day which is a research firm. As a result of this, they are overwhelmed by ads and have what is called, banner blindness. This means that they actually visually filter out ads that they see and about half of them even use ad blockers. Due to this, many companies are now looking towards hiring influencers to market their products and company as oppose to using typical ads.

So, now is a fantastic time to start using influencer marketing and we will now look at a couple tips that you should carefully think about when doing so.


The first thing you should do before hiring influencers is to carefully think about your own business’s brand. There are certain industries where it is easy to find influencers and others where it isn’t so. For example, companies in the beauty and fashion niche are heavily using inluencers for marketing and about 60% of these companies already have campaigns in place and the other 21% are in the planning phase to implement campaigns in the next year. Some other great influencer friendly niches include health, food, consumer devices etc.

Getting the best influencers

The most challenging part of this type of marketing is being able to find and hire the right influencers. As a matter of fact, 73% of companies indicate that this is the most difficult part. After all, the person or persons that you hire will become the face of your brand or an extension of it.

As a result, you will need to do your research and be sure to thoroughly check out all of the influencer’s posts and information to ensure that they are the right fit for your company and brand. It is wise to avoid hiring influencers that may lead to a huge faux pas since your business may never recover from that.

Don’t worry about low numbers of followers

Even though you may want an influencer with tons of followers, you should look beyond those social media celebrities. Instead, you should pay more attention to how relevant the influencer is to your brand as oppose to getting seen by as many eyeballs possible. Once you have influencers that are being seen by your target market, then you’re definitely doing influencer marketing right, even if they have a small following.

Creative freedom

Next, when you select an influencer that is in line with your brand and their followers make up your audience, then you should give that influencer creative freedom. You should avoid giving too much rules since this can cause issues with your relationship or negatively affect their posts, thus leading to lower engagement levels.

Keep track of everything

Lastly, in order to know if your campaign is successful, you need to track all of the metrics. This will help you to make necessary changes and tweak your campaign accordingly.