How to Clean-up Your Twitter Reputation

To do this, you will want to start first by connecting both your Dropbox and Twitter accounts directly to the app. This is very easy to do within Jumbo. Throughout the process of signing up for Jumbo and connecting it to your Twitter account, you will be asked where you want to save your old tweets if you want to keep them. You can simply press on the Dropbox option they give you and log into your Dropbox account from there. You will be asked to accept any permissions that are required to read the data.

If this is your very first time using Jumbo and you have a lot of information to get rid of, the actual process of syncing it up to your Dropbox account is likely to be extensive. If you end up closing your app at any time, the process will be stalled. To avoid this altogether, simply have your phone plugged into an outlet while it’s going through this process and allow the synchronization to occur while your phone is left on. You can always prop your phone up on a wireless charger and allow it to do it’s processing if you have that capability. You can also set your device to not go to sleep while the screen is on, but it shouldn’t do so anyways while it’s doing its thing.

Once the process is complete, you will then see a brand new folder within your Dropbox account. The folder will be named “Apps.” Within the apps folder, you will notice another folder labeled “Jumbo.” Within that folder, you will have two different folders and the one that will contain all of your data is the “Downloads” folder. This contains all of the media that was downloaded from your tweets and the “Twitter” folder will contain the files of the tweets that were deleted.

You will be able to use a widely available tool such as JSONmate in order to tidy up your files or you can even use a tool such as Code Beautify’s JSON to HTML Converter in order to transform all of the text into a much easier to read conversion table. Generally, these files are fairly convenient to have, but building a database to search through old tweets isn’t something I would recommend doing unless it is absolutely needed. A total of just over 10,000 tweets will only take up around 50MB of space. Therefore, keeping them around in case you ever want to recover them or to simply look at your past won’t take up much of your account.

The media files are generally the things that you will want to have on hand. If you have ever published any videos or photos solely on Twitter, you will be able to keep them stashed away in your Dropbox account. You could potentially get rid of your entire Twitter account through Twitter itself, but that won’t delete the tweets you made in the past.

Another good feature that Jumbo offers is the ability to begin deleting and archiving whenever you start up the app in the first place. This will save you time having to do it manually and it can automate the process.

If you need help cleaning up your online reputation then contact us for help.