Reputation Management

Reputation Management

Your Business Growth (and its Very Survival) can Rest or Fall on your Online Reputation

What is the VelSEOity Reputation Management & Repair Strategy?

If you’re suffering from the ill effects of a negative online reputation (or want to benefit from the trust and credibility that comes with a positive one), you may want to learn about how we work…

  1. First, we go in deep…

We work in all niches, as sportsbook search consultants, or igaming search engine optimisation experts we analyse your online reputation and seeking out negative testimonials, comments, articles and more (wherever they may hide)e’ll Google, search social media, research news articles, complaints, and court cases.

We get to understand your industry, and where ground can be gained through shining reviews and cleverly placed, thought-provoking content. We work with numerous companies, including eCentres for reputation management in Ireland.

  1. We strategize and stage-manage

We could petition for the removal of some results, respond (professionally) to others that can’t be taken down. Then, with any bad results addressed, we’ll set out on your positive reputation campaign.

  1. We continue to meticulously monitor your online reputation

With the remedial work done, the negative reviews removed, positives opinions pushed up, it would be remiss of us not to monitor your reputation from here on in.

We’ll happily advise and guide you as you make reputation management a key component of your brand strategy, but we could also cover this for you, with our dedicated Reputation Protect Strategy.

Packages & Pricing for Reputation Management


Bronze Reputation Management

We Monitor your Results for Problems and Online Issues​

Online Reputation Monitoring of Negative Results in the Google

Timescale: 1 Month +

From Only

$100 p/m

Manage and Repair

Silver Reputation Management

We Monitor and Repair your Online Reputation

Monitor and Repair Issues in the SERPs through Removal and Suppression

Timescale: 6 Months +

From Only

$3000 p/m

Manage, Repair and Grow

Gold Reputation Management

We Monitor, Repair and Grow your Online Reputation in Amazing Publications

Monitor and Repair Issues and Grow a Positive Presence in Renowned Publications

Timescale: 12 Months +

From Only

$5000 p/m


A solid online reputation is tough to build and oh-so easy to ruin. Its fragility is vulnerable to trolls and spammers, competitor malice and customer vendettas. Just one negative result, review or blog can put your prospect off in a matter of seconds (and can be remembered for months, if not years, to come).

No longer can you rely on exceptional customer support, and excellent products or services alone. For every brand, business, even individuals, there must be a strategy in place to counter bad reviews, articles, comments and more. After which must come a plan to protect and preserve the reputation you’ve invested so much in to build.

How our Reputation Repair Strategy Works

First, we ask questions. You tell us about your business, brand or you as a professional (and if you are an individual, you should head to our Personal Reputation Management and Repair page). We’ll ask about your reputation as it stands, what you want to achieve and who you want to impress (the more we know about your target audience, the more powerful a reputation repair strategy we can devise). We’ll end up by discussing those who are currently your downfall, whether troll or spate of unhappy customers after an unexpected supply chain hiccup). 

own search engines with rep management

With A Foundation In SEO, We’re Best Placed To OWN The Search Engines

Beyond reputation repair, we specialise in SEO – especially in blogger based SEO outreach (A.K.A. creating and placing content in places that instate confidence and drive traffic). You could say that this puts us in the unique position of being able to power up the results that you want your prospects to see, and drive down the ones you don’t.

FAQ About Reputation Management

How long will it take to repair my reputation?

Reputation repair SEO - between 1 to 8 weeks for initial results, 6 to 10 months for completion

Reputation repair is a wildly diverse service. While one client could require a narrowly defined list of tasks, another may need us to employ a wide and far-reaching campaign to tackle long-standing and complex sources of negative online comments. In short, this means that our reputation repair service ranges from £1500 to £10,000 per month.

But I was offered TGTBT (Too Good To Be True) reputation repair. Why the HUGE difference?

There are two types of reputation repair – cheap, software-based reputation repair, and real reputation repair. The first will rely on you to do a lot of the hard work. They won’t contact reviewers, create content or petition providers to take down slanderous comments. You’ll need to handle all of that yourself, or opt for an agency that manages it for you (just as we do).

Who will tackle my reputation repair strategy?

We rely on a team of digital experts and reputation pros to turn your online rep around. This includes Brand Reputation Strategist, Project Manager, SEO expert, Content Manager, Writer, Outreach person and Various software platforms

A Guide to Reputation Management

Word-of-mouth advertising has been a very successful marketing tool for many businesses. In the past, this mode of advertising allowed customers to market your product or service for free by passing along a recommendation to use your product or service based on their experiences. Also, word-of-mouth was a valuable tool to warn potential customers about products or services that were not worth purchasing.  In short, word-of-mouth helped to establish a reputation for many businesses because it’s understood that when a person recommends a company or service, they are also putting their own reputation on the line by vouching for the company. 

Thanks to the vast expansion of e-commerce and companies that are not brick-and-mortar, a company’s online reputation has become a critical element of a company’s overall brand.  You can expect your company’s reputation to be dependent largely upon online reviews and feedback on social media platforms. And since 75% of businesses in the UK agree that online feedback heavily impacts a company’s reputation, it’s important to make sure your brand establishes and maintains a positive image online. In other words, your online reputation affects people’s opinion of what your business is about when they discover it in online search results. 

What is Reputation Management

Your brand image will influence people’s decision to buy your products and/or services. According to a theoretical review on word-of-mouth communication, strong and positive customer feedback are indicators of good service quality, customer satisfaction and perceived value in the company’s product and/or service. Therefore, it’s important you keep track of what type of reputation you have online, which is done through reputation management.  

Regardless of what name you call it—internet reputation management, online reputation management, brand perception, etc.–reputation management is a term used to describe the business practices involved in establishing, maintaining and recovering a brand’s image.  The overall objective is to monitor the public’s perception of your brand, assess that perception and modify that perception to maintain the best online brand image possible. Therefore, reputation management will also involve damage control–eliminating or offsetting negative material that would cause damage to the company’s reputation.

Why it’s Important

To put it simply, your business will not survive if you don’t engage in active reputation management. As previously mentioned, word-of-mouth advertising has always been a critical component of determining business success because consumers will trust each other’s words about a business more than the business itself.  So, you want your potential customers/clients to see a brand image that’s genuine and reliable, which is one of the reasons why reputation management is important.

  1. Gives Credibility to a Business

Reputation management will ensure you maintain credibility on review sites and all your social media platforms. One survey on reputation management revealed that 49% of the participants surveyed tend to choose businesses with a minimum four-star rating, which means the company has a reputation for providing quality customer service, and they offer genuine products. Ratings lower than 4 give people the assumption that the customer had a less than pleasant experience while using your services. And since people tend to trust what real customers say about their experiences with a business, they will take the warning and avoid these companies with a less-than-four rating. Therefore, having a positive online reputation will let potential customers know you are a worthy option for their business.

  1. Generates Sales and Profits

When people see overall positive reviews and social media feedback about your company, they are more inclined to make a purchase (and even refer your products/services to other people).  A recent study on reputation management revealed that over 50% of the participants relied on information they received from their search results when researching a business. And if the first page of Google search results generates 95% of the traffic from most searches, it’s imperative your business makes sure the results found on Google’s first page establishes and maintains a positive brand image.

So, How Can You Create A Positive Online Reputation?

The internet is a place for finding information. When people use the internet, they are searching for content. Your online reputation is established by the content that is found on the internet about your brand. So, the primary way to establish a positive online reputation is to make sure the different types of content available online all point to a positive brand image. Here are four common ways to create and maintain a positive online reputation.

  1. Content Management: To become a reliable voice in your industry, you need to produce quality content. Putting a blog on your website or creating guest blogs is a great way to generate traffic and keep your brand in the public eye.  People tend to be more inclined to buy from people who give them information worth sharing.
  2. SEO Help and Pushing Down Damaging Reviews: Because the top five listings in Google’s search results receive about two-thirds of all clicks, it’s important to make sure that none of these five are negative reviews. As stated in reputation management strategy #1 on content management, content will help establish you as an authority in your industry. Make sure you are offering current and high-quality industry content to give you a higher Google rank.
  3. Review Follow-up: As discussed in Mistake #3 below, you will want an online reputation management company that keeps track of reviews, so you will know how to address any negative reviews that arise.
  4. Social Media Management: Use your social media platforms to post professional content and provide feedback to consumers. Promoting engagement on your social media platforms is a good way to build a relationship with potential customers and maintain a lasting relationship with loyal customers.

Mistakes that Hurt Your Online Reputation

Although online reputation management determines the success of a business, there are no shortcuts to creating an authentic positive brand image. The following mistakes are often used by some businesses to create shortcuts to a positive online reputation. However, these shortcuts cause more damage than benefit. 

1.     Paying someone to post positive reviews: Although there are some companies out there that are willing to do paid reviews, it’s frowned upon by Google because theses reviews aren’t genuine. Therefore, expect Google to push your website down lower in search results, which will cause damage to your online reputation.

  1. Astroturfing: Texas Senator Lloyd Bentsen used the term “astroturfing” in 1985 to describe the practice of creating fake grassroots initiatives to sway public opinion. In today’s business world, the term astroturfing is akin to paying reputation management companies to do fake reviews—except this tactic involves the company itself creating fake customer accounts to post reviews and argue against negative reviews of other customers. Again, the reviews aren’t genuine, and they don’t give you an accurate assessment of your reputation because they are just a reflection of your perception of your business—not what actual customers perceive. If you desire to be a reputable business, be reputable and let your real customers give reviews. 
  1. Responding and Not Responding: Some people are internet trolls and are going to be negative to provoke controversy. Therefore, it’s best not to engage them because it will make you look unprofessional. However, real negative reviews by actual customers need a response. You want to be known as a company that actually cares about the customer, so a response with an effort to provide a solution will help your reputation versus ignoring the customer altogether (which will damage your reputation greatly and paint you as a company that does not care about its customers). 
  1. False Advertising: Nothing sinks a business ship worse than lying about what you are offering. If you can’t offer it, don’t promote it. Don’t exaggerate customer data and don’t be afraid to be transparent about your business. If you make a mistake about a price discount or about how a service will work for your customers, be honest about it. Your honesty will show your customers that you are also trustworthy.

Benefits of Using Online Reputation Management Company

Reputation management can be very time-consuming for your business. The time it takes to monitor your reputation alone is going to require someone who has the time specifically set aside to do that. If you’re running your business, you will soon find out that there’s not enough time in the day to monitor your reputation while overseeing all the other aspects of your business. 

Even social media management often requires outside help, and that’s only one component of online reputation management. Therefore, if you want to get the full benefit of effective reputation management, you’re going to have to have someone on your team who has the expertise and dedication to focus only on reputation management. If you don’t already have someone on your team that specializes in reputation management, then you are going to have to find a reputable reputation management company to do this for you. 

Reputation management software is great, but someone has to have the time available to run it. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to find a company that specializes in helping businesses establish and maintain a positive brand image. Even if you do have enough time in your schedule to monitor your online reputation, you may still need help on what to do with the data you collect. An online reputation manager can help you take the data you acquired from reputation monitoring and turn it into viable solutions for reputation maintenance and recovery—if needed.