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Our iGaming SEO agency is here to help – our iGaming SEO consultants have seen it all in the niche. We understand that when it comes to iGaming SEO and Betting industry search, it’s not an easy task. With hundreds of online casinos and sports betting websites from well-known brands to compete with, plus the complexity of Google’s “RankBrain” algorithm, ranking in Google is quite a challenge – one we’re up for!

As the world moves towards a digital-first phase in the post-COVID era, more and more companies are shifting their efforts online and shutting down physical locations. Thus, the demand for good iGaming search engine optimization and gambling SEO services is increasing.

What is iGaming SEO?

iGaming SEO specialises in optimising online gambling sites, like casinos and sports betting platforms, for search engines. It involves tackling competitive keywords, adhering to diverse regulatory standards, and producing engaging content. 

Challenges include effective link building and navigating advertising restrictions. Emphasis is on mobile optimization, excellent user experience, and potential use of social media, considering the highly competitive and legally varied nature of the online gaming industry.

How VelSEOity’s iGaming SEO Consultants will help you Succeed 

If you want to succeed, you need a skilled and experienced team of experts in the industry to help you score big in the game of SEO strategy. That’s where we come in. VelSEOity’s team specialises in Betting niche SEO, Technical SEO, Link Acquisition, Content Marketing, Betting PPC, and Social Media Marketing. 

We work with Casino and Sportsbook Operators and affiliates, including Bingo, Poker sites, and Lottery, covering the UK, European Markets, the Far East, the US, Canada, as well as, South America.

What Does an iGaming SEO Agency Do?

An iGaming SEO agency specializes in providing search engine optimization (SEO) services specifically tailored to the online gaming and betting industry. This niche focus allows them to apply SEO strategies that are particularly effective for websites related to online casinos, sports betting, esports betting, and other forms of online gambling. Their work encompasses several key activities:

  1. Keyword Research: Identifying the most relevant and profitable keywords that potential players are using to search for online gaming and betting services. This involves understanding the specific language and search terms used within the iGaming community.

  2. On-Page SEO: Optimizing website content and structure to rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs) for targeted keywords. This includes optimizing meta tags, headings, images, and ensuring that the content is relevant and valuable to the audience.

  3. Content Creation: Producing high-quality, engaging content that is optimized for both search engines and users. This can include blog posts, articles, game reviews, betting tips, and other content that appeals to the iGaming audience.

  4. Link Building: Acquiring high-quality backlinks from reputable sites within the iGaming industry and beyond. This helps to improve the site’s authority and ranking in search engines.

  5. Technical SEO: Addressing technical aspects of the website to improve its crawlability and indexability by search engines. This includes improving site speed, ensuring mobile-friendliness, securing the site with HTTPS, and fixing any crawl errors.

  6. Local SEO: For businesses targeting specific geographical areas, local SEO strategies can help improve visibility in local search results. This can be particularly important for land-based casinos or betting shops that also offer online gaming.

  7. Compliance and Regulations: Understanding and adhering to the specific regulations and legal requirements of the iGaming industry in different jurisdictions. SEO strategies must align with these regulations to avoid penalties or legal issues.

  8. Analytics and Reporting: Monitoring the performance of SEO strategies using tools like Google Analytics and providing reports on traffic, rankings, and other key metrics to assess the effectiveness of their efforts.

How our iGaming Consultants can help your iGaming Business Grow Online

There are a number of things we do to help improve your SEO position and increase your organic traffic – these can be broke into

  • Onpage topical authority building,
  • Off page link building
  • Technical SEO.

Take a look below for more info.

Build Topical Authority with our Content Marketing and iGaming SEO Experts

If one consults a dictionary and looks up the word ‘Authority’ the definition will cover the two main contributing factors to authority – and these are trust and credibility.

Those working with website search algorithms use the term ‘authority’ to describe the importance of each web page or site when compared to others on the Internet. Google engineers are continually fine-tuning search results to find the best sites and index them on search engine results pages accordingly.

What is Topical Authority?

There is a specific name for the content that contributes to a high measure of authority – this is ‘topical authority’. Topical authority is earned through the provision of quality content – high-quality information (and useful) articles contribute towards building trust among those searching for information.

IGaming Content Services help build authority in the iGaming Industry

A blog on the subject of SEO will serve as a perfect example. If it was written by a recognized industry expert it will carry more weight than if it was written by someone new to the Internet – or an AI chatbot for that matter.

Following that sort of logic, a post from a company that is new to a specific commercial sector will not carry a lot of weight – people simply do not know or trust them yet.

Building topical authority is extremely important in the iGaming niche – and doing it properly means that you have to know your audience, and be familiar with their wants and needs (which translate into Internet searches).

How to build topical authority in the iGaming niche?

Topical authority is a way to measure and rank websites according to the quality of the information they make available to site visitors. But it’s not only the information that is contained on the company site that counts. You can also garner topical authority through the quality of the links that point to your site, and social media shares.

When we talk about ‘authority’ it is about two different types of authority. There is ‘domain authority’ and there is ‘topical authority’.

Topical authority stems from the quality of content on site, and how unique it is. Of course, on-page SEO is vital to make that content effective and elevate search engine results. Domain authority is slightly different in that it is a measurement of more technical SEO, which includes iGaming link building.



Technical SEO Strategy and Building Domain Authority

One of VelSEOity’s strategies for iGaming SEO is Technical search engine optimization. We have helped hundreds of iGaming websites secure the top spot on Google in the past. With an in-depth knowledge of how iGaming content marketing works, we develop customized strategies to bring you the organic search traffic you need.

VelSEOity’s also acknowledges the abundance of fraud in the iGaming industry business sector. As a newcomer, you want to establish credibility and authority in your niche to earn players’ trust and play on your iGaming site via our iGaming SEO services.

Link Building in the Online Gambling Industry

VelSEOity’s team also helps you acquire valuable, High domain authority (DA) relevant backlinks from relevant domains. We will conduct thorough keyword research and use our huge selection of available blogger SEO orientated outreach sites to build links back to your iGaming site. 

This way, you can surpass your competitors with highly optimised link-building campaigns. In fact, we will create a highly customised bespoke SEO strategy and digital SEO campaign for your iGaming sector website.

How Our iGaming SEO Company will Improve your Betting Niche SEO Strategy

This is also another service we provide. In fact, we provide International Link Building and SEO Services for Casinos, iGaming, Sports Betting, and E-Commerce companies. We help clients reach international markets without spending a fortune on international casino websites or gaming SEO. 

Our team provides tailored and actionable recommendations to help you achieve your short and long-term goals via SEO agency knowhow and our on page SEO and off page SEO strategies. Our experts also work with state and country gaming legislation to ensure users can still find your website thanks to our expert iGaming SEO consultant.

Do a Disavow Audit

iGaming SEO is a high-stakes niche and as such people often use negative SEO competitors to get an advantage. Yes, it’s a dirty tactic, but the reality is it happens. Problematic backlinks to your site must be removed as quickly and efficiently as possible. Cleaning up your backlink profile can result in a noticeable jump in site search engine ranking.

Gambling websites are commonly damaged by the sorts of links that point to their domain. These links may not come about by chance, the casino industry is well known for hosting companies that use negative SEO attacks to damage the competition.

Be prepared. Don’t wait until these sorts of links damage your company’s reputation and its search engine results ranking – bring a professional link audit service provider on board as a matter of urgency.

If you’re looking to outsource your search engine optimization services, you need a search engine optimization agency with iGaming industry knowledge and experience. Relevant and high-authority backlinks are important for the online casino niche. In fact, topical authority is a must. A trusted and reliable search engine optimization company with a proven track record to increase organic traffic and rank higher in iGaming sites search results is key to success.

How VelSEOity can Help you

VelSEOity’s team can help build high-authority backlinks and take your iGaming site to the first page of Google and other search companies within no time. We specialise in Betting industry SEO, Technical SEO strategies, Link Acquisition, Content Marketing, Betting PPC, and Social Media Marketing. 

We work with a wide range of online gambling sites in the iGaming industry including online bingo, slots, casino-based SEO, and sports betting in different countries including the UK, European Markets, the Far East, the US, Canada, as well as, South America.

Get a Free iGaming Site SEO Audit from an Awesome iGaming Marketing Agency

Do you want to track the progress of your iGaming website? If so, then you need an SEO audit. An SEO audit can help you understand the challenges you are facing. It can also help you achieve your SEO goals.

We have the skills and experience to help you understand what is negatively or positively impacting the rankings of your iGaming site.

Once we identify what is affecting your site’s success, we will resolve them for you. We offer free SEO audits. Our SEO audits are easy to read and detailed enough to help you understand the progress of your website.

We assess:

  • Keyword research – we can help you find additional keywords to target
  • How your iGaming website ranks against your competition in the iGaming niche
  • Where your iGaming site ranks in Google
  • Assess your backlink profile and compare it to your competition
  • Create the perfect SEO strategy for your iGaming website

Frequently Asked Questions we Hear as an iGaming SEO Consultant(FAQs)

Some frequently asked questions about iGaming SEO.

What is iGaming Online Casino Search?

iGaming includes a number of different gambling areas including online sports betting, poker betting, video game betting (eSports), and casino gaming.

What is SEO for iGaming?

If you own an iGaming platform, such as a poker site, bingo, online sports betting, or online casino, then most of your customers find your website in SERPs, such as Google.

Searching engine optimization (SEO) for iGaming websites use three main SEO techniques to boost the rankings of iGaming websites.

Here are three main aspects of an iGaming SEO Strategy.

1. Technical SEO – assessing and improving your iGaming website to make sure search can navigate, index, and rank your iGaming website.
2. Off-page SEO – link building and attracting authoritative bound links from authoritative websites to grow the relevance and authority of your iGaming website.
3. On-page SEO – optimizing your content with relevant keywords and metadata

What does SEO stand for?

SEO stands for search engine optimisation. It involves optimising a website’s technical aspects, content and the popularity of the links to the site to ensure it is easily findable and gets traffic and visitors.

What are iGaming SEO Servicesexamples?

SEO comes in many forms – SEO or search engine optimization can be done on the on-page level – meaning content is improved, or the off page level – which involves building backlinks to the site to improve its authority. Technical SEO is also a big SEO factor and improves the technical backend part of the site for crawlability, speed and other variables.

What are iGaming Sites and How Do they Get Organic Traffic?

iGaming websites are sites that offer iGaming services that wager on the outcome of games or sports events. Unlike gaming, iGaming is a part of the gambling industry. Most iGaming sites get organic traffic from social media and organic SERP results. 

How Is International SEO Different from iGaming Clients?

It is crucial to treat different regions and countries as separate entities. In fact, you have to consider different languages. So, you need a different approach to SEO due to several other factors.

For instance, the different regions have different licensing authorities. So, your content will have to change from one region to another. If you offer multiple games and run multiple promotions, then some of your games and promotions might be restricted in some regions.

You have to ensure your SEO strategy reflects these different needs. Also, you should know that search engines show different content to users in different regions or countries. For example, search intent and keywords in Europe are different from those in Asia.

If you want to develop a strategic approach to global SEO, then hire an international iGaming SEO expert for your casino website.

Is iGaming Marketing Experience Relevant for SEO?

The answer is yes. iGaming business experience is relevant for SEO. Search engines, such as Google, can recognize good content. If you want to grow your iGaming site, you need to understand the iGaming industry and its regulations.

Understanding this industry can help you create better content. Remember to use the correct language and tone to write your content.

VelSEOity’s offers a free audit of your iGaming website, highlighting areas of improvement to increase your search engine rankings. Get in touch with us today and we’ll help you with our iGaming SEO services and help your rank in the online gambling industry.

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