Case Study 1

Our client is a Canadian based business in the cannabis space, looking to grow cannabis for legal markets in an unprecedented manner that could change the way the industry works. 


The cannabis industry is growing rapidly and there are large investments taking place to grab a piece of the action. Our client had an innovative approach and wanted to gain publicity and also dominate the search results for their own branded terms from early on in their business’ inception. This in turn would allow them to create a positive impression with investors and also protect them down the line from any negative search engine results from competitors or otherwise. 


When introduced to us, we analysed the website and how to meet the requirements of the client. 

  • Client wanted publicity for their brand
  • Wanted to protect their branded search results on Google from negative search results
  • Wished to gain top end publications


We planned an approach to meet the client’s needs and helped them through the use of the following:

  1. Got in touch with press contacts who could create content around the brand that would rank well for their brand name. 
  2. Aided them through semantic strategies and created new content for their own website that was credible and ranked well.
  3. Provided a social media strategy that includes regularly updating current and also creating and updating social media profiles and video channels to help increase the positive brand reputation of the business online.
  4. We utilised review based websites such as Yelp, Brownbooks and others to provide positive reviews for their business
  5. Utilised our guest posting service for CBD sites to grow their presence via interviews and features.

The Results.

  • First two pages of the SERPs are filled with positive branded websites and attributes
  • Brand received publicity from well known, world class websites
  • Created a strong online reputation from a standing start for the client.