SEO Marketing FAQ For Online Casino Websites

Here are some of the most common questions asked about marketing for gambling websites.

Can Social Media Influencers Legally Promote Gambling Services?

The legality of influencer-promoted gambling depends on the location of the influencer. Each country has its own set of rules when it comes to the gambling industry, how it can be advertised, and how brands can promote it. Some jurisdictions take a strict stance against promoting gambling and prohibit influencers from doing so. Other countries, like America, do allow some influencers to promote gambling but with certain regulations.

In the United States, the gambling industry is heavily regulated by the FTC. The FTC sets forth guidelines regarding how casinos and other gambling institutions can operate as well as how they can promote their business. This applies to companies that specialize in gambling online as well as brick-and-mortar establishments. Influencers are always highly recommended to familiarize themselves with the regulations in their specific area. Here is a guide to FTC guidelines.

What is SEO in the Gambling Industry?

SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization, is a well-established online SEO casino internet marketing strategy that is utilized by virtually every major corporation around the world. It takes advantage of the 8.5 billion Google searches performed every day to direct traffic to target websites. Companies do keyword research and use a combination of keywords, meta tags, and other related strategies to ensure their target site is listed in the top results for a particular search term. For the Gambling industry, SEO is all about funneling traffic searching for terms like “sports betting search“, “digital casinos”, and “online slots”.

Can I Promote my Gambling Service on Social Media Websites?

Most social platforms do allow for the promotion of gambling services, though there may be some caveats. There are also certain social media websites like Twitch that have recently taken a firmer stance against gambling promotions. The first step in promoting your casino on social media is learning the platform’s Terms of Service (ToS) and determining what sort of promotions are allowed. Many modern influencers use similar tactics to promote casinos on those social media sites that allow it. Facebook policies can be seen here.

Here are a few steps you can take:

1. Publish high-quality content: Content has remained one of the most important marketing tools for more than 20 years. It is very difficult to grow and maintain an audience without posting high-quality content consistently. You can add promotions and event invitations to the content to help increase engagement with the audience.

2. Use the power of influencers: Chances are, there are social media influencers popular in your market who would be willing to provide paid promotion. Many influencers make their money through paid partnerships with brands that relate to their content.

3. Pay for targeted advertisements: Whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube; all of the big social media platforms have advertisement options available to businesses. Paying for advertisements on social media websites is one of the most efficient and straightforward ways to promote your casino.

Check out this data on social media and gambling advertising in the UK.

Does Google Allow Gambling Advertisements?

It’s estimated that more than 80 percent of modern businesses advertise through Google. They allow a wide variety of companies to advertise through their services. Gambling companies are allowed to advertise using Google but they will face some extra restrictions. Restrictions in the United States are more severe due to FTC oversight. You will need to review Google’s advertising policy in your particular region to determine what regulations are in place or if gambling advertisements are banned outright.

What Are the Top 3 SEO Optimization Techniques For Online Casinos?

SEO for online based casinos boils down to three main categories:

1. Tech Optimization – This requires designing a website in a way that improves customer experience and aligns with Google’s values. For example, Google prefers pages that load fast. If you can technically optimize your pages to load faster, then it can help improve your organic SERP ranking.

2. On-Page SEO – This makes up the vast majority of SEO optimizations. It includes researching keywords, publishing high-quality content, and using the best tags and titles. There are programs available that can help you with many of these aspects, such as researching the best possible keywords.

3. Off-Page SEO – Several external elements influence a website’s ranking. One of the biggest off-page metrics to focus on is link building. Linking to other high-quality websites and having those websites link back to you will greatly improve the reputation of the page from Google’s perspective. This results in a much better SERP ranking.

Taking the time to optimize these three key elements will make an incredible difference in your marketing campaign. It will ensure that your online casino is pulling the traffic it needs to thrive and grow.