Stop Hawking these Terrible Links!!!


Every time I look at the SEO groups I follow on Facebook I see people trying to hawk links.

On a daily basis I can’t count on my hands and toes (20 in all), how often I see people selling links on sites that are completely free to post on and offer little to no SEO value. This said, each of these posts still ends up with a ‘PM me’ or ‘What’s the price?’

Ignore the whole ‘Guest Post on DA90 site” moniker. These are about as useful as a Web 2.0 link.

Noobs and those that should know better are happy to pay for something that would take 2 minutes to create if they were so inclined. While, sellers harangue and flog something that’s as likely to lift rankings as rubbing your computer monitor with a quiche.

Being straight to the point I sell links and have done so for years. However, we post on real blogs with traffic and relevance. Yes, they cost a bit but our clients rank and aren’t throwing away money. Not this sort of junk.

So, here’s a list of these sites below.

Don’t pay for them, just create an account and post if you’re so inclined. They may be useful as pillow links or for the purpose they were intended for, but they’re not high quality guest posts:

• Patch
• Buzzfeed
• Medium
• Kiwibox
• Tackk
• SlackStreet
• Storeboard
• Storify
• Behance
• SlashDot
• Shutterfly
• Your Story
• Self Growth
• Instructables