How Google Results Destroy Careers

A good rule of thumb is that if you can’t show something to HR, then it’s definitely negative. You don’t need to have done something so bad to find yourself with a negative result showing up with a Google search of your name. Here are some of the common negative results you might come across.

1. A Negative Press Mention 
With so many industry and local news, it’s not so hard to find a few mentions of your name in the headlines. For instance, in the tech industry, a few co-founders have been lynched for things they did or said in the past. As a result, they garner unwanted attention in the press.

2. Arrest Information Or A Legal Mix Up 
Have you ever had a run-in with the law? Have you ever been involved in a lawsuit? Well, your mug shot, your legal filings, arrest blotters or any other public records can be found in the Google search results. For instance, your name will most likely come up if there was a court proceeding with your name mentioned or if there was a police blotter from your college years, especially if you were at a party at the wrong time.

3. Negative Online Reviews 
With anonymous review sites, you can vent your frustrations at any business, regardless of whether or not such reviews are actually true. However, these sites have forums where you can’t control the information that gets out.

4. Backlash From A Bad Break Up 
Break ups will always bring out the worst in any one. With emotions running high, you are likely going to find yourself amidst some online backlash. For instance, your ex might post some revenge porn or hack an OnlyFans and it’s very damaging to your online Google results.

5. Slanderous Blog Post Or Website 
Did you do something that got on the wrong side of someone else? Were you unfortunate enough to cross the wrong person? You are likely going to end up the topic of a slanderous blog post. Even worse, you could become the topic of an entire website on how you wronged the other person.

In conclusion, even if you are lucky enough to avoid any of these situations, there’s a chance that someone else might have the same exact names as you. Therefore, even if you are working tirelessly to create a good online presence, someone else might be doing the exact opposite. Be careful about what you do online because it’s likely going to cost you the whole career!