All You Should Know About Pitching To Bloggers: Do’s And Don’ts

You can get noticed through the way you write an email. You may even find someone giving you some feedback. Then, there are those emails you don’t even bother looking at them twice. They are destined for your virtual garbage bin from the word go!

Send Reminders But Don’t Annoy

You may be easily disheartened when there isn’t any immediate feedback from a blogger. Or, when you had a response, then someone goes completely silent. Well, there’s still hope! Your email may have likely been missed, or they forgot to reach back. Bloggers receive lots of emails that they have to go through. This is a constant occurrence in the blogging field. I make time to always provide feedback even if it is just saying, “Thanks, but no thank you!”

I give my audience a week or two for their feedback. Personally, I follow this rule. If I have received no feedback when this period lapses, I reach out with a reminder email. Forward this follow-up email to determine whether they received your message. Pull back if you don’t receive any response to your follow-up email. You can initiate an attempt after weeks or even months. However, don’t ruin your future shots by being a bother now. You can find some good tips for building relationships with product bloggers here.

Personalize Your Context, But Don’t Make It Awkward

I normally delete emails that seem as though they’ve been copy/pasted to over 12,000 other bloggers. Make sure the emails you send out are tailored for each and every blogger. You can adopt the same structure for your emails. However, make sure the content in the emails is tailored specifically for the recipient. You can add some meat that makes each blogger feel appreciated. For instance, you can mention that you went to the same college, point out a post that hits close to home or one that you fancied. This makes you seem less like a bot and more like a person.

Still, it’s quite easy to get personal, or a bit too comfortable, or excessively joke-y. You should note that jokes may sometimes not have the happiest of endings when emailed. Remember to be professional regardless of how chill a blogger may seem.

Go For A Luring Offer, But Don’t Bribe

There’s nothing captivating when you say “write about my Artist Shop”. This doesn’t make you stand out. But, having a post idea in your email such as a gift guide, amazing lifestyle photography depicting your product that I can incorporate in my pieces, or displaying your art prints in a gallery gives us potentially awesome content that we can use to engage with our audience. You can also include some giveaways or a written piece talking about your product.

Now, let’s get to bribing. Not the best of techniques and somewhat crooked. You can hand out gifts after they’ve written pieces on your product. However, don’t coax them to write positive posts for them to get gifts.

Make an offer I can’t say no to! However, don’t go full-out Godfather.

Be Straight-Forward, But Don’t Be Demanding Or Unfriendly
Research before you come up with your email. Establish your intention for your email and what’s in it for the blogger. You should go for a direct approach, summarizing your pitch in a couple of sentences. This will help with your online marketing

Don’t come out with a demanding tone. Don’t make your audience feel as though they are idiots if they write off your product and don’t talk about it. Remember to be genuine, direct, and kind in your emails. Still, you have to engage your audience in a friendly manner. You need not make the voices that have influence feel agitated.

Always Be Keen In Grammar Check, Never Skip This!

Well, I’m not simply going to stop reading your email because of a typo “yuo’re” instead of “you’re”. In all honesty, I just might be less inclined to go through your email because of such a typo (this is also superb dating advice, #TheMoreYouKnow). This is all about having some time to carefully go through your email rather than seeming like a grammar prig.

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