5 Tips for Protecting Your Social Media Presence

When running a successful business, having an immaculate reputation is as important as having a popular product or good brand name. Today this will mean going the extra mile to preserve your online reputation. The best strategy involves protecting yourself from negative publicity before it even arises. Here are some important steps to consider.

When an Issues Arrives, Address it immediately

A small problem is just a small problem. But, if it is allowed to fester it can lead to bad reputation on social media channels. Not only will your valued client blame you for the problem, you will lose trust from any others who see what happens. When there is a problem, identify the error immediately and never be afraid to admit when you are wrong and go all the way to make amends. If a resolution cannot be reached immediately, try sending an acknowledgement of the error to appease the disgruntled associates. Never react in silence to a situation.

Be Friendly, All the Time, No Matter What

Customers can react very erratically for a number of reasons (maybe, they had a cold coffee) and can deliver scathing criticisms of your products, brand and even your person. So, what do you do? Do you slug it out in clever diatribes in defense of your good name? Nope, this will only make things worse. It is the customer’s job to be critical to whatever degree it suits them, it is your job to be friendly and cordial to whatever degree it behooves you – and, it behooves you to be very friendly. Self-control and taking things in stride are the essential keys to protecting and caring for your reputation. Never engage in arguments, provide solutions.

Instead Of Arguing, Give Solution

Never pursue an argument on a social media channel no matter how right you are and how wrong your client is. Instead offer a solution. Provide them with an email link where you can discuss any dissatisfaction and other sensitive issues. This way anything brought up will be brought up in private. You need to expect that people who have a problem with your service will bring this up on your social media page. Everyone’s watching to see how you will react, so be quick with a solution and always avoid an argument.

Be Open And Honest About Your Mistakes

If you have made a major mistake that has detracted from the services you are providing, you must be very honest and aware of the problem. Remember that every company, even very popular and successful operations, will have made mistakes at some point but it is the commitment to excellence that impresses your social media audience. Always recognize the errors you have made and work to rectify them immediately. Your customers and clients will respect this and even a bad situation can bring about trust and better communication with your clients if you handle it the right way.

Be Ready For Any Reputation Attack

Your reputation will come under attack, you can expect this. Social media platforms are the places people go to speak their differences and voice their dissatisfaction in companies. You can’t control what the social media scene will bring you but you can be prepared to redirect and take control of anything that does arise. Have a plan to fully engage the publicity you see whether good or bad. Don’t let emotions get the better of you and seek for the best way to handle these coolly and elegantly. Often, handling criticism and flattery with the same gratitude and dispassion is the best solution. But, you must find the tone that best suits your company.