How to Make Money from your OnlyFans Tip Menu

Content creation is a tough, time-consuming process. Whether you consider your OnlyFans work to be your full-time job or just a side gig, you want to invest most of the energy you put into it creating content. To monetize that hard work and let your subscribers show their appreciation for it, setting up a tip menu is a low-effort way to become a paid content creator. You can start accepting your subscribers’ tips as soon as you make five posts on OnlyFans.

OnlyFans Tip Menu: What Is It?

The tip menu is a listing of your additional OnlyFans content that supporters and fans can see. The tip menu shows the cost of each item. If you have extra photos and videos or custom items that you want to earn more money from when you promote your account, this is the place to present them.

The Subscriber’s View Of an OnlyFans Tip Menu

Everybody who’s eaten at a restaurant understands the concept of tipping. If your server enhances your dining experience, it’s customary to give them additional money on top of the cost of your meal. The tip menu gives OnlyFans subscribers the same ability. If your subscribers like what you’re doing and want to encourage you, the tip menu lets them do so — by paying you more.

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What Are The Limitations Of Your OnlyFans Tip Menu?

OnlyFans is a remarkably flexible platform, and this extends to its tip menu feature. You can put anything you can imagine on your menu, and as long as your subscribers are willing to pay for it (and you’re not violating the platform’s rules), it can earn you money. If you want to get started, check out our guide to start an OF.

Why Do You Need A Tip Menu?

If you’re relatively new to OnlyFans or Fanvue, bear in mind that a lot of people who find you on the platform may be newcomers as well. Experienced subscribers might understand the mechanics of extra content or custom commission work, but newcomers might not be aware of these possibilities. And regardless of their experience level, your subscribers will be more inclined to buy extras if they have a good idea of what more you have to offer. More content equals more money on OnlyFans, and your tip menu is an indispensable tool for marketing it.

Keep in mind, though, that your tip menu belongs to you. Don’t include items and services that you’re unfamiliar with or uncomfortable providing for your subscribers. You can look at other creators’ menus for inspiration, but don’t feel you “need” to offer something because lots of competing creators do.

Using The Tip Menu To Broaden Your Offerings

Very few content creators on OnlyFans develop the kind of following that will tip them without fail. You have to work to keep the quality of your content as high as possible to satisfy your subscribers and earn additional support in the form of tips.

Of course, novelty is always a great way to attract fresh attention and fresh tips. Tip menus are a great way to diversify the kind of content you provide for subscribers. When you consider entering a new niche, you can create tip menu entries reflecting that new work. The number of tips you receive for the new work will tell you whether changing or expanding your focus will be a profitable idea.

General OnlyFans Tip Menu Suggestions

The only people who experience instant success on OnlyFans are celebrities who bring their own ready-made audience with them. If you’re starting without that advantage, you need to be humble and patient — and use common sense to build your following. Dedicate some of your OnlyFans time to educating yourself; OnlyFans content creation is a business and you can learn how to succeed in that business. Below is some general advice that should be helpful no matter what kind of content you’re creating on your OnlyFans bio.

Start With Free Subscriptions

Though your end goal is probably to earn as much as possible for your OnlyFans content, you can’t start by going to the tip menus of the most popular creators in your niche and copying the sky-high prices you see there. Accept the fact that you need to start with free subscriptions. This lets you build up your following and establish a track record as a trustworthy creator.

Focus On Quality Over Quantity

Novelty and variety are big draws on OnlyFans, so you may be tempted to pump out as much content as quickly as you can. Resist this urge! Quality content is more valuable to you. If you take the time to perfect what you have to offer, you’ll get more attention, more subscribers, and more tips. Plus, high-quality content is more durable than content you make quickly and haphazardly. Good content can keep earning tips for years after you first offer it.

Interact With Your Subscribers via your OnlyFans Tip Menu

One of the big draws of OnlyFans is that it allows content consumers to get closer to content creators. Ignore this opportunity at your peril! Particularly when you’re starting out, engaging with your subscribers and replying to their comments is a great way to learn about their tastes. You can translate this information into useful (and lucrative!) guidance on what sort of content you create and how you offer it to your subscribers.

Be as open, friendly, and polite with your subscribers as you can. If you make your subscribers feel that they can trust you with their opinions and preferences, you’ll learn much more about them and what kinds of content they’re likely to pay (and pay extra) for.

OnlyFans Tip Menu Ideas For Adult OnlyFans Content

OnlyFans has developed a reputation as a haven for adult content, and that reputation is deserved. Some of the platform’s highest-paid creators are earning their money by giving their subscribers adult material. If this is the general niche you’re working in, here are some tip menu opportunities to consider.

To reiterate a point from the start of this guide: Don’t feel pressured to enter content niches that you’re not comfortable in. There are plenty of OnlyFans tip menu ideas. Other creators might make money there, but if you’re uncomfortable with creating certain types of content, you probably won’t be as successful offering it on your tip menu.

New Underwear Showcase

You have to buy new underwear all the time. If you’re an adult content creator, why not monetize that process? All you need to do is create a quality photo set or video modelling each of your new underwear or lingerie acquisitions. Underwear shoots are an excellent tip menu item; with a decent following, you can charge anywhere from $25 to $60 for each new outfit. Here is a good guide to poses you can use on OnlyFans.

Build A Granular Tip Menu

A great way to maximize your tip income is to let your subscribers to tip in any amount. If you have a photo set ready to put on your tip menu, break it up to accommodate different prices. Offer your subscribers three photos for $3, four for $4, and so on.

Add Fitness Tips

If you’re an adult content creator and also a gym rat, consider delivering fitness instructions through your tip menu. Your subscribers will enjoy seeing you work out, and they might learn something too.

Give Beauty Tips, Too

As with the previous suggestion, you may find that your OnlyFans audience is interested in how you make yourself up for your other content. Test the waters with a few inexpensive beauty tutorials on your menu. You may uncover a whole new revenue stream!

Show Off Your Feet

To be frank, there are a lot of foot fetishists on OnlyFans. Feet pics is an easy niche to enter even if you don’t have this particular kink, and you may be surprised at how much your feet can earn on your tip menu.

Offer The Girlfriend Experience

Many male OnlyFans subscribers are interested in a customized girlfriend experience with their favorite content creators. A lot of them will hesitate to say so, so putting “girlfriend experience” on your tips menu is a great way to open up an easy-to-miss opportunity.

Team Up For OnlyFans Tips

If you create adult content with one or more partners, work together to produce some bonus content that you can use on your tips menus. This need not be explicit; a lot of subscribers might be interested in seeing you engage in more mundane activities.

Rate Your Subscribers

A lot of people who follow adult content creators on OnlyFans crave individual attention from them. A great way to deliver that attention and get paid for it is to add a rating item to your tips menus. The classic example of this in adult content is to rate subscribers’ dick pics, but you can have your subscribers be more creative and less explicit if you prefer. This is one of the great tip menu ideas a popular creator can utilise to stay relevant and make money.

Offer Zoom Dates

People consume adult content for a nearly-infinite number of reasons. A lot of people are hungry for romantic intimacy. You can meet this need by offering your subscribers the opportunity to spend some romantic one-on-one time with you via Zoom or video calls. This is an excellent high-value offering to put on your tip menu for your most devoted fans. Popular creators who get more exposure can make a lot of money offering this to paying subscribers.

Send Customized Greetings

This is a tip menu offering that all content creators can use, not just those in the adult niche. Lots of subscribers will cough up money to get custom videos or a personalized video message for birthdays, holidays, or other special occasions. If you do a lot of custom adult content, you can even offer your subscribers a range of messages at different prices, varying the length and explicitness according to how much they pay and the OnlyFans tips involved.

These are just some of the great OnlyFans tip menu ideas you can offer people and make money selling online.

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