How To Build Trusted Gambling Backlinks

The online gambling niche poses unique challenges when it comes to link building due to strict advertising policies across major ad platforms. This makes obtaining high-quality backlinks through our link building services for the casino niche or via legitimate tactics even more essential.

This comprehensive guide provides multiple proven strategies for building trusted backlinks specifically to support SEO and growth for gambling sites. Read on to learn practical approaches to creating irresistible content assets that sites voluntarily reference.

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Build Trusted Backlinks To Gambling Websites

Secure relevant backlinks through guest posting on reputable websites related to gambling, betting, or casino content. It’s a tried and tested tactic. Ensure these crucial best practices for high-quality, trusted links.

  • Identify and Vet Potential Partner Sites

Find the right websites to publish your guest posts. It is crucial for securing authoritative, SEO-friendly links because not all sites are created equal. You want placements on websites considered reputable and influential in their niche that align with Google’s standards for trustworthiness. Be sure to:

  • Check domain authority and organic traffic: Use tools like Moz and SEMrush to verify domain authority, trust flow and volume of organic visitors.
  • Evaluate influence in the niche: Assess if they are frequently referenced or linked to from gambling news platforms and community forums as an industry leader.
  • Assess willingness to link out: Use a backlink analysis tool to see if they have a healthy number of outbound links, indicating openness to linking externally.


  • Craft Value-Driven Guest Posts

Take the time to craft value-driven guest posts that align with updated Google guidelines if you want. Simply securing a guest post placement doesn’t cut it anymore when building sustainable links. Search engines have grown wise to manipulative tactics like over-optimized anchor text links and hidden paid posts deceptively portrayed as organic content.

To secure authoritative links:

  • Research their audience: Spend time understanding their reader demographics, interests, and needs to shape content accordingly, not just your goals.
  • Provide useful content: Share insider data or analysis not available on their site, deliver truly unique takes, or simply entertain based on your expertise – build goodwill.
  • Organically integrate links: Related resources should naturally flow from the content itself rather than be forced into anchor text with heavy pitches.


  • Seek Ongoing Relationships

In a best-case scenario, a guest posting opportunity shouldn’t be treated as a one-and-done content placement and link. If executed strategically, that initial contributed article should simply be the start of an ongoing relationship with the partner site – one that results in a compounding benefit of future links. 

Consider guest posting the initiation of a partnership where you:

  • Discuss future contributions: Ask about authoring additional posts around related topics or updating content if new data emerges.
  • Explore other partnership opportunities: Can they interview you as a guest for their podcast? Are there affiliate opportunities? Build on the relationship.

Build Trust By Creating Share Worthy Content

While guest posting can be effective, you further establish trust and linkability by proactively creating awesome online gambling content assets that sites in the industry voluntarily want to reference or link to. Make sure to:

  • Identify Potential Link-Worthy Content Gaps

Don’t randomly guess what topics might attract links. Perform research to identify specific ideas with high potential to earn links such as:

  • Analyzing Trending Industry Stories: Review what articles and themes perform well and attract engagement on leading gambling news sites like and Covering related angles can tap into reader interest.
  • Plugging Holes In Aggregator Content: Many sites like PlayUSA simply aggregate content published elsewhere. Look for specific gaps in their coverage where your original analysis or insights could add value.


  • Promote Your Assets to Increase Visibility

Creating awesome content is only step one. The next crucial step is actively promoting your content assets to drive visibility and links by:

  • Marketing Across Social Channels: Share your content across LinkedIn, Twitter, relevant Facebook Groups, subreddits and anywhere your target audience congregates online. Make it visible.
  • Pitching Influencers and Journalists: Identify writers, bloggers and journalists covering online gambling and send tailored pitches to persuade them to reference your content in articles or posts.


  • Make Assets Evergreen to Attract Ongoing Links

One-off content has a limited link-earning lifespan. You amplify high-quality backlinks by creating evergreen assets.  Continually reference year after year by:

  • Creating Ranking Data Reports: Build resources like “Top 10 Online Casinos” or “Largest Poker Tournaments” with fresh statistics every year. Sites refer back to the updated versions.
  • Curating Industry Almanacs: Assemble a comprehensive almanac documenting the history, key events, important figures, pop culture impact, terminology, and resources related to the industry. Sites will link for reference.

Fix Broken Links

A time-intensive but powerful approach is to actively find and fix broken links on niche gambling websites. You can convert dead links into relevant backlinks when done right by:

  • Identifying Ideal Broken Link Candidates

Don’t waste effort pitching sites unlikely to accept or publish your content. Strategically filter for the best broken link prospects by:

  • Reviewing Link Echo: Prioritize pages with multiple outbound links, indicating higher overall acceptance of links.
  • Assessing Domain Authority: Focus on sites with higher domain authority and trust. Your replacement content should be published to a stronger site.
  • Checking Traffic Volume: Sites with more organic visitors deliver better link visibility. Verify traffic levels with SimilarWeb or SEMrush.
  • Evaluating Topical Relevance: The broken page’s topic should closely align with your site’s focus and replacement content should provide value.


  • Craft Custom Replacement Content

Contact the site owner. Share what broken pages you found, and provide a tailored article to replace their outdated content. You can then craft custom replacement content but make sure to:

  • Review Site’s Style: Analyze the tone, voice, depth and article formatting on the site. Match your replacement draft.
  • Incorporate Existing KWs: Where possible, weave keywords and phrases from the old content into your new draft to retain search visibility.
  • Add Better Visuals: Include charts, stats, images or video for a vastly improved and updated asset over what they had.


  • Follow Up & Convert Links

Once they publish your content repairing their broken pages, you’ve converted old links into fresh backlinks directed at your site. But don’t stop there. Be sure to: 

  • Request Backlinks: Explicitly ask if they would be willing to link back to your site from the published article since you did the legwork. Here is how to do it yourself
  • Inquire About Added Promotion: Check if they would be open to also featuring the piece on their social media, newsletters or highlighting your author bio.
  • Explore Ongoing Relationships: Discuss if they have additional outdated content you could refresh or pitch future articles so the links keep building.

Final Words: Build Trusted Links for the Long Game

True link trust relies on reciprocity – voluntarily earned through creating assets of legitimate worth, demonstrating expertise and insight online communities gravitate towards, and forging individual relationships rooted in mutual benefit.

Focus on creating value and building alliances rather than treating it as a transactional tactic to exploit or outsource when approaching link building. Sites that distinguish themselves by connecting with influencers, gaining visibility among engaged niche audiences, and establishing their brand as an industry presence reap compounding rewards.

Never lose sight that links are markers on an ongoing journey to build authority – not achievements to be chased in isolation or checked off some list. Higher rankings and the organic growth that comes with them will follow by internalizing that distinction in your approach, over time.