10 Link Building Tips For A New Website


If you launched a new website you know getting traffic can be hard to do. This is when you should know that link building for a new website is going to be very different than if you were in the later stages of the site and you should know more about the way to go about this to build trust with the search engines If you do not do the proper building at first, you could have some serious issues down the road.

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You will find that getting trust and authority will be very helpful to get recognized by the search engines. Here are some tips that will really help you in getting to move your way up to the top of the search engines.

1. Find Quality Link Directories

You do not want to go to a lot, so we tend to recommend Yahoo!, Best of the Web, Business.com and even JoeAnt. These are going to give you some great trust signals the search engines will find.

2. Write Up And Submit A Press Release

If you want to get some good press, then you should consider releasing a press release to PR sites. You will find that you can find several sites, but we love PRweb, PRnewswire, and even PRleap. If the site is not going to be news worthy it will not get picked up by the search engines. You will even want to make sure you are producing something that is worthwhile and you will have good success with the press release.

You will want to make sure the press release is ready for dissemination. You will find that Top Rank Blog has a great guide that will make it easier for you to learn how to use the press release properly. If you want to learn how to optimize your post you will want to check out Optify.

3. You need to send out special beta invites

If you are going to use a web based application you will want to make sure you think about sending out information to bloggers in a closed beta program. If the application is good, you will get some great press and links going to your website from the bloggers. Not only that the leaders of the blogging industry will provide you with feedback that can help you learn more about how to make your app work.

4. Giveaway

If you have a great product, you may want to consider giving some products away to get an exchange for a blurb on their blog about your product. You will want to make sure you are trying to contact the bloggers that are big in your industry to get the most in your efforts.

5. Start Blogging

When you get constant content on your site you will tell the search engines to crawl the site regularly. When you are blogging you are going to build more of an audience for your blog and get more links back to your site. The more blog post you do, the faster you are going to get your rankings and get the traffic you need to have.

5. Social Media

If you want to get a great way to get traffic right away, then you will want to post to social media. You may even have to spend a day or two creating the content, but it is going to be worth it once it is shared on social media. Even Matt Cutts, had some great tips that he ran on his blog at Google on what would help create great linkbait. You will also find SEOMoz has some great tips for learning more about social media marketing.

6. Local Links

You will already know that you can submit to web directories, but you will find that local link directories is a great option as well and really important for a small business. This often is seen as the alternative for social media for smaller companies. Outspoken Media is one that has a great guide that will help you in launching your small business website.

7. Get High Quality Links

While you may think that it is easy to get the five thousand links from the programs you can use or spam comments on larger blog, this is often seen as just SPAM and until your website is trusted often disregarded by Google. Often you will find when you have low quality links it can even lead to the search engines seeing your website more as a SPAM site, instead of an authority site.

8. You will want to Create Several Different Pages

You will find that at aboutus.org you will have a chance to create a profile on your site, and Crunchbase provides profiles of tech businesses with a follow link. Squidoo, which is closed now, used to have an option for a custom lense for anyone who wanted to create one. When you are getting onto these sites you will see that it is a great way to start your rep protection and get some links to your website. If you make good enough content you may even get some do follow links for your website.

9. Guest Post

You will want to find bloggers that are in the same niche and reach out to them. You will want to make sure you talk about their expertise and the way the blog looks and you will find it can get your foot in the door. When you are doing this, you can start to target the long tail keywords.

10. Be Patient

You will find social media may not always be the solution. You may find that you do not even show up in the search engine results right away. If you do take the drastic measures of buying links, though, you could get your website banned in the first couple of weeks. While everyone wants the number 1 spot, it is not a reality and you have to remember this when you are working on the Internet.

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