How to Deal with a Report on a Negative Review Site



We’re going to discuss how to push down a Ripoff report from search engines as well as bury ROR links that will allow them to be removed from the start pages of Google. We’ll put our focus on “bury”.

Having been in the removal game for a long period of time, we’ve finely tuned the process to eliminate the power of a Ripoff Report and the way that it can outrank everything about you. When burying or pushing down a ripoff report or removing it, it’s often called displacement or reverse SEO. Just as it sounds, reverse SEO is the process of tearing down links and their popularity and the authority that they have built up on Google. The goal of this process is to remove the bad links from the first page results. The goal is to move these to at least the third page of Google results. Many people don’t leave the first page of results.

Each of the methods will be partially disclosed as we never reveal trade secrets. Should we give away trade secrets, we’d never be in business for very long. Since we’ve been in business for 9 years thus far, we hope we can last a few more years.

New Content

One great method is to use new content. Adding new content to websites, social media accounts, and blogs will help to lower the bad information. Design quality content that stands out from the crowd and you’re sure to improve your ratings. You can build up static sites that will stand out as well. Finally creating multiple social media accounts that are free and keeping them updated frequently will help to improve the rankings of the good information and lower the bad information to page three or more. These are then linked to the other pages of websites and blogs to help bring up the rankings.

Existing Content To Bury Ripoffs

Another great strategy is to use existing pages to improve content. Using offside SEO methods works well to help push up the rankings. Gaining access to the pages and altering the content or updating it can offer a refreshing view on any topic. Try this method periodically to help push those links higher. You can see more about how we push a ripoff report to page 2 here. 

Press Release

Press releases and even distribution channels work well to flood the Internet as well as the Blogosphere with fresh new content and it can help improve outbound links as well that will draw readers back to the business.


Reviews have a solid place in helping to improve the overall rankings. With over 30,000 niche blogs there is plenty of room to help raise page rankings with reviews. These can be featured and from a high authority that will stand out from the crowd and push the content up the page rankings.

Sneak Peaks

There is also the white hat SEO as well as a Black hat and Grey SEO that works well. Consider white tactics and watch as these hat tricks work to improve the page rankings and rid the site of ripoff reports. Following all of the tips and tricks can work together to ensure a quality page that ranks higher in the rankings and pushes the negative to the third page or more. Keeping tabs on where the pages are at all times is tantamount to success in this endeavor. Always retain the professional appearance of the site and avoid methods that would negatively impact the business.