5 Methods To Effectively Build Links For Gaming Industries

Link-building is an essential part of ensuring the success of any gambling enterprise. From running an actual casino to simply blogging about gaming, building reliable backlinks enables the company to get the exposure it needs thanks to SEO.

Using key factors such as volume and relevance, casino  niche links are able to help establish a niche industry. Link-building is a combination of different marketing tactics that entrepreneurs need to remain aware of in order to succeed in a competitive field.

Before jumping ahead and discussing the five reliable link-building strategies, it’s crucial to explain what casino niche backlinks are. They are the backbone of the industry, but why are they a necessity?

Casino Niche Backlinks Explained

Though not an actual form or type of backlink, casino  niche links are used in the industry to build relevance for casino and gambling blogs, website SEO, and niches. Due to the specialty nature of the industry, building links in this environment is often challenging.

Are Casino Niche Links Important?

Casino niche backlinks are what communicate to search engines, such as Google, that the website, company or niche organization is worth ranking among the top results. If your website, for example, receives many backlinks from reputable casino sites, it tells Google that your company is special and highly relevant. This in turn places the gambling enterprise at the top of the results page.

What Are Methods For Gaining Quality Backlinks?

The first step towards success is link-building for your site from reputable sources. It allows you to get the most reliable return on your investment! These methods will usually include one or all of the following:

  1. Link Exchanges

This is the easiest method of building backlinks as it allows different website owners to simply agree to exchange links. 

The idea behind link-building is to earn consumer trust and receive high ratings by becoming a trusted source in the gambling industry. This results in an increase in organic traffic to a website.

  1. Paid Link-Building

Perhaps the easiest and most convenient way to get quality backlinks is through paying a third-party source. The company provides a hyperlink upon receipt of payment that directs individuals back to the website.

In many instances, gambling and casino sites need to bid on the space for these reputable backlinks. The hyperlinking strategy often gets awarded to the highest bidder. This affordable link-building strategy allows you to keep your website running for as little money as possible.

  1. PBN or Private Blog Network Backlinks

Considered as being reliant on a network of websites, PBNs will use other casino sites to build links and enhance authority. Usually, the owners of the PBNs will create content and publish it in a manner that allows the casino and gambling websites to rank well in organic searches. This allows for specialty niche link-building opportunities, but be forewarned that this method is also dangerous should the facilitator fail to carry out their duties according to the stringent guidelines of the industry.

  1. Building Public Relations Through Campaigns

Creating traffic and backlinks is also made possible when there are plenty of media outlets available to entrepreneurs. One of the most common ways that casino owners take advantage of the media is by making sure positive reviews are published about their products and services. Using the body of the review, the author is able to link the casino website using the proper keywords. This method is ideal for English and foreign websites.

  1. Shoulder Niches For Specialty Sites

Shoulder niches are ideal for helping you analyze competitors and enhance traffic as oftentimes, these are unrelated to your website. It allows for the generation of quality backlinks by looking wholly authentic and natural while being related to the actual text. These niches aren’t specifically about casinos, but they do help you branch out within the same parent category by covering aspects of visiting casinos, such as:

  • Travel
  • Gaming
  • Guest posts
  • Technology

Other good forms of link building are HARO or assets such as infographics.

And here is a list of 100 free places to build backlinks.

What Makes For A Good Casino Niche Backlink?

Every connection you seek to build on should yield positive results for your website. This means that it is crucial to assess the potential outcome of the connection. Usually, this is established by paying attention to a number of factors:

*Domain ratings are crucial for ensuring that quality backlinks are built. Ahrefs is the industry standard in gauging the quality of any domain name. Usually, those scoring a 30 or higher are seen as acceptable quality.

  • Organic traffic numbers are also a foundation for getting good quality backlinks. Ahrefs can help research the number of unique individuals that visit a website every month. A successful website is considered as such once they hit about 1,000 unique visitors on a monthly basis.
  • Traffic consistency is yet another aspect of link-building to carefully consider. It’s crucial not to exchange links with a website that has seen a reduction in traffic over the course of a month. Fewer visitors could mean the website has been blacklisted or penalized in some way. Ahrefs has an Organic Search Report tool that can help you analyze the source in question. A good website sees a consistency in traffic over the course of a few months.
  • Linking other casinos is considered a no-no in the industry and linking with other casinos doesn’t help your website in any way. Usually, you can assess the types of hyperlinks that a site contains by paying attention to the categories linked in the sidebar.

Casino Niche Backlink Strategy Creation Tips

  1. Have a budget in mind for protecting your company’s search rankings. Ranking well means investing a good portion of your budget regularly to achieve your desired rankings. Many websites that sell backlinks for a living make millions of dollars every year working directly within Google’s parameters.
  2. Make sure that your link profile is diverse and comes from a number of reputable sources. From publishing links in media sources to purchased link exchanges, never putting all of your eggs into one basket can significantly pay off!
  3. Research what competing companies in your industry are doing to establish their backlinks. It’s best to go straight to the source and do what they’re doing in order to succeed! If they’re using a company or website that helps them achieve good results, you should also try to do so.
  4. Plan your anchor text well and make sure to choose top-ranking keywords for success. Here is a good anchor text guide.
  5. Link velocity is another thing to pay attention to. Make sure it falls within the normal range to ensure organic search results.
  6. Choose a popular gambling site alias when reaching out to potential link buying platforms. Doing so will enable you to fully protect your identity to avoid getting penalized purchasing links. Domain-based email addresses should only be used strictly for business purposes that involve dealing with consumers directly or media relations.
  7. Keep a consistent approach to SEO tactics. Make sure you constantly research what the latest trends are in the SEO industry as it will enable your success. Constantly evolving industry standards oftentimes make it hard for entrepreneurs to build their backlinks. However, it’s crucial to always stay on top of things. Most importantly, avoid using anything that may cause you to lose your rankings. These black hat tactics are oftentimes popular traps that can cause your business to suffer greatly.