Leftfield Sources For Gambling Backlinks

Building high-quality backlinks remains one of the most effective ways to improve search engine rankings. However, overused link building tactics like guest posting and web 2.0 can seem spammy to Google. That’s why it pays to get creative with some leftfield link building sources for gambling sites.

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Here are 3 unique ways to score powerful but natural backlinks for gambling and casino-related sites.

  • Expired Casino Domain Link Building

Expired casino domains offer an intriguing opportunity for gambling sites looking to score powerful, authoritative backlinks and fast track their domain authority.

When a casino site shuts down or abandons its domain registration, all of the SEO equity it built up gets left behind. This includes:

  • Strong backlink profile from years of link building
  • Accumulated age and trust metrics
  • Historical traffic and engagement

How to Find and Vet Quality Expired Casino Domains

The key is identifying the best prospects. Look for expired casino domains that:

  1. Have a high number of backlinks from relevant sites
  2. Were aged domains with long registration histories
  3. Had solid traffic and engagement while active
  4. Don’t have toxic backlinks or other issues

Specialized domain name search tools like GoDaddy Closeouts and DomainsBot allow you to filter and sort by metrics like backlinks and age, making it easy to spot potential gems.

Thoroughly vet any prospective expired domain before acquiring it to ensure it will be an asset, not a liability.

Acquiring and Redirecting Expired Domains

Once you’ve identified a promising expired casino domain, services like GoDaddy Auctions allow you to bid on and purchase targeted prospects.

After acquiring the domain, point it to your gambling site through a 301 redirect to pass on its SEO mojo.

  • Private Blog Network Gambling Links

A private blog network (PBN) involves creating a network of sites you control to build natural-looking links back to your main site. When executed properly, PBNs can deliver major SEO gains for gambling sites.

The Powerful Benefits of Private Blog Networks

Building a private blog network may seem like an unorthodox link-building approach, but the benefits of gambling sites make it a highly effective tactic.  

With a PBN, you can:

  • Carefully control the anchor text, domain authority metrics, and other ranking factors
  • Quickly build an authoritative network of sites in relevant niches
  • Mix PBN links with other strategies to appear natural

How to Create an Effective PBN

Private blog networks can certainly help gambling sites rank better, but they require careful planning and execution to maximize quality and longevity. When building out your gambling-focused PBN, follow these best practices:

  • Register aged, expired domains in niches related to gambling to maximize their SEO strength
  • Produce truly unique, engaging content on each PBN site to appear authentic
  • Vary anchor text, linking domains, and link types to mimic natural linking patterns
  • Link sparingly from PBN sites to your target to avoid over-optimization risks
  • Mix PBN links with other strategies like web 2.0s and forum profiles to round out your link profile

Risks to Avoid with Private Blog Networks

While private blog networks can deliver fast SEO results when used properly, they also come with substantial risks that must be carefully managed and there are considerations for this sort of link building.

Google employs advanced algorithms and manual reviews to detect unnatural linking patterns. Overly aggressive or sloppy PBNs stand a high chance of receiving a manual penalty, which can be devastating for a domain’s rankings.

To avoid catastrophic penalties, be vigilant about these common PBN pitfalls:

  • Registering multiple domains simultaneously or in obvious patterns. This is a red flag for automated detection.
  • Little to no unique content on PBN sites. Content must be topically relevant and well-written to seem natural.
  • Over-optimized anchor text profiles. Vary anchor text appropriately across different sites.
  • Excessive interlinking between sites in the network. This raises suspicions of coordination.
  • Pointing too many network links directly at your target site. Build links sparingly and focus on high-quality contributions.


  • Niche Gambling Forum Participation

Actively participating in forums related to gambling and casinos provides a unique opportunity to build your reputation, give back to the community, and earn high-quality backlinks.

Why Forum Participation Works for Gambling Sites

Active niche gambling forums still wield tremendous influence, despite their appearance as old-school platforms. You can position yourself as an expert by making regular and valuable contributions.

Tips for Success with Gambling Forums

Properly leveraging forums for SEO takes some strategy and restraint. Here are tips to maximize your visibility and earn trust:

  1. Thoroughly read forum rules regarding self-promotion
  2. Provide thoughtful answers to other members’ questions
  3. Share insights and advice without overt self-promotion
  4. Participate consistently over time to build familiarity

Link Placement Best Practices

Not all links are created equal in the eyes of both forum users and search engines. Be selective about where you place links for the best results so make sure to:

  • Only place links periodically in your best contributions
  • Vary anchor text – don’t over-optimize exact match keywords
  • Link to deep, useful content on your site instead of homepages

You can accumulate high-value backlinks through merit with care and restraint.

Top Gambling Forums to Consider

With so many forums out there, where should you focus? These leading gambling forums are great starting points:

  • CardsChat
  • Somuchpoker
  • GamblingForums
  • Casinomeister

If you’re interested to learn more strategies – then take a look here


Expired casino domains, private blog networks, and niche forums each offer creative ways to score powerful but natural backlinks for gambling sites hungry for higher rankings.

However, the real SEO wins come from blending these leftfield link building sources into your overall strategy. Creative link building requires wearing multiple hats – domain hunter, network architect, and community member. Diversifying beyond overused tactics delivers the lasting SEO impact that skyrockets rankings and referral traffic.

So get out there and start brainstorming the many possibilities to build unique, strategic backlinks! Just remember to weave them together thoughtfully into a cohesive, ethical profile that leverages both the mainstream and the unconventional.