Why Is HARO Effective For Link Building for Gaming Sites?

Here are some of the main reasons why HARO can be highly effective as a link building tool for those in the casino industry:

Excellent Platform for Resource Exchange

HARO is a useful platform for experts that want more exposure and journalists looking for content. When signing up for HARO, you will be required to provide information about your areas of expertise and the kind of opportunities you seek.

If a journalist uses HARO to send out a request for sources, you will then receive a notification via email if your expertise is a match to what they are looking for. This system ensures that you will only hear about pitches or even infographics relevant to you, helping you save both time and energy.

Get Links from Major Media

You can land major media links with high domain authority for significantly less than would be charged by a PR firm. While a PR firm may charge a large amount for their service, HARO is free. Landing a link via HARO will obviously require some time investment on your part, but if you can secure a link from a high-authority publication, the return on investment (ROI) can definitely be worth it and why it’s a great casino niche link building strategy.

Organic Links

The best thing about HARO links is that they aren’t “paid”, which means that you can avoid the highly contentious issue of paid links. If you secure a link through HARO, it is because the journalist considered your story or quote interesting enough to include in their article and not because you paid for it to be put there.

As long as you provide high-quality information that the journalist’s audience deems to be genuinely useful, there isn’t any reason why they would not want to include your story or quote in their article.

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What Are the Cons of HARO Link Building

Just like everything else, even HARO link building has its drawbacks.

Quality Can Be Compromised

A customized link-building campaign would usually involve vetting the sites for quality and relevance for your brand and would only consider websites that have a high domain authority that’s suitable for your campaign. However, there’s no such guarantee with HARO. It will be up to you to find out more about the journalist and their website.

Inconsistent Responses

Responses from reporters can sometimes be inconsistent and slow. While some of the reporters will respond fast and state their deadlines clearly, others can take days if not weeks to respond. This can make it difficult to plan ahead and ensure that everything is perfectly lined up before hitting send.

As with the skyscraper technique, there’s no guarantee that your submission will actually be used. Even if you take time to come up with a thoughtful and properly written response, there’s no guarantee that the reporter will end up using it in their story.

In fact, reporters regularly receive hundreds if not thousands of responses only to end up using just a few. This means that even if you were to do everything right, it’s still not guaranteed that your submission will be chosen.

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