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Many people wrongly think that link building is simply about creating backlinks. However, there is a lot more to getting great guest posts as we know from our experience. 

We have been doing link building and creating guest posts since 2013 and we have worked on both small and big link building campaigns for businesses within the CBD guest post niche. 

According to first-hand experience it is certainly not easy to get articles published on relevant websites showcasing your brand. However, throughout the many years, we have built strong connections through experience that help us to get your business seen by your audience on google avia our CBD guest posts and link building. 

Each one of our strategies are thoroughly tested which enables us to build the best links possible. We aim to improve your backlink profile significantly so that your CBD company and its SEO is boosted in the SERPs. Be sure to contact us if you want to learn more about our guest posts. 

Our CBD Link Building Options


  • 100% Genuine Outreach
  • Real Guest Post Sites With Real Traffic
  • DR20 Plus Guest Post
  • 700 word article
  • DoFollow Backlink via Guest Post


  • 100% Genuine Outreach
  • Real Guest Post Sites With Real Traffic
  • DR30 Plus  Guest Post
  • 700 word article
  • DoFollow Backlink via Guest Post


  • 100% Genuine Outreach
  • Real Guest Post Sites With Real Traffic
  • DR40 Plus Guest Post
  • 700 word article
  • DoFollow Backlink via Guest Post


  • 100% Genuine Outreach
  • Real Guest Post Sites With Real Traffic
  • DR60 Plus Guest Post
  • 700 word article
  • DoFollow Backlink via Guest Post

Our CBD Guest Posting Testimonials

Reasons Why You Need Link Building For Your Cannabis Business

When it comes to boosting revenue, building links is an integral part of your search engine optimization strategy. Our company, VelSEOity performs fresh outreach for each one of our client’s websites to related sites. 

According to our experience, one of the best ways to increase how many people see your business online and get more customers is to purchase a backlink building services and package. We completely understand how important it is to get new customers from referral websites as well as from organic search. 

We also understand that every single client is different and would have unique needs from a CBD blog post. So, we create fully customized link building strategies to ensure that you get the results you want. We have a thorough understanding of the CBD market and we also know how to develop an excellent and effective link building SEO packages and strategy. 

We know from experience that you will be able to get completely legal organic traffic with our strategies which will rapidly increase awareness of your brand. It will also help your website to get more attention from Google and other search engines so that you’re ranked at the top of the SERPs and drive traffic to cannabis products, creating a new audience for your brand and creating and cementing your good reputation for the well established customers you have already. 

Use Our Organic Growth Plan To Improve Your CBD Business’s ROI with Our Guest Posting Services

Our tests and trials mean we have completely unique and special SEO strategies that will increase the organic traffic to your website. It will also improve your website’s keyword competitiveness, backlink profile etc. We have numerous years of experience in the Cannabis niche and our team will develop the best strategies for you so that you can build an empire that you’ll be proud of. 

Every business is concerned with organic growth, however, there isn’t one specific approach that is suitable for every business. So, before we create and implement any strategy, we will thoroughly examine your business and audience to ensure that the strategy we create is an excellent fit. The CBD industry is very competitive and the right approach needs to work for your site. Not all websites can utilise SEO and digital marketing. Our first hand experience providing CBD links for clients for years shows us this. 

We written content is extremely important for all businesses, including CBD and Cannabis businesses. We have high quality in house writers who will create the best type of content for your business that your audience wants. This type of content writing will make it a lot easier to get high quality backlinks and improve your brands visibility. 

Premium CBD Guest Post Websites

Relevance is extremely important within this space and this is why we also do thorough research to find websites that are the most related to your business as well as your products. This will ensure that your brand is placed in front of your target audience which is exactly where it should be. 

Creating Quality Content on CBD Websites

Our agency is different from many others since we complete entire link campaigns in-house. This also means that we will write any content that you need. Our content creation team knows exactly how to write excellent CBD and cannabis articles that are highly valuable. This will ensure that you get lots of natural links in addition to the ones we build for you. 

Quality CBD Link Building Report

Before we publish any article, we will do thorough trust flow analysis to ensure that each article is of the highest quality. Websites with higher trust flow provide better backlinks which means a much better SEO effect. 

Growth Maintenance

We always strive to stay ahead of each one of our campaigns so that our client’s websites continue to grow. In addition to our strategies and processes to achieve specific client objectives, we also pay attention to consumer behaviour that changes over time so that we can adjust as necessary. We’ve conducted experiments regards this and it is very important. 

Monthly Reports of CBD Backlinks and Guest Posts

Once you are our client, you will get a report every month which shows all of the links we’ve built for you. This report will also show all of the actions that were taken on your campaign as well as time spent. This will show the value that we bring to you and your business.

Why are CBD Guest Posting and Link Building Services and Strategies Important?

One of the key aspects of SEO aimed at boosting revenues is CBD link building. We do fresh outreach to other relevant websites based on the client’s website.

Our experience of this is that quality link building is one of the best ways to increase your online visibility and attract more potential customers to your website. We understand just how important it is to get customers from referral websites and organic searches to reach the top positions in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

We firmly believe that each of our customers is unique and has unique needs, which is why we develop a fully customized backlink strategy aimed at producing better quality results. With a complete understanding of the CBD market, we know how to create an impressive quality CBD backlinks strategy that works for your business via blogger SEO outreach services like ours.

You can enjoy completely organic traffic as well as an entirely legal and authentic way to increase brand awareness among potential clients and grab the attention of search engines to rank your website at the top of the SERPs.

Grow Your CBD Business’s ROI Via a Targeted Organic Growth Plan!

The specialized marijuana and CBD SEO solutions and tactics we trailed and have implemented are guaranteed to increase your website’s organic traffic, backlinks, as well as keyword search competitiveness. With years of experience in the cannabis industry, our expert team knows how to prepare SEO strategies and establish a strong online empire for you.

At the top of the mind for every business is organic growth, and there’s never a one-size-fits-all approach. That’s why we always analyze the needs of your business and target audience thoroughly to prevent shortfalls before we implement any strategy for your Cannabusiness.

It is impossible to ignore the power of content even for Cannabusiness. Our team of in-house writers create exceptional content that people will love reading. Content practice makes it easier to gain backlinks and increase your brand visibility.

Constructing a CBD Guest Posting and Link Building Strategy for a CBD Website

Backlink acquisition is only one component of link building for CBD SEO according to our tests. When it comes to building links, there are generally 3 areas of focus:

  • Internal linking structure optimization
  • Using high-quality external links in posts
  • Obtaining backlinks through both paid and non-paid methods.

It is quite clear that external and internal links also play a major role in link building, and it isn’t different for your CBD company.

Internal Linking and Orphan Pages

From experience the best thing to do is to start by analyzing your internal links as an easy starting point. As a rule of thumb, every page on your website needs to have at least one internal link that points to it. If not, it is considered an ‘orphan page’ that is not good for SEO.

How Can You Tell Whether You Have Any Orphan Pages on Your Website?

To quickly find out, you can use a website crawler like Screaming Frog. All you need to do is run a crawl for pages with zero inbound links and all the orphaned pages that you may have will show up.

Whenever you write a new CBD blog post, try to identify areas for linking to via existing pages using relevant anchor text. For example, say you are writing a blog post about CBD marketing techniques.

You will likely mention content marketing at some point, which makes you remember the in-depth post on content marketing that you wrote the previous month. If you use ‘content marketing’ as anchor text, you can link back to the previous blog post.

See our guide to anchor text choice.

Internal links are not just great for SEO but also for the readers. They serve as a way to keep your readers engaged with your content, which means that they will spend more time on your website and may actually sign up to your newsletter or make a purchase as a result.

Identifying Opportunities for External Links

External links can also help boost your domain authority, which is why you should strive to use them whenever possible.

Keep in mind that not all external links are desirable, since some will have a poor DA score. Linking to a website with a low domain authority hurts your DA in turn, which is why you need to always check the DA score for any website that you plan to link to.

Another rule of thumb is to never link to a page that serves as a replacement for your content or a competitor page.

For instance, if you are writing a blog about managing a CBD business, you should not link to a different article that covers the same topic. The reason for this is that a reader may click on it and choose to read the other article instead of yours. That’s why it is important to always link to articles that complement your content but don’t replace it.

Instead of linking to a competitor article, you can link to a case study following the owner of a CBD business on their journey to success. If you must link externally, try finding pages from trusted domains such as .gov and .edu because they will boost your high domain authority. Link to scientific journals and scholarly studies, whenever possible.

Acquiring CBD Backlinks

Backlinks are a core component of a link building campaign. You can use several approaches to building high quality links, including paid methods for quality cbd links. There are actually entire websites that are dedicated to selling backlinks, and they usually vary in quality.

It is usually not worth it to invest in cheaper backlinks because they are cheap for a reason. However, if you have the budget, it can be worth it to pay for high-authority backlinks. Still, there are plenty of ways to acquire high quality CBD links for free if you have the time to dedicate to it.

How Can You Get Your CBD Website Ranked on Google?

We always work in compliance with Google’s rules and regulations to bring more positive results for you. You can be sure of completely unique well written content as well as contextual link placements based on your preferred domain authority on CBD and Cannabis websites and this will help your website rank higher on the SERPs.

Why is SEO Important When It Comes to Selling CBD Online?

SEO plays a critical role in online business marketing, whether it is selling CBD products or any other products online. The CBD and Cannabis market is particularly challenging, which means that you must offer something that’s useful to the target audience, always keeping their interest in mind.

SEO also helps you through the selection of the most relevant keywords that people are searching for, crafting a targeted CBD content strategy, and more. SEO ensures that your high-quality content gets found on Google as well as other search engines.

Does It Have the Right Target Audience?

We can view the website’s traffic by country. So, for example, if you’re based in the UK, we can work to narrow down the websites to those with UK traffic. Unfortunately, we cannot narrow this down further by city and other aspects of your target audience. Still, we can use the blog’s content to determine the type of people likely to read the articles.

Are the Backlinks dofollow?

We only use websites that provide dofollow links because the search engines are more likely to recognize a link of this type. It is a useful SEO tactic because authority or “link juice” gets passed to the client’s website from the placement blog.

Does the Content on the Website Look Spammy?

We never use websites that are spammy. To avoid blogs with a lot of spam, we usually look out for:

  • Lots of adverts
  • No or very little original content
  • Keyword stuffing and over optimization
  • Broken links, page errors, etc.

If you’re interested in CBD guest posts and link building – we’re here to help.

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