3 Tips To Mind your Online Reputation

Do you want to mind your online rep and ensure that it’s in good condition. Prevention is better than cure.

1. Keep Private Information Secure

Strongly convey the importance of protecting personal information and keeping family data private and safe. All family members, particularly children, need to appreciate the fact that personal data can be used by criminals to carry out identity theft.

Personal data includes bank details, credit card numbers, Social Security numbers, phone numbers, email addresses, birth dates, current location, and home addresses. If fraudsters get their hands on any of those pieces of personal information, they can easily commit identity theft. Criminals can also compile the data with other personal information to generate a synthetic identity.

2. Set Strict Privacy Settings

Strict internet privacy settings can go a long way to protecting a family’s data from those looking to cause harm. When establishing online privacy settings, be sure to eliminate all public sharing of data from family members and restrict access to private posts.

On social media platforms, this is especially important, as such platforms serve as a rich source of data for identity thieves. Furthermore, any public data on those sites can be seen by potential employees, nosy neighbors, colleges, and other parties. Ensure you also establish strict guidelines to govern your kid’s social media usage – this can help protect them from accidentally exposing private information to identity thieves, as well as shield them from cyberbullying.

3. Ask Family Members To Google Themselves

It’s impossible to protect your own or your family’s reputation online or get any harmful posts or images removed if you don’t know what the open web has stored for your name. So, it’s essential to carry out individual and family name searches on Google – include everyone with a digital footprint in the searches to secure them.

Simply load up the Google’s home page, type in your full name, and follow the top back links on result pages, including images results, and start building an inventory of each family member’s name on the web. If you come across any potentially harmful images or posts, you should seek out online rep management firms to help you work on getting the sensitive content deleted.