Buy Casino & Gambling Backlinks  

Buy Casino & Gambling Backlinks  

VelSEOity has provided a casino link building service to clients since 2013 – we know what it takes to boost your online gambling sites. This content focuses on what casino backlinks are, how to acquire them and how to differentiate the good from the bad when it comes to attaining links and also choosing an agency to build them for you. 

Casino link building and buying gambling backlinks can only be a successful endeavour if you focus on high quality casino links rather than quantity. This is why we always advise our clients to focus on relevancy (relevant links) rather than going for thousands of poor-quality backlinks. This is the only way to get lasting results and we offer it via our online gambling link building service.

The casino industry is hugely lucrative and according to statistics is expected to be worth US$66.994 billion in 2025. Therefore, you need to purchase quality backlinks and our service is a necessity for success. We’re here to help. 

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A Decade as a Casino Link Building Agency

With years worth of experience in link-building services, we have become one of the leading service providers in the link building and casino guest post industry within the gambling industry. We have a proven track record when it comes to link-building of quality casino backlinks for our casino or gambling site clients. As such, we have boosted their search ranking, ROI, and traffic. With us on your side, your gambling site will also benefit from our link-building services and expertise. If you want something more local to your nation, then check out our article on options for link building yourself

Even though we use similar link-building strategies such as HARO or Infographics for all our clients for different niches, the process of patching and contacting bloggers takes longer when working with betting, casino, iGambling, and gambling clients. All this is based on the nature of casino niche SEO and online sports betting websites. Some bloggers are not comfortable or willing to push such online gambling website SEO content.

Buy Casino Backlinks and Improve Ranking Today – Premium and Standard Guest Post Differences


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  • 100% Genuine Casino Guest Post Outreach
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  • 100% Genuine Casino link outreach
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*updated for 2024

What is a Casino Backlink? Boost Your Casino Website’s Online Visibility

A casino backlink is a link from one website to a casino site, important for SEO as it can boost search engine rankings by acting as a ‘vote’ for the linked site’s content quality. These links aim to increase traffic and visibility for casino websites. However, the effectiveness depends on the backlinks’ relevance and quality, with search engines penalizing sites for irrelevant or spammy links, including those to casino sites that don’t match the linking site’s content or purpose.

Premium Gambling Backlinks Options

Alongside the guest post options above we offer a number of other options including niche edits, digital PR for organic gambling site links, edu links and premium editorial placements for casino clients. 

Are Gambling Links Good for My Site and if so Why?

Building casino guest post links can offer several benefits, particularly for websites in the gambling industry or those looking to reach an audience interested in casino-related content. Natural casino backlinks can be few and far between and authentic casino backlinks expensive to earn. Here are some of the key benefits:

  1. Targeted Traffic: Guest posting on casino-related websites can drive targeted traffic to your site. People reading your guest post are likely interested in casino and gambling topics and this is central to casino link acquisition, which means they are more likely to engage with your website if it offers related content or services.

  2. Improved Search Engine Rankings: Quality backlinks from reputable casino websites can improve your site’s search engine rankings. Search engines like Google consider backlinks as a key ranking factor, especially when they come from relevant sites and it’s easy if you purchase authoritative backlinks.

  3. Brand Visibility and Recognition: Being featured on popular casino websites can enhance your brand’s visibility and recognition within the gambling community. This can be particularly beneficial for new websites looking to establish a presence in the niche.

  4. Networking Opportunities: Guest posting can help you build relationships with other website owners and influencers in the casino industry. These connections can be valuable for future collaborations, joint ventures, or simply for sharing knowledge and experiences.

  5. Social Proof and Credibility: Contributing valuable content to established casino websites can enhance your credibility and authority in the niche. These genuine gambling backlinks can lead to increased trust from potential customers and clients.

  6. Diverse Link Profile: Building links from a variety of sources and getting creative with link building, including casino guest posts, helps in creating a diverse backlink profile. This is seen positively by search engines and can lead to better ranking stability. This means getting back earned gambling backlinks and bought ones too. 

  7. Learning and Development: Writing guest posts requires research and understanding of the current trends in the casino industry. This process can be educational and help you stay updated with the latest developments in the field.

Our Gambling backlink services will help you with all of the above and provide you with the premium gambling backlinks that will help move the needle once your onsite content and technical SEO are on point.

The Benefit Of Buying High Quality Backlinks for a Casino and Gambling Site?

1.    Consolidating Relationships – The primary function of casino backlinks is to build relationships with targeted audiences and niche influencers. The strategy behind this goal is to reach out to authoritative blogs within your industry and collaborate with them through quality content. Whenever they endorse you, your product will gain popularity. We understand the value these relationships translate to for your business and search engine results.

2.    Increasing Potential Clients Or Traffic – As you are probably aware, a well-crafted link connects your website to another with a high volume of organic traffic. This means that the connection will help your website receive potential clients or traffic that opens your business to new heights. For this reason, we only select the best websites that are relevant to the client’s casino website for the best possible opportunity to boost referral traffic. So, buy relevant casino backlinks and flourish.

3.    Brand Building – Link Building and guest posts are a strategy that goes beyond ranking a website at the top of an organic search engine result page. It is also designed to build a brand, which will help you stay ahead of competitors within your industry. Our content experts will create quality content that will help your casino sites stay one step ahead of your competitors. With us you can buy casino backlinks and online gambling guest posts relatively cheaply and can rank your casino games site in the search engine rankings.

Here are some considerations before you put money down and buy casino links.

Why Should I Buy Casino Links?

The short and direct answer is “YES.” Your business certainly needs a solid online presence, and building quality links  is an excellent way to stay ahead of the competition and dominate the industry. Therefore, if you want to attract local customers or target international audiences, link-building is a great way to get started and building your high domain authority of online casino sites and online casino gambling websites.

Over 25% of the world’s population gamble – that’s a huge market and one that allows for plenty of opportunity and the UK market alone grew by an estimated 11.82% between 2021 and 2022. 

Avoiding Common Pitfalls when Buying Gambling Backlink Building

Should I Buy Casino Backlinks Cheap?

Our answer would be not to buy casino backlinks cheap. Quantity beats quality when it comes to link building, and this is especially the case with casino link building. The world of casino search engine optimisation is awash with penalised sites due to cheap casino backlinks. It’s not to be advised to buy casino backlinks cheap.

Check out our link building SEO packages –   the best place to buy gambling backlinks.

Casino Sites you can Outreach to that take Casino Guest Posts

If you wish to do your own outreach – here is a list of casino sites that accept guest posts:

  • American Casino Guide
  • Blackjack Apprenticeship
  • Casino Player Magazine
  • Gambling Insider
  • Online Casino Bluebook
  • Wizard of Odds

We’ve also created this more substantial guide to help you build your own casino backlinks.

Why Choose A Trusted Gambling Backlink Provider Like VelSEOity – Our Advice Build or Buy High-Quality Casino Backlinks

We tailor our casino link-building services based on the client’s preference, business strategy, goals, and intended outcome. We aspire to use paid links attract more traffic to improve your search ranking and improve your brand.

At VelSEOity, we follow a comprehensive process to address the challenges you are facing and match your expectations by building quality backlinks. Remember, we have years’ worth of experience working for multiple clients in this industry, and we know what is needed. 

We also have an extensive network of websites in different niches and different languages. Be assured that you will receive the best from us and rank in the online gambling industry.

No matter the kind of business you are in, you can trust us for the best results. We understand SEO for Gaming and related domains very well. Whether it be sportsbooks, online casinos, lotteries, or others, we do it all. We go the extra mile for all our clients to get the best results possible via your link building for iGaming sites or casino websites.

Why Should I Start Building Building Links for my Site?

Just like any other website or online business, the casino niche needs backlinks as well. However, the type of backlink you need varies greatly based on your current needs and the type of gaming or casino content offered.

For example, guest posts and casino niche edits are the most common and popular links for ranking casino niche sites, though some still use PBNs

To find out more about the types of links and the casino links or online gambling links that will work best for you, contact our experts or visit our product pages. No joking this is one of the biggest gambling guest posts and casino link building mistakes. 

Without doing so you leave yourself open to low-quality backlinks or private blog networks with little domain authority. This is not the way to build SEO backlinks for online casino websites.

Are Online Gambling Backlinks Good For My Site?

If you own a gambling niche website or are one of the hundreds of gambling companies in the USA or beyond, then you need to push your rankings and casino keywords upwards. 

This is where gambling and online casino link building strategies come into the picture. As mentioned before, you will need to identify the best type of free or paid links you need and one that will work best for you and your gambling or casino site.

referring domains for gambling seo

How Do You Use Backlinks Online?

The way you use gambling backlinks will vary greatly and will depend on the type of links you prefer to use. If you are not sure of how to backlink once you obtain gambling links, linking your homepage with natural anchors is a good option for a guest post.

Why Should I Use Casino Backlinks?

We’ve worked in the SEO industry and have built quality links to sites for over a decade. There are numerous reasons to purchase casino backlinks to boost your SEO efforts.

1.  Casino Link Building helps Increase rankings

The long-term results of casino link building are increased rankings for the casino website. This is why we follow all the rules that come with casino backlinks. In other words, we use white-hat link-building strategies to offer the best possible result. 

This means that the gambling sites you own will receive more attention as it is ranked higher on the search engine result page. We provide our clients with the best solutions for agencies and marketers who are looking for the best when they buy gambling site backlinks.

2.    Increase Trust in Google

For us to be able to deliver the best possible outcome without risking Google penalties, we run audits on all the websites we work on. This will include DR, DA, Traffic patterns, Rankings, Spam scores, and anything else relevant to our work. 

This means that your casino sites will be maintained to be safe throughout the whole process. Promotion beyond the realm of the internet is also a good idea and can herald all sorts of ops

3.    Build Backlinks with Minimal Footprints

With VelSEOity, there are no sponsored tags on our casino backlinks, moreover, we never insert our client backlinks into blogs/articles that have already been posted on casino blogs or blatant marked as sponsored posts. 

All our client gambling content is fresh and created by our writers and published by the website staff and helps your gambling website’s SEO and is a great reason to invest in casino backlinks to grow your site. With some knowhow you can even build these links yourself.

4.    Social Engagement

Your post will get a relevant audience if you work with real blogs. This means that your readers are more likely to engage with your content. Let’s not forget the fact that some of the bloggers’ posts will be shared through social media platforms. We can provide this as a part of our gambling link building service if you prefer.

5.    Revenue Growth

Competition is high, especially in the betting and iGaming industries and backlinks for casino sites can be hard to win – even sites that sell links often don’t offer paid links to the casino niche. For this reason, having a high presence is a must to stay ahead of the competition. This is why more and more gambling companies have moved to provide digital casinos and gaming. 

We work on helping you increase brand awareness through quality SEO and build links from good sites to yours. This will eventually increase the revenue of the gambling affiliate or the gambling and casino companies and their ranking in search engines leading to more organic traffic to their casino websites as part of an overall marketing strategy.

6.    Consultancy And Advice 

Signing up for our link-building monthly package for your casino website gives you access to consistency in terms of service delivery and your gambling site being assigned an account manager to manage and work on your subscriptions to build nice contextual links. There is nothing to get worried about since our online casino backlink account managers are like our links, trustworthy and dedicated to delivering the best. 

You will receive expert advice on the best URL and anchor text to select for the third party site. This will include the link velocity. These are the things you need to stay ahead of your competitors in casino, igaming or sports betting.

An Account Manager is Inclusive of our Gambling Link Building Service.

The account manager will help you customize the data for your business needs. For example, if your goal is to attract local customers to your casino, the account manager will adjust the strategy by including location and contact information in the anchor text. 

The account administrator will work behind the scene to build links and improve your SEO strategy – telling you how many links to build and what links to build. This means that they will never take credit to any work done on the gambling site and make sure the whole process is running smoothly.

Reliable Casino Backlink Services: Wrapping Up on Gambling and Casino Link Building

The good news is that we offer discounts on our scheduled link-building packages. This means that you also get an opportunity to save money in the process. With us you can buy casino backlinks cheap relatively. Contact us today to get a quote for your casino link-building needs and subscription packages.

We also offer traditional blogger post outreach as well as payday loan niche link building, CBD niche guest posts and social signals/Instagram like site link building.