Mugshot Removal Services Guide to Removing Online Results from Google in 2021 for Free

Mugshot removal services have grown dramatically in the last decade or so. The growth of websites that host images of people who have been arrested but not charged with any offence has been pivotal in this.

In short, nobody wants an image of a mugshot online accompanying each and every Google search as such, mugshot removal services like ours can be a godsend. These services utilise a range of tricks to get your mugshot removed from the web and we’re going to share them with you below, so you can take care of these images yourself. Learn more by reading below:

Why is Your Old Mugshot Appearing When you Google your Name?

Police records are open to the public including the mugshots that are taken when you are arrested. Websites that show mugshots online therefore do not require any special permissions or your consent to post your mugshot and other personal details. This information includes the image, your home address, the location of the arrest as well as your age, weight and height. The charges for which the arrest was made can also be listed.

Posting mugshots also fails to meet the legal requirements for a case of slander, defamation of character or libel against a private website. In order to prove any of these, you need to provide documented evidence that the information that has been published is false. In the event of a wrongful arrest, the websites are more likely to perform mugshot removal free of charge rather than face a lawsuit.

If you are unsure which website is publishing your mugshots online and personal information, search your name on Follow some of the solutions below in order to find out how to have the information removed from Jailbase and similar websites that show mugshots online.

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The Mugshot Removal Service has Spawned from the Business Of Posting Mugshots Online

Unfortunately, this online industry profits off the misfortune of others and is often quite distasteful – this means it is hard to remove an image. When a mugshot becomes public record, websites looking to make a profit immediately post the images for public consumption. Even the media like newspapers publish mugshots in order to drive more traffic to their websites. Getting a mugshot removed from search results can be difficult but will help greatly with your online reputation

A quick Google name search will display the mugshot as well as links to the websites that have published the information. Whether you were never formally charged with the crime, were found to be innocent or the records were sealed by the court, the information and images will still appear because you were arrested.

There are a number of methods to get mugshots removed from the World Wide Web:

How To Erase & Remove Mugshots from Google

Step 1 – Contact the relevant site or their webmaster directly to remove a mugshot. Find out what their criteria they have for removing a mugshot from their site and whether you meet this criteria. If you meet the criteria, the webmaster should voluntarily remove the image from the page permanently which means it will no longer appear as would be the case with suppressing the information on a search engine.

Step 2 – Contact Google or another relevant search engine to get help with removal of the mugshot. Search engines can suppress search results for mugshots or other information if there are legal reasons for them to do so. If you can prove that published information is harmful or puts you at risk, they can remove your personal information. However, Google and search engines in general do not commonly remove information that is already open to the general public.

Step 3 – Contact a removal service who will remove arrest record from internet for a fee. However, it is important to be aware that companies offering this type of service are often working for or in conjunction with the website that published your arrest information in the first place. A portion of the fee will probably be paid to the website in order to have the information removed and it will only be removed from that specific site. Information contained on other sites will not be removed and the website is free to republish your information on other sites. 

Expunging A Record Can Remove Mugshots and Remove an Arrest Record from Internet

If you can have your arrest or criminal record expunged by a court of law, you can send the relevant expungement order to the website who should then remove the information and your arrest record. However, it is important to understand that the website is under no legal obligation to remove a mugshot and most will only do this as a courtesy. 

This means that there is no guarantee that a mugshot or other information will immediately be deleted. Expungement is however a good motivating factor for websites to remove the information and arrest record. Keep in mind that getting a record expunged is a complicated, time consuming and often costly legal process.

Mugshot Removal Guide

Hire Mugshot Removal Services to Erase Online Results

It may not seem fair to have to pay a fee to have someone to remove online arrest records, especially if you were never charged or convicted of the alleged crime. However, removal websites are currently the only guaranteed solution available to permanently remove mugshots and arrest records from mugshot sites like and 

It is also necessary to be aware that not all companies offering this service are reputable or will provide you with a successful elimination of all records that have been published online. Choose a reliable reputation protection and management company that will restore your reputation fully and remove all damaging information.

Use a Trusted Company

Using a trusted company my actually save you the time and money that it takes in locating and contacting each website that has published the arrest information on your own. These websites may also charge a fee in order to remove the information.

If you are looking for help with a mugshot removal – contact us for information