Mugshot Image Removal

Your (less than flattering) Online Mugshot – it’s Tainting your Reputation.

Wrong place, wrong time, or just a regrettable mistake? Perhaps you weren’t even charged with an offence? Whatever the reason for your mugshot being online, there’s no reason why your past transgressions should affect your future.

What is the VelSEOity Mugshot Image Removal Service?

Today 77% of employers will ‘Google’ an applicant (and under the Freedom of Information Act, they may also be able to access your records). And as far as online reputation goes, having a mugshot plastered online is just about the most damaging type of content there is. But this is the situation for all too many.

For your potential employer, a questionable social profile is one thing, but evidence of a previous crime (even if it’s a misdemeanor) is quite another.

While mugshots have been splashed online since the 00’s, since 2011 there’s been a surge in websites that publish mugshots and profit from those willing to pay to remove them. Yet while this business practice is less than savory, it’s perfectly legal.

If you’re suffering a tarnished online image from an online mugshot, we can help. And as well as removing mugshots, we can also remove:

  • Negative articles and reviews
  • Complaints on websites such as ComplaintsBureau and ScamBoard
  • Content on revenge websites – such as PredatorAlerts, ReportMyEx and CheatersRUs

Packages & Pricing

Mugshot Removal Services

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How our Mugshot Image Removal Service works

Websites such as publish vast swathes of images and criminal record data, and for the average Joe Bloggs, there’s little that can legally be done to take on such a website.

If you live in certain states, including Florida, Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Oregon, or New Jersey, records dating all the way back to 1999 can be found online. And more and more states are allowing for the posting of mugshots online.

So What’s the Solution?

Our Mugshot Removal Service is totally bespoke – designed around the person, their mugshot problem and the region in which they live. In some countries, there are steps that can be taken to request the removal of the image or page, while in others, removal proves extremely difficult (sometimes impossible).

And if that Doesn't Work?

If mugshot removal isn’t possible, we’ll put together a strategy for pushing positive content up through the search engine ranks, while driving down the negative results. This strategy could involve:

  • The creation and promotion of professional headshot images
  • A concentrated strategy of mixed content to bury negative content (e.g. blogs, images, video and more)


Can’t I just send a request to Google for the removal of my mugshot?

There are some instances where Google and the other search engines would accept requests for the removal of data or images. However, these requests don’t tend to apply to mugshots. Generally, Google will only ‘de-index’ web pages that share: • Sensitive info such as social security numbers and other info that could cause identity theft or financial harm • Revenge porn • Child porn • Copyrighted content/works

I live in the EU, can’t I just file a ‘Right to be Forgotten’?

The European Union’s “Right to be Forgotten”, introduced in 2012 requires search engines to de-index outdated and irrelevant information about people online should the user request it. If you live in Argentina or an EU member state, you’re free to file a ‘Right to be Forgotten’ removal request.

Who owns the copyright to my mugshot?

There’s no dead-set answer here. The first thing you need to know is that Google takes between two to six weeks to index websites, however in reality it can take months for these results to work their way up Google. That said, when you need a rapid fix or a positive reputation that’s visible to recruiters, there are always custom solutions that can show your audience what you want them to see within the shorter of timescales.

A company has guaranteed to remove my photo from a website for a set fee, should I trust them?

Be careful who you use for mugshot removal services. This industry is one where unscrupulous businesses are never far away. One common trick is for reputation management providers to be connected to a mugshot website. They’ll push your budget to its maximum for results they say are ‘guaranteed’. They are – but only because some of the money is going direct to the website in question. And then there’s another problem; even if your photo is removed from one website, there’s nothing to say that it isn’t appearing elsewhere. While certain payment providers (such as American Express, MasterCard and PayPal) have stopped providing services to some of these websites, all too many are getting rich from other people’s mugshot problems.