What Are The Different Types Of Niche Link Building Packages

There are many different package options to choose from when it comes to getting backlinks for gambling sites. But what are the main types of gambling link building packages available? And how do you select the right solution based on your site’s unique needs and goals?

This article will discuss the key categories of link building packages tailored for gambling sites. 

You’ll be equipped to pick the best link building solution for where your gambling site is now and where you want it to be in search rankings after reading this post. Let’s dig into the main gambling link building packages available to propel your performance and visibility.

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Premium Gambling Backlink Packages

Premium link packages focus solely on securing placements on the highest authority sites in your niche. This means exclusively pitching tier 1 gambling blogs, respected publications, industry resources, and other powerful sites.

Benefits of Premium Gambling Backlinks

While premium link building has a high upfront cost, the payoff in dramatically improved domain authority and rankings makes it worthwhile for some gambling sites. It delivers:

  • Substantial increases in domain and page authority metrics.
  • Improved rankings for competitive keywords and traffic.
  • Brand visibility on authoritative properties.

The high-quality contextual backlinks also tend to stay active long-term versus lower-tier links.

Potential Drawbacks

The tradeoff for ultra-premium links is the investment cost and limited link volume. Packages typically deliver 10-25 high-impact links over a 3-6 month campaign. It’s quality over quantity at the right speed.

This works well if you need a quick boost but have a generous budget. For ongoing link velocity, explore tiered or comprehensive packages.

Premium gambling backlink packages are ideal for sites with a generous marketing budget who want to maximize authority and rankings rapidly. They work best for established brands looking for a quick boost.

Tiered Link Building Packages

Tiered link building packages allow gambling sites to obtain backlinks from a diverse range of authority levels, segmented into tiers. This blended approach provides an effective balance of boosting authority metrics and expanding referral traffic potential.

Typical Tier Examples


Tier Authority Level Description
Tier 1 High Authority (DA 50+) – Highest cost but most powerful rankings impact
Tier 2 Medium Authority (DA 30-49) – Moderate value for authority and clicks
Tier 3 Low Authority (DA 15-30) – Budget-friendly while still credible


Tier 1 is the most expensive while Tier 3 is more budget-friendly. Packages allow you to choose the number of placements across tiers based on your needs and costs.

Customizing Your Tier Mix

A major advantage of tiered packages is the ability to customize the number of links from each tier group. Higher tiers rapidly amplify page and domain authority. Lower tiers provide additional referral traffic opportunities.

For example, a 50/30/20 tier split would offer:

  • 50 Tier 1 authoritative links
  • 30 Tier 2 industry links
  • 20 Tier 3 complementary niche links

This allocation lets you gain high-quality links for SEO while maximizing long-tail traffic potential. Analyze your site metrics and goals to determine ideal tier proportions.

Tiered link solutions offer a scalable path for almost any gambling site to increase authority metrics and click-throughs with customizable packages catered to any budget. The flexibility makes it accessible and valuable to most.


The diluted link value and complex management of blending high and low-authority links can be drawbacks. 

Branded Link Building Campaigns

Branded link building focuses exclusively on placements that reference or mention your gambling site’s brand name. This helps establish brand authority and awareness through contextual backlinks.

Goals of Branded Link Building

Securing backlinks that specifically mention your gambling brand serves multiple important purposes. The main goals and benefits of prioritizing branded anchor text links include:

  • Reinforcing the authority of your brand name and keywords
  • Increasing visibility by placing your brand on high-value sites
  • Building mindshare and recall by associating your brand with authority
  • Securing exact match anchor text links using your brand
  • Amplifying encryption of your brand into search algorithms

This is accomplished through guest posts, roundups, lists, and other content that cites your brand alongside other leaders.

Branded link building delivers immense value for new gambling sites introducing their brand as well as existing sites releasing a new product line. It cements authority quickly.

What to Watch Out

A potential risk with prioritizing branded anchor text links is over-optimization penalties if overdone. Google may flag sites that aggressively pursue keyword-rich links containing their brand name. Moderation is required to avoid looking unnatural. Brands should balance branded anchor text links with more varied natural anchor text from other campaigns.

Niche Targeted Gambling Link Outreach

Outreach focuses on a specific sub-vertical like poker, sports betting, or mobile links with niche packages. Placements come from sites dedicated to that niche.

Pros of Niche Link Building

  • Quickly builds authority within a sub-niche.
  • Links come from enthusiast sites closely aligned to the focus.

Cons of Niche Packages

  • Doesn’t efficiently improve overall domain authority.
  • Limits the relevance of other internal link opportunities.

Niche link building works well for established gambling sites wanting to quickly branch into and rank for a new sub-vertical in the space.

Comprehensive Domain Authority Building

A comprehensive domain authority building approach utilizes a wide range of link building tactics with the sole goal of increasing overall DA and authority metrics. It takes a blanket approach rather than targeting specific pages or keywords.


  • Cost-effective authority gains – Comprehensive campaigns utilize diverse low-cost tactics to accumulate signals that boost overall domain authority. This provides an affordable way to increase metrics.
  • Scalability – Tactics like automation, Web 2.0 creation, and guest posting can be easily scaled to build large volumes of links/signals that collectively improve authority.
  • Foundational results – Building overall domain authority establishes a strong foundation for future optimization efforts to capitalize on. Any future campaign starts from a higher base.
  • Rapid growth for new sites – New sites with minimal existing signals can utilize comprehensive campaigns to kickstart domain authority growth and accelerate their progress.
  • Flexible for any niche – Comprehensive domain-focused link building can work for almost any site niche and does not require niche-specific outreach.

The goal is accumulating domain power, not precise placements. Comprehensive domain authority packages are ideal for new gambling sites with low overall metrics or existing sites whose metrics have declined or plateaued.

Negative Aspects

The broad domain authority focus of comprehensive campaigns risks diluting efforts across too many disparate signals. Authoritative sites may also ignore outreach if anchor text links seem irrelevant to their niche. Comprehensive campaigns can lack the precision required for page-level and keyword gains. Brands may see authority gains but lag in tangible organic traffic growth.

With some work and learning you can learn to do this yourself

Social Promotion Packages

Social media promotion is a key part of a comprehensive link building strategy for gambling sites. Having a strong social media presence can help boost domain authority metrics, increase referral traffic, and amplify the effects of other link building efforts.

Some popular options for social promotion packages include:

  • Facebook shares and links
  • Twitter mentions and embeds
  • Pinterest pins
  • Reddit upvotes

Benefits of Social Links

Focusing on social signals and links in promotion packages can provide several benefits for gambling sites including:

  • Increased referral traffic – Active social media accounts drive qualified traffic to your site. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Reddit can send significant volumes of visitors.
  • Quick authority gains – Social signals like shares, embeds, pins, and upvotes are indexed by search engines. High social activity boosts domain authority.
  • Brand awareness – Getting your brand name and content in front of massive social audiences builds recognition and mindshare.
  • Trust and goodwill – Active social media accounts make a brand seem more legitimate and connected with its audience. This fosters goodwill and credibility.
  • Viral potential – Social platforms enable content to spread rapidly when promoted well. This can lead to links, embeds and social mentions that expand reach.
  • Customer engagement – Social platforms facilitate two-way engagement with target audiences. This builds loyalty and advocacy.

Social link building packages pair well with other efforts to maximize referral traffic and amplify link/authority gains. They work for most sites.

The Cons

Tactics like fake followers, spam upvoting, and artificially inflated engagement may be detected. This can invalidate social signals or even trigger platform penalties. Social promotion is also an ongoing investment, as accounts and signals decay without consistent upkeep. Brands must ensure sustainable growth through authentic engagement and high-quality content.

Which Link Building Approach Is Right For You?

Choosing the ideal link building approach depends on your gambling site’s unique goals and current standing. There are pros, cons, and use cases for each gambling link package type. Choose the option that best aligns with your current goals and constraints. 

A blended strategy can also give you the benefits of multiple approaches. The key is evaluating your priorities whether that’s rankings, brand visibility, overall authority, or targeted growth in a specific niche. Your gambling site can build a diverse, high-quality backlink profile over time with the right package.