How to Remove Ripoff Reports from Google Search Results

How to Remove Ripoff Reports from Google Search Results

When it comes to life events, we all know that bad news tends to spread quicker than good news, and it’s even worse when businesses receive negative reviews in Ripoff Reports. Because these reports are often the first thing people see when they search for you on the internet, it has become a vital part of business survival to perform RipOff Report removal. This posts shows you how to remove Ripoff Reports from Google search results

If you have ever found a negative review about your business or product, you can guarantee that a lot of people have already seen it, too, because researching product and business reviews help consumers make more informed purchasing decisions. And if they discover a bad review, it will decrease their likelihood of purchasing your product or using your services. We’ve worked with casino to igaming to adult companies, offering rip off removal via iGaming SEO expertise and rep management

What is a Ripoff Report?

The Ripoff Report was created in 1998 by consumer advocate Ed Magedson. Today, the Ripoff Report is a highly accepted online resource tool for consumer complaints.

Unlike Complaints Board, which posts both good and bad consumer reviews, Ripoff Report only documents negative reviews as a means of preventing other customers from making the mistake of using a poor product or business service. It’s designed to be a warning tool informed consumer can use to choose businesses and products wisely. Consumers are able to go Ripoff Report and vent online free of charge about products and services that were unsatisfactory and/or caused harm.

The customer’s name, address and email are needed to post reviews on Ripoff Report. The contact information is verified prior to customers being able to submit their posts. Customers have the option of having their post published anonymously or having their post end with a request to have a government agency, attorney, consumer advocate or media agent get in touch with them. Keep in mind that anonymous posting will attract the tendency for submitting fake reviews because Ripoff Report does not verify if the facts of the review are true or not. This reason alone is why you should make sure Ripoff Reports about your product or business are removed from Google.

Unfortunately, a lot of businesses, especially those in the medical and health industry, feel that Ripoff Report unfairly damages them, and some believe Ripoff Report is based on old fashioned blackmail tactics. And now, Ripoff Report has really made businesses with negative reviews stand out by including the “verified” service that keeps businesses with no negative reviews permanently off their site. However, the “verified” service could work in your favour if you are in need of removing Ripoff Reports from Google’s search results.

Protecting your reputation via a reputation protect service beforehand and creating a strong page one is a great way to prevent such issues being serious.

How to Remove Ripoff Reports from Google Search Results and Prevent them Impacting on Business

You can’t underestimate the impact of unsatisfactory reviews and negative feedback, though they are a reputational risk. Countless studies have shown that consumers will shun businesses and refuse to use products that have bad reviews and SEO can help with that via buying backlinks and placements. According to more recent studies, research findings have revealed that each bad review yields an approximately 15% loss of potential customers. This may not seem like much on the surface, but the numbers will grow as more people embrace this increasing negative feedback–especially if they found it in their Google search results.

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The Relationship Between Online Reviews and Online Business Success:

A poor Google rating and online negative reviews will prevent a lot of people from wanting to do business with you. You’re better off with no reviews at all than negative reviews because people will at least give you a try if there hasn’t been any negative feedback on you yet. This is why it’s important to make sure there are no negative Ripoff Reports about your products or business found on Google.

Negative Reviews Impact Offline Businesses and this is why Ripoff Report Removal is Necessary

A walk in customer will also be highly impacted by negative reviews. If this customer has heard negative reviews or has seen negative reviews online about a brick and mortar store, they prefer to stay away. For instance, when restaurants have poor reviews on travel sites or apps, they have many less walk in customers than those restaurants with good reviews. When casinos have bad reviews on the likes of yelp, it ruins their casino and gaming SEO conversions. Bad reviews can basically ruin your SEO or search engine optimization.

Remove Ripoff Report Mentions from the SERPs Before Any Damage to Profits is Done

Any store receiving bad reviews online is bound to see a significant decrease in sales. Most people tend to do product comparisons before deciding on which company they will use to purchase a product. Also, customers tend to evaluate products to determine if it’s worth their while to get the product. To be a more informed consumer, most people will go online and do some research to see if any online reviews will confirm their choice to purchase your product or use your services.  So, if a business is receiving negative feedback online, the consumer will most likely change their minds about the purchase–especially when expensive and luxury items are involved.

How to Remove a RipOff Report

So, How Can a Business Remove a Ripoff Report (or Make it Less Visible in Google Search Results)?

For those curious about how to reduce the impact of toxic reviews in Google search results, consider the following tips.

  1. Do Rebuttal Posts With Caution

You do have permission to respond to any customer, business or other parties who wrote the negative review about your products or business on Ripoff Report.

However, keep in mind that a rebuttal may do more harm than benefit to your reputation. Often, the rebuttals tend to make matters worse because it makes the original review stand out more. Remember, people will still see the negative review before they get to your rebuttal (which will be posted under the original report).  Therefore, use a rebuttal only if you are sure it will be enough to remedy the problem. It is better to learn how to remove Ripoff Reports from Google search results

  1. More Reviews and a Positive Presence can Help Remove a RipOff Report from Page 1 of Google

The best way to decrease the damage done by negative reports (other than by having them removed altogether) is to move neutral and positive results up in your results ranking. This can be done by using either free or paid resources. Once more favourable reviews move up on your search results, the negative reports on Ripoff Report will be pushed down to at least page 2 in Google search. Most people get their consumer data from the first result page on Google, so this puts you in good shape. If you’re looking for someone who can help you push down the Ripoff Report, we can help.

  1. Apologize for unsatisfactory experiences.

If there’s even a minute bit of truth in the negative review, the best thing you can do to maintain integrity is to apologize. Get in touch with the reviewer and tell them you are sorry about their experience. Admit to the mistake and suggest ways to fix the issue. That way you deescalate the issue and it does not have to go any further up in the organisation.

Once you have implemented the solution successfully, ask the customer if they would be willing to remove their negative report. But keep in mind that this may make matters worse even though you resolved the original issue.  Ripoff Report, like some of the other review sites, may prevent the author of the review from deleting it.  Although customers may update their negative review with a positive follow-up, it still means the negative review will stay in Bing and Google’s search results. Also, follow-up doesn’t necessarily mean it will have a positive impact on your business—especially if they point out in the follow-up that you asked them to remove their review.

  1. Get the Help of a Rep Management Service to Remove RipOff Reports

Your best option is to solicit the help of a rep management service. Any rep management company worth its name will have an extensive background in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Public Relations. This expertise will be utilized in developing articles, videos and websites about your business that will push the Ripoff Report down and off the first page of your search engine results.

Although this option is the best way to rid yourself of negative Ripoff Reports, it may not rid your search results of listings and posts that have become too popular to stay pushed down to another search page. Therefore, if you are to maintain effective search engine optimization, you’re going to need someone who will be there to upkeep positive results. If you don’t have a reputation MGMT service assisting you, your search engine results will eventually become bad again.

How to Get Rid of a RipOff Report On Google Yourself

The Rip Off report link is a challenging proposition for website owners.

It’s important to begin by creating micro-sites around the brand name. This helps build a proper set of articles associated with the company on a new domain.

Create Social Media Profiles

Take the time to create well-rounded social media profiles by creating accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more. It’s about getting the name out there in a positive light.

Get Featured on Other Blogs to Push Down a RipOff Report in the Google Search Results

It’s best to reach out to top-tier bloggers in the niche to see whether they can feature your new website/accounts on their blog. There are many promotion bloggers who can provide reviews and who can help in this regard if you know what you’re doing.

Add your Site to Industry Sites and Directories

Start adding your brand name to top-tier industry directories and also participate in niche-related forums.

Build Links to Positive Content

Make sure to practice the art of link building by reaching out to different people.

Don’t Panic and Don’t Spam

Never start spamming different search engines hoping to rank your content. This never works. Stay unique and professional.

Utilise YouTube Videos to Push Down a Ripoff Reports in Google Search Results

Set up a YouTube account and add content around your niche. This will push the brand name upwards.

Use Press Releases

Don’t be afraid to set up a press release and send it out to sites such as

Utilise a Blog

Putting together a blog is great but it’s best to also send it out to main directories in your niche.

Don’t Use Force, Coerce or Threaten

Please note, don’t threaten anyone! This is never a good idea.

The Legal Approach to Removing RipOff Report Reviews from Google

For those curious about how to rid the search results of a negative Ripoff Report, consider these options.

Option #1-Ripoff Report Lawsuit – Sue the Person who Wrote the Defamatory Report

If you want to take legal action to get a Ripoff Report removed, your best option is to sue the one who created the negative review. A RipOff Report lawsuit may help but there are easier and more practical ways to remove a RipOff Report

Option #2-Ripoff Report Lawsuit – Direct Action to Remove Ripoff Report from Google

So what about suing Ripoff Report, Xcentric Ventures, LLC?  It’s no secret Ripoff Report has been sued countless times. However, Ripoff Report has not lost one case in the United States that has been brought against the company, which means the company has maintained a strong legal reputation as being legitimate.  To remind the community about its legal position, Ripoff Report has Section 230 of the Communication and Decency Act posted on its website.

Why Option #1 is Your Best Option for Ripoff Report Removal?

As stated in option #2, the Communications and Decency Act protects Ripoff Report from being sued for consumer posts. The act holds Ripoff Report not responsible for the content of the reviews posted on its site. This explains why Ripoff Report has never lost a case against them. Therefore, it may be better to submit a court order to Google and press them to de-index the search results (or choose the safest route and sue the author of the review).

It doesn’t matter if your claim of a fraudulent review is legitimate because it will cost you more than it will cost Ripoff Report to defend yourself. That means having an expensive team of lawyers and taking a chance against a company with a strong legal standing, which translates to little or no chance of winning. And it can get worse if the judge dismisses your case and make you pay attorney fees for Ripoff Report’s lawyers.

If you’re interested in removing a Ripoff Report or need help with any other form of reputation help – contact us