CEO Rep Management for Companies – What you Need to Know

ceo reputation management

In a world of 24/7 communication, constant social media posts and heavy news coverage all PR is not good PR and so CEO rep management is a must. 

In 2020 a CEO is even going to be more important for any brand and how they are portrayed and seen on the internet can make or break a company…….as well as the individual. 

A CEO with a great reputation provides businesses with a lot of positives – from increasing business visibility to creating a positive impression of the brand to improving a share price – a good CEO reputation pays dividends. A negative CEO reputation can cause all sorts of issues……but guess what – it can be helped with CEO rep management and we’ve helped dozens of people including casino link building companies and  CBD businesses

Organising, planning and controlling how your CEO is perceived online is more important now than ever and this post looks at the why and how of CEO Rep management. 

Why to Manage a CEO Reputation.

Increases Your Company’s Visibility with CEO Rep Management

You will start noticing that as your personal reputation and brand starts taking off, there will be also some synergy with the online presence of your company as well. Your growing online brand can be an excellent way to further expand the funnel for your business. It means that people that start engaging with you will equally start engaging with your company after they start trusting you. Trust is a highly valuable component of any relationship and that between the business and consumers isn’t different. If you build a trustworthy and authentic brand that people engage with, you will automatically raise the profile of your business since it’s so closely connected to you.

CEOs Help Earn the Trust of Consumers

Do you recall a time when the key focus of advertising throughout the globe was word of mouth? That was and is still true since people trusted the source from which they were acquiring their information. Well, a survey conducted by Brightlocal shows that 79 percent of consumers actually trust online reviews as much as they do personal recommendations.

Consumers obviously have some qualifications to their “yes” answer. Customers still have to be relatively trusting of the authenticity of reviews that they read as well as the leadership of the brand that they support. However, that isn’t unexpected. It isn’t a coincidence that some of the most trusted brands on a global scale are equally the most successful.

The Reputation of a CEO Affects How They Are Portrayed in the Media

The reputation of a CEO is one thing that journalists have to consider when choosing an interview subject for a story. Reporters use practical information and the personal reputation of a CEO to determine how well they are likely to fit their stories and how important it is to get a quote from them. Journalists not only consider the work of the CEO on the job but also the causes they support and their friendliness towards the media. The reputation of a CEO is actually enough to influence the angle taken by a journalist when writing. It could mean the difference between a positive story and a scathing business review.

Media Engagement is What Makes CEOs Personable

Every single post that a CEO makes online can be viewed as a reflection of the values and beliefs of their brand. We can help you communicate more effectively online by helping with crafting the proper message and ensuring that your words are absolutes in intention. Our PR team will help you come up with an appropriate response to comments and questions online, taking the narrative and directing it in the direction that’s best suited to help you. We ca help you connect with members of the press and journalists positively while still helping you with social media engagement.

So, how do you manage a CEO reputation? Check out these tips to learn how to do just this.

Practising Honesty, Transparency, and Ethics

A person’s strong reputation comes from having a clear message, involving a fascinating story from their past. Obviously, this has to bee intuitively linked to the organization to avoid the negative perception that they are out-of-touch or distant. Reputation and trust go hand-in-hand.

Reputation MGMT Experts Advise you Being Active and Visible

Investors, consumers, and the general public are no longer satisfied with executives that manage their organizations with a lot of privacy. Transparency is now highly valued. People want to see engagement with employees, the press, as well as the public. According to research, 81 percent of executives around the world agree that it is very important for CEOs to maintain a visible public profile.

CEO Rep management and be helped if you practice effective communication skills and start getting comfortable talking with the news media. Your external visibility should include being active in the local community, public speaking, visibility in the online channels of the company, news media accessibility, sharing of insights with the general public, and holding leadership positions beyond the company.

Honors and Awards

Have you ever wondered how some executives and companies keep earning awards while others go unrecognized? Honors and awards won’t simply fall into your lap – you must apply for them if you want to have the chance to earn them. While it might be a time-consuming process, it is definitely worth the effort. 

If you secure key awards and honors for the executives of your company, you build credibility and brand-name recognition for your company along with its leadership. You can actually take it a notch higher by sharing the news internally. Get your organization excited and encourage your employees to share information within their own networks. If you take the opportunity to remind employees of their contribution to the organization wins is an excellent way to get members of the team to share in the win too.

Good Press Improves CEO Reputations

When the subjects of such attention are either philanthropists that support key social justice or political issues or high-net worth individual, every move they take is closely examined from the political and social perspectives. If a CEO is awarded a raise on top of a multi-million salary, the public evaluates its appropriateness on TV and even on social media. They would like to know if the organization headed by that CEO compensates employees fairly, has generous benefits, or has recently had mass layoffs. 

Whether you are an active political donor or the CEO of a public company, anonymous and motivated detractors can quickly inundate the Internet with derogatory and inaccurate commentary about you, your business, and organization. The tactic isn’t uncommon. It is often used by those likely to benefit from diminishing the stature of your brand or those that oppose your views. 

Not all the news is bad, however: Public figures also tend to attract large numbers of supportive and legitimate followers. Supporting such followers using online resources can be an incredibly powerful tool when it comes to protecting a reputation.

Social Media and CEO Reputation MGMT

Social media is one of the most valuable tools for communicating your brand consistently and engaging with audiences that care the most. If you are not too sure about the sites you should focus on, try thinking of social media platforms as like different TV channels. Some people are more attracted to certain channels than others, but the bottom line is that they are simply different mediums for educating and entertaining people.

If you use a combination of platforms i.e. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., you will reach audiences regardless of where they love to congregate. Social media can be one of the most valuable tools for driving awareness and nurturing leads but can easily backfire if you are too quick to post overly private or emotional thoughts before thinking them through.

Online Reputation MGMT Is the Best Way to Ensure an Accurate Online Image

What that means is that personal information that you wouldn’t want exposed can become publicly available online. The information that appears could be skewed or incorrect, or may comprise of nothing besides an unflattering or outdated image. If you lack a well-established online presence, that information might easily top the search results made in your name as will miscellaneous scraps of information from all imaginable sources. Such information might not be even about you, but rather another individual that shares your name. This can be aided with branded searches.

Online rep management reduces the prominence of and counterbalances false and negative content. It ensures that only a powerful and accurate image of yourself is presented online. If done right, it can be a proactive tool for reinforcing your credibility and influence in supporting issues that you hold dear. In the early days (i.e. mid 1990’s), the focus of online rep management was on repairing malicious content: negative, anonymous commentary posted on Internet forums as well as in the comments’ sections accompanying media platforms and blogs.

It is almost impossible to remove such information in the online world unless the source takes it offline voluntarily. Still, it is possible to displace it from one page to the next, and many others, using various strategies. Online Rep Management (ORM) is thus often described as “suppressing” or “pushing down” negative content. Today, ORM is most often associated with such actions since it is what many firms that offer this service advertise. No wonder the practice is exploding as an industry. 

You Can Count on Us to Establish Your CEO as an Authority

Improve Your Reputation within the Industry

Social media is one of the greatest assets and risks online. Mastering it is difficult, but you can easily ruin it with just one message. We help you manage your profiles, share appropriate posts, and make a positive impact on your social media presence. 

We also actively monitor what’s being said about you and your brand and take a proactive approach to combating misleading posts or misinformation. Complaints and negativity as encountered directly to diminish their impact on your reputation and your brand too.