Reputation Protection

Online Reputation Protection for Businesses

Protect, preserve, persevere – that’s what it takes to look after your hard-earned online reputation

What is a Reputation Protection Strategy?

Seconds. That’s how long it can take for your professional image to take a nosedive. One day your positive online reviews and news articles are flying high on Google, and the next, there’s a negative review sitting stubbornly in #1 position. And that single negative review could drive away 40% of your potential customers. Ouch.

And it’s not only negative reviews that you need to be worried about, either. As a brand or business, you also need to worry about un-happy ex-employees, trolls, spammers, competitors and people with an axe to grind (and nothing better to do with their time).

Maintaining your positive online reputation demands carefully laid plans. Speaking of which…

  1. We get word out there first

If bad news is about to hit, our crisis management will spring into action to tell your side of your story first.

  1. We focus on gaining search engine ground

Let’s work your website, social and business profiles so that they make their way up the search engines. But before we do, we’ll ensure that your brand’s values are clearly on display.

  1. We shout about your expertise

Authority content is essential for demonstrating your expert knowledge. It should spark debate, stir discussion and always show your brand or business as the credible force it is. This step is all about the right content, on the right sites – your own as well as industry websites and sector blogs.

  1. We tell EVERYONE about your good social work

Do good things for a worthy cause? Corporate Social Responsibility programmes are a powerful way to demonstrate a brand with rock-steady values. We’ll make sure your target audience know ALL about your grass-roots work.

  1. We mix up the positivity

A solid online status doesn’t just come in the form of hundreds or thousands of online reviews. It includes all kinds of content – from blogs to videos, social comments to testimonials. Believe us when we say that a full spectrum of search results are essential if negative news (that can’t be removed) is to be held at bay.

protect your reputation

Packages & Pricing


Bronze Reputation Protector

We Monitor your Results for Problems and Issues

Reputation Protection from Negative Results in the Google SERPs

From Only

$100 p/m

Monitor and Build

Silver Reputation Protector

We Monitor and Build a Positive Presence Online

Reputation Protection and Active Business Building in the Google SERPs

From Only

$500 p/m

Monitor and Dominate

Gold Reputation Protector

We Monitor and Ensure your Online Presence Takes Over

Reputation Protection and Domination of Page 1 for Google Search Terms

From Only

$2500 p/m

A Reputation Protection Strategy That Means Business

Once we’ve tackled any negative comments, reviews or articles that were impacting your brand, protecting that hard-work is the logical next step. After all, if you have had to repair your business, you’ll know just how time-consuming it can be (and how much the impact of it can hurt in the meantime).

Our reputation protection strategy has a simple mantra: ‘offence is the best form of defence’. So our strategy focuses on creating a good news day, every day, using multiple forms of content, including: branded search results, online reviews, editorial content, online images and social platforms. This all means that even if something incredulous is written that requires you to utilise reputational damage law and you need to hire a defamation lawyer, people will be a lot less likely to see the offending content.

The fact-based and wholly credible image that we build of you is then your safeguard against any negative content attacks on your brand, business or image and is the best form of online reputation management available and beats having an issue in the long run where hiring a reputation management lawyer is a must.

Let’s delve deeper into how this works from start to finish…

We Study…

With years of online reputation management under our belts we know the score! We begin with companies that are similar to yours to learn all about what content is ranking well for them. Then we’ll get to work on our research, like trending content, branded search terms, and competitor research to protect your brand.

We Strategise

Once we’ve got a firm foothold on your trading landscape, we’ll put together a protection strategy to build upon your online business – month after month after month.

This could include idea modelling, content gap development and a search engine marketing plan.

We Promote

We continue to push everything that’s good about your brand. This could mean influencer outreach, blogger negotiation or social media promotion. We offer a variety of services to provide the right protection. 

Throughout it all we Monitor and Track

We’ll look out for branded search terms, check review sites, read social comments, pick up on areas where you could leapfrog the competition. And this isn’t left to an automated tracking tool alone. We’ll also have a real-life human being on the case too.

FAQ About Our Reputation Protector

Can we monitor everything that is said about you online?

We use automated tools to continually track and monitor comments, forums, articles and more in real-time. But there are some corners of the World Wide Web that we can’t check on using autopilot - TripAdvisor, LinkedIn, and Facebook Reviews being just three.

For the places that we can’t monitor through software, we monitor manually. And they’ll always be someone who personally checks through the results to formulate a proactive plan when needed.

How much is the VelSEOity's Reputation Protection Strategy ?

The steps needed for effective care differs for every brand and business, so you’ll need to speak with us to get a concrete idea as to the costs for your company.

However we can tell you this, our smallest package starts from $1000 per annum. Dealing with reputation damage law can be expensive and our service often prevents the need for it.

Why should I choose VelSEOity for my Reputation Protection?

Good question. We’re honestly glad that you asked, as there are more than a fair share of cowboy companies out there in the online reputation management space, who’ll take your money and simply run your brand name through their software once a month. In contrast, we…
  • Have years of experience in the world of SEO. As in, 10+ years (which is vital, given that so much of your reputation relies on solid SEO groundwork)
  • Our team is the full package – content writers, SEO experts, developers, public relations… you name it. You see, reputation management is so much more than merely Googling and firing off legal sounding emails.
  • We’ve been right in the thick of it numerous times over – dealing with a flat-out online reputation management crisis and hundreds of negative sources of consumer anger. We’ve worked with global companies that have a world of bad PR, and local businesses that have suffered a month-long service failure. These experiences equip us not only with a proven track-record, but also with strategies we know to be effective when advising on unhappy customers who can, in most cases, be persuaded to revise their opinions.

How long will it be before I see results from your Reputation Protection strategy?

As an ongoing, proactive service to protect your online reputation, you can expect our teams to immediately pick up on negative reviews, news, comments and more. Our positive steps for your company – such as content outreach and CSR promotion – run continuously, rather than being rushed out in response to something that has impacted your online reputation overnight.

Why is it so important to control the first two pages of Google?

Whatever your line of business – and whether you’re a brand, company or individual, how you are perceived matters (as these stats go to show)…

  • 97% of consumers search online for local businesses, 12% do it daily.
  • 69% of job seekers are likely to reject a job offer from a company with a bad reputation, and 54% of employers have decided not to hire a candidate based on their social media profiles.
  • And when it comes to Google, you should know that 90% of people don’t make it past page one of Google. In fact, first place position gains 33% of the attention, second place 18%, and it only gets worse from there. Safe to say that you need a team of professionals in the area that also have TONNES of experience in SEO.

Why is it important to protect your online reputation?

Your online reputation is everything nowadays - people will rightfully want to know more about the business they’re dealing with and will search for them. Having a positive appraisal of your business helps you win trust and in turn do more business.

How do I protect my online reputation?Protecting your online reputation is obviously down to your business and how you go about your daily efforts. However, as we all know a small percentage of people will leave negative reviews or scathing remarks and the best way to protect against this is to have a solid page one - so when it does happen, people won’t see it.