Case Study 2

Our client is an internet marketing service provider in the online marketing space. The space is highly competitive and negative results are common from other businesses.


The client received a Ripoff Report from what was likely to be a competitor, however this was never proven. The report suggested that the client had a poor service and though there were significant inaccuracies that weren’t even related to the client’s business in the Ripoff Report, the site refused to remove it. The Ripoff Report ranked third for the client’s brand when searched for in Google. Ripoff Reports can be devastating for a business like this and resolved to either remove the Ripoff Report or push it out of view in the search engine results out of sight for potential customers. 


The client wanted the following:

  • The report removed completely
  • If not removed pushed down to page 2-3 for brand searches and out of site of customers. 


We planned an approach to meet the client’s needs and helped them through the use of the following:

  • Firstly, we evaluated the result to see if any of the details in the content on Ripoff Report would allow use to remove for privacy reasons. There was no reason we could do so. 
  • We concluded the result would need to be pushed down and off the first page for results. 
  • We created a variety of branded written and video content for the client in the form of Interviews, Q&As and other positive content. We optimised this content to rank well in the SERPs. We then added this content to a variety of well chosen, relevant and powerful media sites that we have relationships with and promoted it with a mixture of link building and social media via the client’s social media accounts. These pages in time replaced the RipOff Report and pushed it down and out of the SERPs via rep management. 


  • The Ripoff Report listing is now on page 3 of the SERPs for the branded term and does not impact on the seller’s reputation.
  • Mentions on page one of Google for his brand is populated by either positive news stories or properties owned by the brand. 
  • The seller received a raft of positive publicity from the interviews and articles we created
  • The seller received significant SEO boosts from links with the articles back to their site.