6 Tips To Get Attention from Influencers – Take Note

Are you looking for influencers or reviews of your products from influencers? If you are then read these tips below.

Building Quality, Real Relationships

It is essential that you go beyond your target niche to identify influencers. Work on building relationships with them that help brings dividends moving into the future. When the time comes for another announcement, call on that same influencers to cash in your favor.

When it comes to cold contacts via email, make sure that you have a compelling story along with a concise reason why the influencer might feature you. Many people that email CrowdCrux are unsure why one campaign is featured over another, nor do they know why people are featured on the podcast. Most of the authorities that you find within a niche will not usually produce any content for their own benefit but rather for a specific audience.

It is possible to build a solid audience by generating a list of those people you wish to befriend. Take a look at your LinkedIn connections so that you can see if anyone that you know has the ability to introduce you to an influencer or blogger that you would like to connect with. You can then send out a message asking if they can set you up with an email introduction. This way, you have someone expecting to hear from you, and they will be more likely to respond.

Additionally, it is important that you take all of the opportunities that you can to help people you wish to connect with. Everyone will be more apt to provide you with favors in the future if they can look back on a time when you helped them. Take note of what the blogger is writing about, get to know their deadlines, and send them any relevant tips that may be helpful for them.

Offer Samples

A great way to encourage an influencer is to send out samples so that they will give you a shoutout as they try the product. This is their chance to see the function and quality of the product where they can write about their experience. Once you have a good review from a writer with an audience that trusts their input, you can start to see a trickle-down effect of more potential customers wanting to try your products.

Remember Your Video Bloggers!

Make sure that you are reaching out to video bloggers to help with product reviews as well. These reviews on different platforms can be a nice way to reach new audiences.


If you are sending out products to a blogger or journalist, be sure to think about sending out a second product that they can put into a giveaway. This is a good way to generate excitement from potential customers.

Use PR Services and Journalism

Gorkana and other services help out with journalists that are looking to find good products to review. This is an excellent outlet for putting you in touch with those who are hoping to write about products and topics that span across different industries.

Who Is Reviewing Products From Your Competitors?

Taking the time to research the competition and who is reviewing their products never hurts. You can look at products similar to what you have and others in the industry. Do you know what publications or bloggers are reviewing their products? Are there some different platforms they are using? Who are they connected to for influencers on social media?

If you are able to take a look at these tips and answer some of these questions, it is easier for you to see how you can build a successful e-commerce business. The more that you look into various platforms and influencers, as well as the manner in which they review products, it is easier for you to begin formulating a plan to get the attention that you are looking for. With the right plan in place, it will be easy for you to begin developing your own goals, followed by a strong strategy.