How To Turn Off Trending Searches In Google


Google’s Trending Searches Explained

Trending searches in Google show popular topics based on various factors. This guide explains why Google includes them and provides step-by-step instructions to turn off this feature on different devices, ensuring a personalized search experience without trending topics.

Understanding Trending Searches on Google

Google’s trending searches differ from search suggestions. As you type into the search box, predictive queries appear as suggestions for completing your query. Trending searches appear separately from this feature, but can still be found on the main page of or at the top of any search results page.

There is some complexity involved in determining what constitutes a “trending” search term for (or any other domain). This involves various factors such as overall volume and acceleration over time relative to typical levels.

Reasons Google Displays Trending Searches

There are many reasons why Google chooses to display trending search and SEO topics. Let’s talk about them:

Boosting User Engagement and Interaction

Google wants people to stay on their search platform longer than any other sites. They hope that you will be interested in what’s happening in the world around you by showing you the topics that are currently hot so that you can dig deeper into those areas. This will eventually benefit the profitability of the company.

Showing Relevant Content Based on User Behavior

Usually, these searches are tailored to fit your own browsing history and patterns. They know which kind of materials you engage with mostly and try to bring out current issues related to such areas.

Customization via Individual Search Histories

Following my earlier point, the algorithm also refers back to some of your previous queries when deciding on what should be displayed as a trend. For example, if sports or latest news is something that frequently features in your searches then expect more related trends.

Geographically Influenced Trends

The concept of “trending” is not universal across all regions since it depends on where one is located geographically speaking. Thus this aspect cannot be ignored either by Google which may show such local events as worldwide trends especially if they have attracted significant attention elsewhere too or even nationwide for that matter.

Considering Social Circles When Displaying Trends

Considering how people behave online, search engines like Google analyze individual actions as well as social interactions. If a topic gains traction within someone’s network, it’s likely to trend, impacting search rankings. This dual approach influences what appears as top searches.

Global Search Popularity Reflection

Search engines work tirelessly to reflect global sentiments through web usage stats. They gauge interest levels by tracking search volume spikes. These spikes, often fueled by major events or viral trends, offer a glimpse into universal trends.

Customization Based on Similar User Interests

Even if the majority of users’ browsing habits differ widely from yours, it doesn’t rule out the possibility of such a topic becoming popular among them therefore making google show more people about it including those whose preferences resemble yours closely.

Understanding these factors behind how trending searches are selected suggests that what Google wants to achieve with its search results is an ever-changing personalized internet experience which suits each person’s unique situation and interests.

Easy Way to Turn Off Trending Searches in Google

Google intends for trending searches to be helpful but you may not want to see them. Here’s a steep-by-step on how to get rid of trending searches across different platforms and devices:

For Android Device Users (Chrome Mobile Browser)

  1. Open the Chrome app and tap the three dot menu icon.
  2. Select “Settings” then “Basics.”
  3. Toggle off the option “Show Suggestions for Google Chrome” by tapping the switch.

For iPhone Users (Chrome and Safari)


  1. Tap the three dots then “Settings” on your mobile.
  2. Select “Basics.”
  3. Toggle off “Show Suggestions in Chrome Home.”


  1. Go to Settings > Safari.
  2. Scroll down and toggle off “Show Suggested Websites.”

For Desktop Users (Chrome Browser)

  1. Click the three dots and choose “Settings.”
  2. Scroll down and click “Addresses and More” under “Privacy and Security.”
  3. Toggle off the option “Suggestions for Google Chrome.”

On the Google App

  1. Open the Google app and tap your Profile picture.
  2. Select “Settings” then “Notification Settings.”
  3. Toggle off “Trending Queries” to change the settings.


This guide showed you how to remove trending searches if you don’t want Google to predict your searches or show popular searches based on what other people are searching for. Disable google autocomplete with trending searches by following the steps for your device and browser.

Some find value in trending queries for keyword research or discovering topics they wouldn’t have searched for. But if you want to remove those trending results when searching for something specific, you can now stop trending searches.

Whether for privacy or avoiding distractions, you have the power to clean up your Google search box. You’ll see no more predicted trending topics – just the searches you actually want to make.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I see the option to turn off trending searches? 

Make sure you are using the latest version of your particular browser or the Google app. The setting may not exist in older versions.

Will turning this off impact my overall Google experience? 

No, disabling trending searches will not affect regular search bar functionality or most personalizations. You’ll just no longer see those trending topic displays.

Why am I seeing trending searches that don’t interest me? 

Google’s algorithms try to customize trends based on your interests, but they can’t always get it right. The trends also reflect broader popular topics.

Do trending searches show up on Google for kids accounts? 

No, trending search displays are disabled by default for children’s google accounts to limit exposure to potentially inappropriate content trends.

Can I re-enable trending searches later if I change my mind? 

Yes, you can simply follow the same instructions but toggle the setting back on to restore trending search displays.

Will turning off trending searches make my Google searches private? 

No, this setting only controls the display of trending search topics. Your individual search history is still recorded by Google as normal.

How often does Google update the trending searches? 

The trending topics are refreshed continuously in near real-time to reflect the latest spikes in search interests across the world.