Casino SEO Agency – A Guide to Search for Gambling Consultants and Experts

Organic has continued to be the most valuable channel for sports betting search and online casino companies. There is intense competition and our online iGaming search engine optimisation consultants and sportsbook SEO agency is here to help you grow your share.

VelSEOity has been in the SEO business since 2017 and helped numerous businesses grow with the help of their online casino search engine optimisation services. Gambling SEO comes in many facets from online casino to broader gambling sites based around affiliate or predictions. Our casino SEO company are here to help no matter what sort of SEO for gambling you want to improve search engine optimisation for.

What is Gambling SEO?

This is search engine optimization for domains that are in the gambling market space (it is also referred to as iGaming). This field is very competitive and has sub-areas like lotteries, online casino games, virtual poker, and sports betting based search.

Internet gambling has a bad reputation with search engines which makes it important for your Search engine marketing to be on-point and strategic. You need to be up to date with the relevant and popular industry trends if you want to improve your search engines results (SERPs) for online casinos search engines’ rankings.


How a Casino SEO Agency Can Help

With that said, the world of online gambling is growing fast and has become a lucrative one that can pay off with the skilled application of the techniques by you or an expert who has experience with this type of online gambling promotion campaigns to grow organic traffic.

To help you our casino SEO agency has created some tips you can enact yourself to grow your online or offline casino business effort.

The article will provide some great casino internet marketing tips for the gambling industry and some gambling SEO tips that if you follow you are going to get great results for your casino business.

Gambling SEO is tough – Our SEO Casino Agency can Help

You risk having your site blocked by Google or other search engine companies if you leave the SEO strategy in the hands of people who don’t know what they are doing. Google has the ability to track the overuse of keywords which is severe in the gambling space. The relevant keywords can appear accidentally on queries that are mostly aimed at kids. Here’s a guide to keyword research for the gambling industry

SEO is going to cost a lot. If you want high quality casino niche backlinks from authority sources (such as blogs with high traffic and newspaper) via placements or curated inserted links, the webmaster is going to charge a lot of money for publishing it and it is way more than what it costs for other areas. They have a good understanding of the highly competitive market, and the specificity of the gambling websites business, and there are those who refuse to add any hyperlinks leading to gambling websites. Building backlinks to SEO sites can be hard but our SEO experts can help you rank higher for long term success.

Avoiding PBNs. You might consider a Private Blog Network to be a good way of getting traffic and there are some agencies that encourage it. What people tend to do with this approach is create many websites and publish as much content as they can without focusing much on the quality of content or high quality backlinks.

Why Is SEO for Online Casinos Important?

SEO services are important because it helps online casinos to increase their visibility in search engine companies, attract more organic traffic to their websites, and ultimately drive more revenue through increased player sign-ups and deposits. By utilising search engine optimisation via SEO, online casinos can compete effectively with other casinos in the same industry and establish themselves as trusted and reputable brands. This helps to increase customer trust and loyalty, as well as overall brand recognition, which can lead to long-term success in the highly competitive online casino industry.

The Reality of Casino and Gambling SEO?

The vast majority of casino and gambling brands use a combination of sheer volume and relevancy. Having a large budget is obviously important if you are looking to rank in this space. You can be sure that practically every major player is paying for links.

We have worked to build links on behalf of major players in the casino and gambling industry and just about every blogger charges a premium immediately when they discover what they are linking to. That’s why any SEO consultant worth their salt would suggest that you should establish a budget that supports a good volume of high-quality links with a long-term view.

5 Important Trends in Link Building for the Gambling and the Casino Industry

Money Matters: All the major players in the casino and gambling industry currently pay for links and actually have massive budgets that allow them to do exactly that. To avoid direct footprints, they typically use third-party email addresses.

PR Campaigns: Other players in the gambling industry will execute PR strategies aimed at picking up links from newspapers as well as the press with the full knowledge that this will not necessarily help with the difficult terms, especially where anchors and targeted links are needed.

Very Aggressive Anchors: Larger companies in the casino and gambling industry will use surprisingly aggressive anchor text strategies, particularly if they have a well-established brand.

Homepage Links: Some of the larger companies in the casino and gambling industry will also pay for homepage link rentals, but this is a particularly aggressive strategy that affiliates throughout the world use across a variety of markets.

Variety is King: Casino and gambling industries usually go after a surprisingly large selection of niches – there’s just not enough quality informational websites available around casino and gambling.

What SEO Strategies Are Often Used for Gambling SEO?

SEO takes time, but with quality content, good keyword research, a focus on ways of earning and buying backlinks and some other SEO savvy it can be done and pay dividends. Here are is some of the SEO service our gambling SEO agency offers below.

google seo

Quality Keyword Research for SEO for Online Casinos

Keyword analysis and research is important when it comes to casino search optimisation. This makes a lot of sense because every time when using a search engine, you use keywords. The core of most online SEO services

and campaigns is keywords – this is what the audience is searching and it helps a lot. There are a lot of tools out there that are going to help in researching the words people are typing into their search engine bar. You can reach your audience when you speak the same language as them.

Once you have the list of keywords, you can begin using them for your on-page SEO, including them in the content, and also finding relevant websites in your industry.

Our SEO Gambling Agency will Make your casino website a home for all topics – be a topical authority

Note down all the topics that the site can be about. You shouldn’t be looking for every keyword variation, but grouping the ideas into idea buckets makes things easier. Each of the buckers will cover a closely related set of pages or cover a page of the site and aid online SEO casino internet marketing.

If you are a blogger, then a bucket is going to cover each major theme that you will write about like cricket news, soccer updates, basketball updates, etc. If it is a casino brands website, there should be a bucket for each of the products offered.

When you have the list of topics, you can expand them to keywords. This is what good gambling agencies do. Choose a topic at a time and then think about all the ways someone can search for it. What keywords do you want the page to rank for? Putting yourself in the shoes of the user is going to help you find out the words that they used when finding your content i.e. online casinos.

Checking the keywords that work SEO for Casino websites

Before looking for new keywords, you should consider finding the ones that you rank for already. These are those phrases or words that the search engine ranks you well for. This is going to help you figure out the topics related to your site that you have had good results on already.

There are also third-party tools like Ahrefs and SEMrush that will give you a free report and know the keywords the site ranks for. While your current search engine results pages are not high enough to start attracting traffic yet, it is a good place to get started.

Using related searches for expanding keyword targets Helps SEO for Casinos

You can get enough information from Google if you know how and where to look. When you search for a word, related searches are going to appear at the bottom. See the ones that improve your content.

You can also use the Suggest Functionality on Google which can give you a lot of ideas (the ideas Google shows appear when a user types in the search bar). Google can easily do this because they observe the terms being used frequently together. Here are some of the common SEO KPIs for the igaming industry.

Writing high-quality content to Improve Casino SEO

The good thing is, if you do SEO and get the content strategy right, you can make Google’s algorithm rank your site on their first page in online search for national and also local SEO if you have a physical location. Below are some great tips that will in ranking on the first page of the Google results page.

The Google algorithm is updated every year. But it is always going to favor content that provides users with real value. Content is king, always put this in mind – SEO is a facet of content marketing – keeping this in mind will help your marketing efforts. This alongside good SEO techniques and link building will help you rank and bank.

Content is effective because it can easily provide answers and grab attention. The content can hook or shoo away your audience. When you have great content, it shows that you are the go-to resource when your customers need help with their problems.

Another important ranking factor in gambling search engine optimization. When you check out the top articles, you will see robust, well-written, and comprehensive articles. You will find it hard to rank your online gambling websites well when you have thinly written content.

This doesn’t mean stuffing keywords on your page without a clear objective. Your content needs to have value and personality. It needs to have some flavor, the same a cup of coffee gets better with every sip.

Google will favor a page when it has good content. The word count matters, but it is going to do so when it is coupled with engaging and top end content.


Website related Improvements for Online Casino Sites

Technical SEO – Ensure that there are no technical problems with your small business site – technical SEO issues such as broken links, duplicate content, and decreased speed can affect your SEO efforts. Duplicate content is going to decrease your SEO, while decreased speed and broken links can increase the bounce rate. Such technical issues hurt your online casino search efforts and will negatively impact the viewers, which results in them leaving and visiting another website that is not yours.

Keyword Analysis and Research

You have to research and use the right keywords relevant to your company because they will help you reach a specific demographic. This will result in the site getting a better ranking on the search engines for targeted traffic. You can include keywords in title tags, website URLs, meta descriptions, headings, and in content. Use LSI keywords because it will help in avoiding being redundant and keyword stuffing.

You don’t have to focus on using keywords throughout your content, you should optimize the site by focusing on the content created for your audience.

Internal Links

When you add internal links, it directs visitors to other pages of your site which makes them remain on your site for longer.

Website Videos and Images

You should use videos and images on your site because they can help with rankings. They can help in keeping visitors longer on your site, which reduces the tendency of them clicking on another site.

Here are some good marketing ideas to help your casino site to grow in the digital world.

SEO for Gambling Sites – A Link Building Strategy

Blogger blog/post outreach and SEO for niche iGaming brands and sports betting based SEO sites is getting harder and harder, and the very best approaches are going to produce great results. A good SEO manager knows that everything isn’t about metrics – but also about the authenticity of sites that were used to get the links in the iGaming industry.

Off page SEO is an important aspect of SEO for gambling sites, and below are some of the benefits of link-building for your site.

The number of inbound links is going to play a big part in determining the popularity of a site or blog and the amount of organic traffic it gets and is integral for off page SEO in the online gambling industry.

An important factor when determining the Google Page Rank of a website is the number of inbound links from a quality website. This is integral to a good link building strategy.

When you start a site or blog, you need to spend the first couple of weeks on link building so that you increase exposure in search and kick start your digital marketing campaign for your gambling site.

Google Search always rewards incoming links from an authority website. Good link building strategy doesn’t mean having unlimited links; it is more about genuine links from reliable sites not low quality links. This link building will help you rank in one of the most competitive industries. This is part and parcel of good SEO for a gambling site and will help it rank

Some benefits of link building in the gambling niche:

  • More visibility of your site or blog in search results
  • Getting traffic from sites linked to yours
  • When you have high-quality incoming links, it means that the sire is going to be seen as a valuable resource. You can easily do this by creating quality content
  • It will help you get indexed faster in search results

It is an important aspect of search engine optimization

There are different strategies to perform link building:
  • Writing quality content that people link to naturally as part of natural link building
  • Infographics
  • Guest blogging
  • Directory submission – avoid low quality directories
  • Epic videos
  • Following social bookmarking sites
  • Following v.relevant blog comments
  • Writing pillar content and informing bloggers

There are a lot of strategies to choose from, but you need to have a small gambling site because it is a good idea for making a proper plan for link building to gain positive improvements in organic search results.

Combine these with social media marketing and social media advertising where it’s possible to do so for your target audience and watch the results come via your marketing team.

Below are some mistakes people make when it comes to SEO

Failing to make your page mobile-friendly

Professional SEO services are not just about quality content, but also site quality.

It is important to have a mobile-friendly website to succeed in the igaming industry, especially for those who have an online store. Today, more than 70% of online shopping is done using mobile devices.

Keyword and link stuffing

This is where people use too many keywords and quality links because they think the more that they use the better. This is going to be true to a given extent, but when the links and keywords start hindering the user experience, the search engines start marking your gambling sites as low-quality. Your site is going to rank lower. Keyword optimised content is important but don’t over do it or organic traffic will suffer..

Use of old SEO tactics

There have been a lot of changes in the world of casino SEO for SEO experts over the years. The things that used to work well in the past may not work well now and can even hurt your chances of ranking on the search engine results page. Some of them include;

  • The use of tiny fonts to repeat and hide keywords
  • Spamming links and keywords
  • Use of the same color for the background and text to write as many relevant words as possible
  • Comment spam on the site to fake traffic

The above no longer work and search engines have started picking up on them. When they find out that you are using these trucks, they can lower your rankings or even blacklist your site.

Here is a list of FAQs around SEO for the niche.

Misusing or not using tools

Tools are important when growing your site. Without these tools, it would be hard to monitor the performance of your site within the SEO industry and make the necessary tweaks. There are a lot of tools for SEO specialists to choose from to create effective SEO strategies for more online traffic, but there are some you need to use to improve your site’s SEO alongside Google Analytics and Google Search Console:

  • Good analysis tool for backlinks e.g.AHrefs
  • A tool for analysis of traffic e.g., Analyticmost
  • Good SEO tool for technical SEO and strategic site structure – Screaming Frog
  • A tool for keywords for casino websites e.g., SemRush or Keywordchef
  • A tool for website performance analysis e.g., GTMetrix
  • Good rank tracker e.g., SERPLab

Such tools are going to help you a lot when it comes to tracking progress and making changes.

The Work of an Online Casino SEO Expert isn’t an overnight process

SEO services are going to take some time to impact. It can take a couple of months before a new page rank on Google. This is the case even if you do everything right from the start.

This can discourage some people when they are getting started. You shouldn’t give up; just follow these tips and you will start to see great results.

Avoid the common mistakes mentioned above and follow the tips to get the results you desire. Your SEO efforts are going to pay off and you will start to see your page going up the search engine results page. Here is a more comprehensive list of the common mistakes iGaming sites make

Casino SEO has become a must for anyone who runs a business. It is going to have a big impact on the business. There are many businesses out there that have grown through SEO. This can also take a lot of time, which is why many choose to outsource their SEO campaigns for gambling companies they own.

Many business owners choose to outsource their SEO services because they don’t have the time and skills to create an SEO-optimized website. The business owner can then spend time creating quality casino content.

Are SEO agencies profitable?

Potentially SEO agencies are profitable but this will depend on a number of factors including the business model used, pricing structure, the quality of services they provide, and their ability to acquire and retain clients.

SEO agencies tend to either work on a project by project basis or via a monthly retainer model – the latter being more predictable and stable.

If agencies can deliver good results and get good word of mouth press this helps them significantly. Retaining clients when adding new ones is key to profitability.

Are SEO Agencies Worth it?

Different businesses will have different needs and this will determine whether the agency is worth it for them or not. The main thing is to do your research on the agency and choose one with a track record of success. If you do this then SEO will likely be worth it.

FAQs About Gambling and Casino SEO

What is SEO in Gambling

SEO stands for search engine optimisation and is the process of optimising a website to improve its visibility and ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs) for specific keywords and phrases. In gambling SEO is this process but for online gambling sites such online casinos, sports betting (eSports), roulette, online lottery, poker, etc.

How do I promote my gambling website?

Here are some ways to promote your gambling website

1. Work with ffiliates
2. Email marketing
3. Great content marketing
4. TV campaigns
5. Social media advertising
6. Off line media such as newspapers or magazines
7. Utilise Ad Networks

How do I promote my gambling affiliate?

SEO is the best way to promote a gambling affiliate site as it allows you the chance to rank in Google for the long term. Unlike paid ads where the traffic is turned off when you stop paying, SEO is a long term strategy for gambling affiliates.

Is casino affiliate profitable?

Casino affiliate is very profitable with revenue deals of between 25% to 50%. Commssions are high paying and generally consistent and you can make good money with the right investment in a 6 to 12 month timeframe.

Can you promote gambling on Google?

Yes you can promote gamgbling on Google, as long as gambling related adverts comply with the law and policies in the site’s region and advertiser has received the proper Google Ads certification then you can promote gambling on Google.

Are SEO agencies profitable?

Potentially SEO agencies are profitable but this will depend on a number of factors including the business model used, pricing structure, the quality of services they provide, and their ability to acquire and retain clients.

SEO agencies tend to either work on a project by project basis or via a monthly retainer model – the latter being more predictable and stable.

How do I find SEO agencies?

There are a number of ways to find an SEO agency – search online for one, word of mouth, attend industry events, look at review sites or check on social media. These are a few ways to find and choose an agency.

Can SEO make you a Millionaire

Yes, like any business SEO can make you a millionaire. However, this will all be determined by your skill set, work ethic, ability among dozens of other factors. SEO with optimised gambling sites can be a very lucrative business.

Are SEO Agencies Worth it?

Different businesses will have different needs and this will determine whether the agency is worth it for them or not. The main thing is to do your research on the agency and choose one with a track record of success. If you do this then SEO will likely be worth it.

Our SEO company is here to help you rank your site and make a success of your casino site. Contact us today for a free SEO audit and free consultation to help you improve your search engine rankings in the online gambling sector.