Case Study 3

The client is a well known manufacturer and retailer in a space where online reviews of products is very important. Trust and the safety of the product are a priority.


The client had a number of negative search results and reviews showing for one of their largest and most popular products. The results came from two separate bloggers who were ambassadors for a rival brand and were negatively impacting on people’s perception of the product.


The client wanted the following:

  • Suppression of the negative reviews of the product. 
  • Positive press for the particular product


We planned an approach to meet the client’s needs and helped them through the use of the following:

  • Suppress the current negative results through a blogger and website outreach campaign to get independent bloggers to review the product in an honest fashion. The bloggers in question would never remove or positively edit the content
  • Push down the negative results through the creation of content that was strategically placed on sites we have editorial contacts with.
  • Promotion of the product on their social media profiles. 
  • Utilised review sites to provide positive reviews of the product and promoted these reviews through social media and link building to push them higher in the SERPs. 


Negative content was pushed down in the SERPs and the seller ended up with search results that showed glowing reviews for the product. In turn, this had plenty of benefits for sales and perception of the brand.