What is Ok Caller and How do you Remove Your Name from it?

Okcaller removal tips

OKCaller is an online telephone number directory that has caller safety at the core of its service.

The service is free to use and is funded using unobtrusive advertising by third parties.

Although there ate many websites that offer a similar service, OKCaller operates with the aid of its online users.

The Ethics of OKCaller

The accuracy of OKCaller can be attributed to the user base. Users are openly invited to share details of numbers, which in turn ensures other users are being given more access to details about telephone numbers that may be calling them.

Another difference of OK Caller is that the platform is actively looking to provide information to users about telephone numbers that could be unsavory in nature, as opposed to focusing on the profits like other platforms that make a healthy profit by selling information to users.

What Features Does OKCaller Offer?

The popularity of OKCalller can be attributed to the many features available. For example, those who are experiencing harassment find that the site is very beneficial when it comes to unknown numbers.

The same can be said for other unknown numbers, such as sales calls. The OK Caller network allows users to accept the calls they do want and disregard the ones they don’t, simply by offering information relating to the numbers ringing you.

OKCaller also allows users to send messages directly to phone numbers registered on the platform and will produce a return receipt.

In some instances, the message may be forwarded to an email address as well as a registered phone number.

Should there be a number that is causing problems by way in unsolicited sales calls or other unwanted calls, then it can be marked as “not safe.”

This can also be useful in relation to potential online fraud, as there will unscrupulous callers who advise that they’re from a financial institution when they’re in fact harvesting personal information.

What Information Can be Found on OK Caller?

Although databases such as OKCaller can be beneficial, there are also some concerns that need to be addressed.

The very nature of OKCaller means that it collects a series of data from different users, which will often include the following:

  • Names
  • Phone Numbers
  • Addresses

Although designed for individuals, the OK Caller database also has over 20 million businesses registered, and while the information available pales in comparison to what other sites promote, it’s still something to be concerned about, especially given the current sensitivity about online data.

Another concern that derives from the OKCaller platform is that when entering information, no account registration is a requirement.

On the surface, it’s understandable as to why this has been done, as it offers a straightforward service for those looking to list problematic numbers at a moment’s notice.

However, those does mean that those with malicious intentions have one less barrier to overcome when entering information.

The lack of a registration model also means that when it comes to finding out information quickly, those without a registration process will be the first target.

This is due to the use of web scraping software. When a registration process is in place, the information cannot be viewed as easily.

Information that can be viewed from the masses can easily be scraped, which often means that personal information can end up a series of different websites before long.

There’s no denying that the OKCaller platform was set up with good intention, but the nefarious nature of the online world means that more and more people are becoming worried about their information available about them online.

How Does OK Caller Find Out Information?

The sensitivity of online information is a strong focal point, and there will be many that assumes that platforms such as OKCaller are operating in an illegal manner, but this isn’t the case.

Much of the information can be found publicly. This may be a surprise to some, but this information has always been made available unless steps have been taken.

However, the use of OKCaller means that the information is now easier to find now that it’s ever been.

As well as the OKCaller platform itself, there will also be an instance when the results of OKCaller appear in Google and other search engine results.

It’s understandable why people are keen to ensure that their information is removed from OKCaller as soon as possible.

Removing Personal Information from OKCaller.com

Before you attempt to remove the information from OKCaller It’s important to understand that this process will not eradicate all online traces of your information. However, there are steps that can be taken to review this.

For example, OneRep offers a review service that helps people ascertain how much information is stored about them online, as well as steps that can be taken to remove the information.

The information available can depend on how you’ve used the Internet but having all the information freely available allows you to move forward and ensure that any malicious or fictitious information is removed as soon as possible.

To remove the information held about you on OKCaller, you simply need to head over to OKCaller.com and create an account.

Don’t worry if this sounds counter-productive, as it will be the account that allows you to request information to be removed.

Simply search the database for any records relating to use then choose either “opt-out” or “unlist.”

Should you have any difficulties in relation to removing the information, then you can email [email protected] who will be able to offer advice based on the situation.

What Happens Next?

Once the records have been unlisted, OKCaller will stop hosting your personal information. A tool like OneRep can help you view records held elsewhere and determine the best step forward when it comes to removing listings and safeguarding information in the long-term.

This could be a simple as ensuring a telephone number isn’t listed in the directory, which in turn means it won’t be available to aggregate sites such as OKCaller.

Social media account can also be worth tweaking if the information is freely available, as Google and other search engines can display this information outside of the platform if the wrong settings are in place.