Personal Reputation Management

Job-Winning, Image-Restoring Personal Reputation Management and Repair

90% of recruiters will research you online. What is Google going to say about you?

What is a Personal Reputation Management and Repair Strategy?

A positive online image can secure you the job, win the business and earn the trust and respect of your fellow professionals. As for a poor online identity – one complete with unprofessional social media, questionable forum comments, videos and images – it’s a sure-fire track to landing straight in the rejected pile of CVs.

So, what are your headlines telling your audience about you? Go ahead, tap out your name in Google. Do the results inspire credibility, likeability, trust? Do they show you, for you as you are today? As you’re here, reading this, we’re guessing that we already know the answers to these questions. So here’s what we’re going to do about it…

  1. We set out to discover EVERYTHING that Google is telling others

We’ll not only uncover the negative results, we’ll also look for opportunities to gain high-placed positive search results, where you could become a thought-leader, an industry-commentator or expert with something worthwhile to say.

  1. We take on the negatives and replace them with positives

We’ll quickly knuckle down and focus on…

  • Removing outdated and negative content
  • Driving down negative search results
  • Adding positive content – like testimonials, articles and more

If you’re experiencing a professional reputation crisis, we’ll help you take a step back to form a considered, strategic response, rather than reacting and worsening the situation.

  1. We go further – creating content authored under your name – to impress and influence

You want that job. Actually, scrap that, you NEED that job. But competition is rife. The candidates are talented and you need an edge. Getting thought-provoking content out there, written under your name, can demonstrate your expertise and leave recruiters in no doubt that YOU are the person for the job.

personal reputation management

Packages & Pricing


Bronze Personal Reputation Management

We Monitor your Results for Problems and Online Issues

Personal Reputation Management from Negative Results in the Google SERPs

Time Scale: 1 Month +

Prices from

$100 p/m

Manage and Build

Silver Personal Reputation Management​

We Monitor and Build a Positive Personal Brand Presence Online

Personal Reputation Management and Active Reputation Building in the Google SERPs

Time Scale: 6 Months +

Prices from

$1500 p/m

Manage and Dominate

Gold Personal Reputation Management​​

We Monitor and Dominate for Important Results

Personal Reputation Management and Domination of Page 1 for Google Search Terms

Time Scale: 12 Months +

Prices from

$3500 p/m

Personal Reputation Repair

We repair, enhance and ring-fence the reputations of professionals seeking to leave behind nothing but a trail of positive information in place of negative, false or plain defamatory content. Then, with your reputation repaired, we can monitor your personal brand onwards, immediately picking up upon whenever you’re mentioned in a negative way online.

We can even nail Google autocomplete, so that when your name is tapped into Google, it brings up suggestions that will lead to glowing results for a great value price.

Time to get organised

First, we begin with one almighty organisation project. We scour the search engines, professional networks and social media to categorise all results, placing them into positive, negative or neutral lists. Then we weigh it all up to formulate a strategy

The clean-up and repair begins

With our strategy approved, we’ll get to work on the unwanted information out there, removing what we can. While we do this, we’re already monitoring and being alerted to changes in your online professional reputation, so we can immediately react to new challenges or opportunities.

We suppress results that can’t be removed with fresh content

We could create and place long-form articles that put forward ideas and insight about your industry and its pressing issues of today. We can start conversations – giving you a chance to interact with important voices in your sector – on LinkedIn or over on your very own blog (which we can set up for you). All in all, this is professional reputation management that goes further.

clean up your personal online reputation


Is it possible to repair even the most seriously damaged online reputation?

The short answer is yes. The long answer is that it will take time and a carefully refined strategy. While each and every individual is different in terms of what’s required, it always begins with a proactive attack with credible content.

Does reputation repair simply mean the removal of negative results?

Absolutely not. Overlooking the need for positive results and content is a rookie error in the world of online reputation. You must make your skills and expertise clear, which means that reputation repair is equally about positive promotion as it is about negative repair. When all is said and done, this is the only way to build a personal brand that bags opportunities and secures that foot through the door.

How long will the Reputation Repair Strategy take?

There’s no dead-set answer here. The first thing you need to know is that Google takes between two to six weeks to index websites, however in reality it can take months for these results to work their way up Google. That said, when you need a rapid fix or a positive reputation that’s visible to recruiters, there are always custom solutions that can show your audience what you want them to see within the shorter of timescales.