A Guide to Making Money on Fanvue

It’s easiest to describe Fanvue as a monetized social media website that enables content creators to charge for their uploads. There aren’t any content restrictions on the website and thanks to its creator-friendly policies, it is seeing greater growth from day-to-day. As Fanvue offers a great monetized platform and plenty of features, if you’re an adult content creator, you can turn a nice profit on this platform. Becoming a Fanvue content creator is a fairly easy and straightforward process, so you can get started right away!

Note: There are certain requirements that you will need to fulfill in order to work as a Fanvue model. If you’re interested, keep reading to find out more!

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How To Get Started As A Fanvue Model

The process in order to become a Fanvue model is simple and straightforward. Here’s what you will need to do:

Create a login for Fanvue when you head over to the website. Once you have your login, the screen will present two options— one of them enables you to become a content creator. After clicking the option to become a “creator”, you will need to fill in the right form. This form will also require you to submit a valid government ID along with a selfie that allows you to become a model. 

After these initial steps, you’re now viewed as a content creator! What’s more, the platform makes verification easy, simple, and virtually instant. 

Is Fanvue not necessarily right for you? If you feel this way, you may wish to check out FriendsOnly, which is also a great website to monetize and publish adult content on. What makes FriendsOnly a bit more comprehensive is that they offer everything Fanvue does while also allowing you to create similar videos to TikTok. As an adult content creator, this site is a goldmine for acquiring fans and permanent subscribers interested in your content.

How To Become A Successful Fanvue Content Creator

In order to become a successful Fanvue model, you will need to invest some time and effort into marketing yourself well. You not only need to create a unique brand for yourself, but also publish quality content that helps you stand out from competitors. Here’s how you can achieve success on Fanvue as an adult model:

Spend time marketing your content as well as profile.

The best way to grow your following is by advertising your content and profile on forums online. This is also a good time to collaborate with other content creators who have a solid social media presence. Most Fanvue models are successfully marketed by Instagram users, which is why you need to form the right collaborative partnerships.

Consistency is key to success.

As a Fanvue content creator and model, you need to have a certain amount of honesty and consistency that shows in your work. This means publishing your content on a regular schedule that fans have come to expect.

Keep content high in quality and always market effectively.

High quality content and an effective marketing strategy are crucial to your success on the platform. 

Here’s our guide to creating a bio

Here’s our guide to creating a profile

How To Use Reddit As An Effective Marketing Tool

Adult content creators can effectively harness the power of Reddit in order to market themselves and get a larger number of subscribers. The great thing about Reddit is that there are many subreddits you can post to such as Not Safe For Work or NSFW. This helps you get your new brand across while also getting users to pay attention to your published videos. 

You can use the same promotional content over and over again by sharing it in NSFW subreddits regularly. Of course, the real downside to subreddits is that new accounts are easily banned for spam if they’re not careful. You can simply circumvent this problem, however, by interacting in the forums and making proper posts for a few weeks. You can usually get away with promoting your Fanvue account afterwards.

Use the space in your Reddit profile wisely. One way you can harness its power is by uploading your Fanvue account page link. This way, anyone that interacts with your Reddit profile page can potentially become a Fanvue subscriber.

Grow Your Following With The Help Of Twitter

OnlyFans creators often rely on Twitter as their main social media platform to help them gain the necessary subscribers. There are plenty of ways that you can make Twitter work well for your Fanvue account, and one of them is by posting twice a day. Just the simple act of being online and posting so consistently can help you become one of the top content creators on the platform!

This goes to show that fans want consistency in their content, and not just quality! Posting several times a day on Twitter can help you gain the exposure you need for success. In order to get more Fanvue subscribers, make sure to take plenty of vertical videos and link your page to your official Twitter profile.

How To Become A Fanvue Success Using Instagram And TikTok

Instagram and TikTok are two of the hardest social media platforms to navigate. The problem is that they have very strict guidelines for what’s considered sexual content, and that means getting banned is easy! Perhaps of the two, TikTok is the most stickler for rules. The upside to these platforms, however, remains that they both allow you to gain the most followers out of any other social media sites.

With just 10,000 views per day on TikTok, you can get at least 10 Fanvue content subscribers! Though it takes hard work and effort to reach these numbers, it’s all made possible by employing consistency.

How To Monetize Your Fanvue Account

There are a large variety of features that you can make use of in order to monetize your Fanvue account. Here’s a breakdown of the top features that will net you the most profit:

Monthly Subscriptions

Generate revenue by employing the monthly subscription tactic. This basically asks your fans to join for a monthly fee in order to get access to your content.

Private Messages

In order to view private messages and to interact with you, fans will need to spend some money.


Another great feature of this platform is the ability to tip content creators. If fans tip, you can make more money!

Paid Content

It’s possible to publish content behind a payment wall on the website. This means that only people willing to pay will see what’s behind the blurred wall. Another great way to monetize paid content is to do regular live-streams. These live-streams are a fantastic way to hone fan interaction while also making it ideal to hide things behind a payment wall. 

Does Fanvue Truly Offer The Best User Experience?

Even new content creators will find the Fanvue platform fairly straight and easy to use. All of the necessary features and functions are easily made available in the right tabs with the click of a button. The convenient structure not only makes it easier for first-time users, but it makes it conducive to getting the right number of subscribers with ease. Perhaps the most important to note is that the website isn’t only usable for those with a lot of social media know-how. The simple functions are easily employed even by those with limited adult content creation experience. As such, many find it possibly the best website to work with!