How to Start an Onlyfans

Are you one of the many considering hopping on the OnlyFans platform? If so, you are certainly not alone. Starting an OnlyFans account can be very lucrative with the right strategy in place. Our comprehensive guide for people brand new to the platform will give you all of the information you need to know before setting up your account and creating content for it.

By the end of this guide, you will have all of the pertinent information needed to become a successful OnlyFans content creator. You will have the necessary knowledge to start your account, grow it quickly, and continue to put yourself in a position to succeed on the increasingly competitive platform. You will know some of the tips and tricks needed to grow your account successfully and capture major subscriber growth over the next year. Our OnlyFans marketing agency can help

Here is the ultimate guide for creating your new OnlyFans Account – How To Start a Successful OnlyFans Account

The first thing you need to do is figure out what type of content you want to create and publish on your account. Keep in mind, this is content that you will be sharing with the world. Everything you end up posting has the potential to get stolen and/or leaked. This is an inherent risk you will always have when you are posting adult content on any platform.

Try to think about the type of content you want to post online. Are you planning on showing your face? Are you going to publically announce you are starting OnlyFans on your personal accounts? What specific type of content do you intend on posting?

Once you do start to monetize your content and generate an income from it, you’ll want to have a plan for that money. Firstly, you need to set aside plenty of the income generated for taxes. It’s best to set aside a good 30-50% for tax purposes. While you won’t be subjected to pay that much out of pocket for your taxes, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

The Proper Mindset When Creating Your Content

When you are looking to start your OnlyFans account and you want to make as much as possible from the platform, you need to have the right mindset. Approaching your OnlyFans page with the right mindset is crucial to getting the most out of it.

You don’t want to stick to the cookie-cutter approach to starting your OnlyFans page . The platform has become and will only continue to get more and more competitive. You need to avoid blending in with the rest. Thus, you cannot simply follow what others are doing. Instead, you need to have your vision. You want to create content that is aligned with your vision and stick to it.

You will be faced with many of the same challenges that others will. After all, starting an OnlyFans page isn’t a “get rich quick scheme.” It involves a lot of hard work and determination. You will face similar challenges that everyone faces when they are starting a social media account. You’ll need to learn how to effectively promote yourself on the platform. You also need to know how to leverage your other social media accounts and influence to promote your OnlyFans account. However, with continued motivation and perseverance, you will have no problem overcoming the obstacles you are faced with. You can find all of the tips and tricks you need on our blog that help OnlyFans content creators succeed.

Your Subscription Price For Your Content

You need to figure out the right subscription price for your content. Your OnlyFans account will have a paywall. This paywall will be a price that a user/customer would pay to access it. You can set your unique price in the “settings” menu. You could opt to have a free accounts or one that is paid. There is an important distinction between the two.

A “free” account would give you the chance to post content that your followers would then be able to purchase exclusive content if they want to view it. This is typically referred to as “pay-per-view.” It’s a monetization strategy that some use to try to incentivize more people to buy the content they want.

No matter if you choose to go with a “free” or paid account, you will be able to set the prices for your OnlyFans content.

A Step-By-Step Guide on How to Start an OnlyFans Account:

At this point, we will start to take a closer look at how to effectively set up your account so it’s well-positioned for success. This guide is meant to be easy to follow and understand. It will walk you through the process of setting up your account and getting it to stand out from the rest of the competition.

Create Your OnlyFans (OF) Account

The very first thing you need to do when you are starting is to create your account. As mentioned previously, you will need to have your OF account connected to either an email, Google, or Twitter. Creating your account is mandatory before you can start to collect payment.

All that is required for your signup is to confirm that your email is valid. A verification code will be sent. Try to choose a password that you can remember or use a password generator and manager to store it. You will also need to accept the policies in the service agreement provided.

Once you’ve done the steps above, it’s time to start creating your profile. This is where you will start to see what OnlyFans offers. Luckily, OF’s platform is incredibly intuitive. Therefore, it doesn’t take too much to get used to the user interface. It’s at this point that you will want to choose a profile name. This is an important component of your branding. Because of this, you want to think hard about what you want to be known as on the platform.

Once that’s done, you can add a profile picture. You can also add other information you want to share with your followers. You can add links to an Amazon wishlist or even to your Spotify account too.

This next thing is extremely important. You want to choose the right country that you are broadcasting from. This will be a dropdown list. You also want to “check” the radio button to confirm that you are either 18 or older and choose the age of majority in your respective country.

Fast Approval

In the next part of the process, you will be asked to share your legal information. This means you need to share your legal name, address, and date of birth, and you even need to submit an official ID. OF will want you to send a picture of you holding your ID for even better verification purposes. Once all of your information is verified, that’s when your account will be officially created. At this point, you can officially start to post content and earn money from your OF account.

How Long Does This Process Take To Play Out?

You can expect the approval process to take up to 72 hours. However, these things tend to get done within 48 hours at max. If your application for OF does get denied for some reason, there will be a reason provided. They will inform you of the next steps you can take and how to fix the situation. Once you follow the guidance, you can get your account approved and ready to go.

Optimizing Your OF Profile

To get your profile seen on the platform, you need to optimize it. The optimization process requires you to place important information and features on your profile. For instance, it’s always a good idea to add more photos to your profile. The more photos, the better. Here’s a good guide on OnlyFans poses. It’s also a good idea to write out a detailed OnlyFans bio about yourself. You want a bio that gets people interested in what you have to offer. It’s always a good way to connect with your intended audience. Be certain you read our “How To Write A Good OnlyFans Bio” blog post for detailed tips and tricks on creating the best bio possible.

Some Basic Profile Settings

– Username

You will need to update both your user and display name. A username should be easy to remember. Try to stray away from user names that look anonymous like “randomuser55483.”

You can adjust your username settings within the “settings” menu itself.

– Bio

Your bio is very important on any social media platform. On OnlyFans, your bio is a short piece of text that will show up underneath your display name. For now, you are limited to 160 words in this space. Because space is at a premium, you need to ensure you are optimizing your bio to attract a specific audience. You can read all of our tips on how to create the best bio to connect properly with your audience.

– Hide Your Follower Count

It’s best to hide your follower count at the beginning. You don’t want to show that you are a brand-new account with minimal followers. A lot of people look at your follower account as social proof. When you don’t have any, it’s only going to hurt you. Once you have a follower count worthy of displaying, you can do exactly that and leverage it to your advantage.

You can adjust this setting in the “settings” menu. From “settings,” head to “security.” It’s in this setting where you can “show fans count.”

– Welcome Message

This is a message that you can write and send out to automatically greet brand-new subscribers. Try to curate an optimized message for these new users. This message will be automatically sent to new followers/subscribers. Think about what you want to say carefully as it can create your first impression.

You can find this feature by going to “settings” > “Chats” > “Welcome Message.”

– Subscription

Try to set up some subscription bundles for people to subscribe to your content. There’s a multitude of options you can choose from. Bundles can make it easier for people to subscribe to your content for cheaper and longer. It’s always best to price it incrementally to incentivize your loyal fans to get a better deal for subscribing longer.

You can find out more detailed information on how to effectively set your subscription bundles and pricing here.

From the “settings” menu, you can find the “promotions” setting. It’s here where you can find and set up “subscription prices.”

Think about your target audience. Who are you crafting content for? Who is your OF account catering to? What do you deem a fair price for your content? This can help you figure out what kind of price to charge for your subscriptions, posts, and more. It’s a good idea to do some split testing here to see what converts the best. You can charge pretty much whatever people will pay for. Thus, you could start as low as $9.99 or go as high as $99.99. You do need to find a good middle ground where you can monetize your content properly.

From around 100 free followers, you can expect around 20% of them to convert to paying subscribers. Because of this, you need to factor that into your monetization strategy. Work backward when coming up with your pricing. How much do you want to make? Work backward to identify the right subscription price. You would most likely rather have (10) users paying $10/month than (2) followers paying $50 assuming you want to make $100 per month. Because of this, it’s best to price your content accordingly and pay attention to what your competition is charging.

– Discounts

You can always offer discounts on your content. You can do this for a limited time using the “Promotions” section found within the “Settings” menu.

This can be leveraged in a way to encourage more people to pay for your content. People love getting discounts and feeling like they are getting a good deal. Thus, you can leverage discounts in your marketing and OnlyFans promotional efforts to get more people to subscribe to your content.

– Block Countries

One good thing about OnlyFans is that they do give you the option to block certain countries. This can be a good way to protect yourself and your privacy. For instance, if you are broadcasting from the United Kingdom and you don’t want people from the UK to see your content, you can block IPs originating from it.

Profile Optimization

There are several sections of your profile that require optimization. These sections include; your profile photo, cover photo, bio, and username. We go be going over how to effectively optimize all of these elements in the sections below.

1. Optimizing Your Profile Photo

Your profile photo is one of the most important elements of your entire OF account. After all, it’s the “face” of your profile. You need your profile photo to be perfect. You don’t want clouded photos or photos with bad lighting. Your profile photo needs to exemplify high-quality content. Otherwise, people will assume the content you publish will be equally poor quality. Not only do you need your photo to be high-quality, but it needs to be exciting and capture the eye. You can find a lot of different apps and software that can be used to edit photos to make them more appealing. Using apps and software to improve your photos is a must if you want your profile photo to stand out on the competitive platform.

2. Your Cover Photo

Much like your profile photo, your cover photo needs to be high-quality. Keep in mind, this is a photo that is meant to sell your subscription/account. There are several things you need to do to optimize it. For one, the orientation needs to be properly done. Your cover photo will be displayed in landscape. Thus, you need it to fit well. This is similar to the cover photo you have on Facebook.

– How To Select A Profile Photo For Your Only Fans Account?

You will likely be tempted to upload a photo you already have done. You’ll want to upload the first one you see. However, this isn’t something you should be doing. Instead, you want to take a photo specifically for your OF account. Try to come up with the best photo possible to sell your content. Find something that accurately represents the quality and type of content your subscribers would be getting.

For instance, if you are a yoga instructor and it’s your niche, posting a photo of you hiking a mountain isn’t the best profile photo. Instead, you want to try to find something much more fitting for your target audience. Instead, try to post a photo of you at a yoga class or doing yoga outdoors.

This will accurately showcase what your OF account is all about and it will give people an idea of what they can expect from following and subscribing to your account.

3. Your Bio

The bio that you write should offer a clear and concise description of what people will find when they follow your account. Not only do you want to discuss the type of content you will be posting, but write something about yourself and what you offer that’s different. You’ll want to try to “sell yourself” in your bio.

Try to keep it suitable for whatever audience you are targeting and keep it constant with your branding and personality. Keep it playful if that’s your personality. Find something that works. Using emojis is always a good way to capture attention and keep the tone consistent.

4. Selecting Names or Nicknames For OnlyFans

You can check out our “OnlyFans User Name Ideas Section.” This will give you plenty of information that you can use to try to identify a good name for your account. Choosing the right name is an important step in the creation of your OF account. you want a name that fits with the kind of account you are starting. It should be brandable and consistent with the content that you will be producing.

For instance, if you are going to be uploading high-quality yoga instructions on your account, you’ll want some type of yoga branding for your username. This will give people an idea of what they can expect from your account even before clicking on your profile.

5. Social Media Steps

If you already have an established following on various other social media platforms, leveraging them when you create your OnlyFans page can be one of the best ways to drive traffic to your new profile. It’s not only a good way to leverage your existing audience, but it can be a good way to monetize it too.

According to numbers directly from OnlyFans, more than 30,000 content creators are making a lot of money by leveraging various social media sites like TikTok.

OF offers a unique opportunity to showcase and share your private content with various users throughout the globe while being able to monetize it. It’s easy to get started. All you will need to do is follow some basic steps and you can start to monetize your content quickly. It doesn’t matter if you are a model, a cosplayer, or something else. You can start to monetize your content and get paid for creating high-quality content people want.

6. Create Your Twitter Account

OnlyFans suggests that you create your account linked to Twitter. Why? Because Twitter gets so many impressions. Twitter (the platform) gets over 6.6 billion visits every month. Thus, any creator on OnlyFans can generate an enormous amount of awareness by leveraging Twitter. It’s one of the more overlooked platforms despite being so highly trafficked. A lot of OF creators solely focus on Instagram and Facebook instead. However, Twitter offers a lot of unique advantages that make it a good primary advertising platform for your OnlyFans page and its growth.

One of the more significant advantages that Twitter offers OF creators is the policy of posting “Not Safe For Work” content. Twitter allows the posting of adult content. Whereas, a lot of other social media platforms do not. Thus, if you are looking to start an adult OF account, you’ll want to leverage a platform that allows you to post and promote that type of content without restrictions. If you are going to use Twitter, you’ll need to open a Twitter specifically for your OnlyFans page. It will be directly linked. Therefore, you might not want to use an existing personal account that you are using for other things.

It’s also a good idea to create a separate account for safety reasons too. You want the account to be rather anonymous. It’s never a good idea to share your real address or even your real name on social media channels especially when you are doing adult content. You don’t want your personal information getting into the hands of bad people. It’s easy to create a new Twitter account. Here are some of the top tips that you can use to promote your OF account on Twitter.

You can use the same phone number on your original Twitter account if needed. Once you’ve created your Twitter account, you’ll want to connect both platforms. If you don’t have any ideas from the start, you can create an account and later improve it, as you can on other platforms.

7. Create a Reddit Account

Reddit is another excellent platform that you need to be using. If you are brand new to OnlyFans, you might not yet have a Reddit account. Reddit is a popular social media platform that a lot of OF’s target audience uses. It’s got a lot of the 13-30 male demographic. Because the majority of OF content creators are female, it’s a good place to promote your OF account.

It’s also got its advantages. It’s another one of those social media sites where you can publish “Not Safe For Work” content. It’s one of the most populated social media sites. It’s completely free to post too. Opening an account and promoting your OF account on the various popular and highly trafficked subreddits is always a good idea.

You also want to start posting as soon as possible because some subreddits will not allow brand-new Reddit accounts to post until their account has matured. You might need to have an account that has reached a certain age. Opening your account as soon as possible is a must. Try to pick a Reddit username that matches your OF account. You can check out our comprehensive Reddit guide for starting your OF right here.

8. Create a LinkTree

At this point, you will have a variety of different links on your OnlyFans profile. Because of this, you want to create an easy way for your new fans to follow you across platforms. This is where you want to create a LinkTree. Having a LinkTree will make it much easier for you to organize everything.

You want to visit the website for this tool. You can see what it offers and how to best leverage it for your purposes. You can start to add all of your social links to your LinkTree. You’ll want to add everything from your Reddit, Twitter, Instagram, Only Fans, and more.

9. Create a Pinned Reddit Post

You want to create a pinned Reddit post on the platform. This is a good way to attract more attention to your post and content. You cannot post any URLs in your Reddit profile description. However, you can include a URL anyways. It just won’t be an active link. An interested user could just copy and paste the link into their browser to access your website.

However, there is an easier way to do this. A much easier way to reduce friction to your website would be to create and publish a post to your profile. This can effectively contain a link to your OF account. Your profile works much the same way as a subreddit. It is a place where you can publish posts and it’s going to be connected to your profile page.

At this point, all of your followers will be able to see everything you publish on Reddit. They will be able to see what you publish much in the same way as if they subscribed to a subreddit. Your posts will start to appear in their feed. Once you’ve created and published your first post, try to go back and ensure that it’s made “sticky.” This means that your post will be pinned.

10. Paid Shoutouts

If you’ve made it this far in our comprehensive guide, you are already well-positioned for success on OnlyFans! However, you do need to do more to garner attention and generate paid subscriptions to grow your bank account If you’ve been doing Only Fans without making a dent, you will want to try to leverage some strategies to garner more attention.

This is a good time to consider applying for a paid OF shoutout. When you are just getting started on OnlyFans, you will come to a point where you need to do more to grow. It can be very demotivating when you are putting so much energy into your OF account just to see the numbers remain stagnant. Unfortunately, it’s something that happens to everyone. Don’t get discouraged by it. If you haven’t garnered the traction you are looking for with your OF account, you can give yourself the boost you need by paying for a shoutout. Leveraging a shoutout from an influencer is a good way to spread awareness of your account and your content.

How to Start an OnlyFans – What High-Quality Equipment Should you Invest in?

Your content is only going to go so far if you aren’t using high-quality equipment. When you are just getting started, working with what you have is perfectly fine. However, once you are generating some money from your content, it’s time to reinvest it back into your equipment. You want to give yourself the best chance to succeed. Having high-quality equipment is a must when you are looking to improve your content. Not only do you need better equipment to create higher quality content, but having access to better equipment can even make the process of crafting the content more streamlined and efficient.

To make it incredibly simple, here is a list of equipment you will need if you want to create high-quality content:

1 Smartphone

One of the first things you need to get is a high-quality smartphone. You want to get a newer smartphone that features a high-quality camera. This can be either an Android or iPhone. The key thing you want when choosing a phone is a phone that takes high-resolution photos and videos.

Unfortunately, budget phones won’t produce the best quality photos or videos. You will need to spend more money if you want higher quality. A lot of OnlyFans creators use smartphones to create their content. Therefore, your content is not going to feel out of place or low quality if you are creating the majority of your content with a high-quality smartphone.

2. Tripod

You need to invest in a tripod when you are looking to create usable content on OnlyFans. Unfortunately, everyone’s hands shake. While you might be able to get by without a tripod for some content, other content will require the steadiness of the tripod. Find a tripod that works with your camera and smartphone of choice for steadier shots.

3. Ring Light

Lighting is essential when it comes to content creation. You need to ensure that you have optimal lighting whenever you are crafting anything whether photo or video. A ring light is a must. You don’t want to rely on the natural light coming through your window nor do you want to rely on desk lamps. You’ll find ring lights that come in different shades and colors. Find the ideal light for your specific situation.

4. Digital Camera

As mentioned, you can get by by using a high-quality and expensive smartphone for some time. However, as you generate more and more from your OnlyFans, it only makes sense to spend more money on your equipment. A high-quality digital camera is going to outpace any smartphone. These cameras have bigger sensors allowing for better images and videos. They also tend to have better stabilization. They will produce much higher-quality photography and videos which can help you improve the quality of your published content. The higher the quality of your content, the more you could seemingly charge for it. The search for the right digital camera can get rather technical, but you can find a lot of pertinent details and information here.

5. Microphone

A microphone is another important piece of equipment that you want to spend some money on. Your sound quality is just as important as the visuals. Because of this, you want a microphone capable of capturing high-quality audio to pair with your high-quality visuals. It’s good to go for a lapel microphone as they tend to provide great clarity and reception. It can also help you sound closer to your audience leading to much more personal content.


The bottom line is, the quality of your equipment will dictate the quality of your content. By investing more in your equipment, you can maximize your returns. You want to focus not only on improving the content you produce but also on how well you market it. The majority of people making “good” money will make anywhere from $120 to $180 per month. However, if they focused more on their promotional and marketing efforts, they could easily double or triple it.

– Publish Your Content

You must publish your content. Once you are fully ready, you want to start posting. Start posting videos, images, and audio content. The key thing you want to do is be consistent with it.

You are 100% allowed to post and publish adult content on OF. OF has been called a “porn” site. However, it’s not and you can freely post any kind of content you want.

– How Often Do You Have To Post?

There are no set guidelines you have to follow. You can post however often you’d like. How often you want to connect with your audience and engage with them is up to you. In general, the more you post, the more you make.

– Ask For Tips

It’s always a good idea to ask for tips from your loyal fans. A lot of your big earning potential comes in the form of tips. You can ask for tips when you craft and publish content. It’s a mistake to not ask for tips. A lot of loyal followers will want to tip you for your hard work.

Final Thoughts on How to Start an OnlyFans

As you can see, there are all kinds of OnlyFans tips and tricks you can implement into your strategy for creating and growing your OF account. The next steps involve marketing your OF account. There are plenty of tricks to succeeding with that too. There’s plenty more to learn. This article should have given you all of the basics to get started. Now it’s time to start creating content and get the word out about your new OF account!