Majestic Backlinks: What Is Majestic SEO?


Backlinks are the foundation of SEO. These incoming links from other websites to your site signal trust and authority to search engines like Google. But you need to know if your backlink profile is strong enough to rank well and which sites you should be reaching out to for high-quality backlinks.

In this article, we’ll explore what exactly Majestic backlinks are, why they matter for rankings, and how Majestic SEO can help take your SEO to the next level through backlink building and optimization. Read on to learn how Majestic can give you an edge over the competition.

You’ll understand the power of Majestic for supercharging your website’s backlink profile and search performance by the end of this article. Let’s dive in!

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What are Majestic Backlinks

Majestic backlinks refer to the backlink data and metrics provided by Majestic SEO’s massive link index. Backlinks are incoming hyperlinks from external websites that point back to pages on your site.

The backlinks discovered by Majestic serve as the foundation for the various backlink analysis reports and tools within the Majestic SEO platform. By leveraging this robust backlink data, Majestic provides unprecedented insight into any website’s backlink profile. – finding backlinks in all sorts of places

Understanding Majestic SEO

What sets Majestic SEO apart as a backlink analysis platform is its unparalleled focus and specialization on link data. 

Unlike tools covering a broader scope of SEO, Majestic doubles down entirely on backlink intelligence. The platform equips users with specialized reporting and comparisons needed specifically for impactful link building and profiling.

For example, the Link Neighborhood reveals untapped sites to target, while Backlink History visually tracks campaign impact over time. Everything centers around backlink mastery.

This tight focus and custom tooling fuels better decision making and outcomes for optimizing a website’s foundation of quality links. The scale and context powering Majestic facilitate deeper analysis for shaping better strategies.

With Majestic’s vast link index and advanced metrics, you can:

  1. Conduct a comprehensive audit of your website’s entire backlink profile to identify issues and growth opportunities.
  1. Research and analyze competitor backlink profiles to inform your own SEO and link building strategies.
  1. Uncover authoritative sites and relevant page content to target for earning new high-quality backlinks and complaint SEO.
  1. Monitor backlinks over time to spot trends and track the impact of link building efforts.
  1. Compare metrics between any domains to benchmark and track progress.
  1. Access raw backlink data through exports and API integration for custom analysis.

In short, Majestic SEO helps evaluate and improve your website’s backlink profile to boost SEO and search rankings.

Why Majestic Backlinks Matter for SEO

Backlinks are trusted by Google and other search engines as a signal of popularity and authority. Websites with more quality backlinks tend to rank higher in search results.

Majestic provides data to assess both the quantity and quality of your backlinks versus competitors. This helps you:

  • Backlinks are one of the top trust and authority signals used by Google and other search engines. Sites with more quality backlinks tend to rank higher in results.
  • Majestic provides granular backlink quantity metrics like Referring Domains and Linking Root Domains to assess the scale and diversity of a site’s backlink profile. More is better, to a degree.
  • Majestic also calculates contextual link metrics like Trust Flow and Citation Flow to estimate the quality and relative influence of a given domain’s backlinks.
  • Comparing Majestic metrics helps identify issues like over-optimization and spammy links so they can be cleaned up.
  • Majestic data reveals ideal sites to reach out to for relevant backlinks based on trust, authority, and topical relevance.
  • The Backlink History shows trends over time, helping track ROI of link building campaigns.
  • With competitive link data, Majestic empowers sites to model and build upon their competitors’ successful link building strategies.

Evaluating Backlink Quality

Not all backlinks are created equal when it comes to influencing search rankings and authority. Majestic provides data to assess key factors that make backlinks high or low quality.

Editorial Backlinks

Editorial backlinks come from genuine mentions of your site in a blog article, news story, or other editorial content. These backlinks tend to be higher quality because they send strong signals of relevance and trust.

Factors that make editorial links high quality:

  • Originate from authoritative sites with high domain authority
  • Anchor text uses branded or generic keywords, not over-optimized anchors
  • Link is contextual and relevant to the content rather than force

Sponsored backlinks are placed on third-party sites in exchange for a fee. Done right, sponsored links can be legitimate, but poor practices may violate search guidelines.

Characteristics of low quality sponsored links:

  • Found on low-authority sites with thin content
  • Anchor text shows signs of over-optimization
  • Irrelevant placements without context to the content

Majestic helps identify risks with existing editorial or sponsored links by analyzing data points like page authority, anchor text diversity, and referring domains. This allows sites to clean up low-quality links and help avoid potential Google penalties.

Evaluating Link Proportions

Majestic also enables evaluating whether link profiles maintain healthy proportions of follow vs nofollow links, site-wide vs deep links, branded vs non-branded anchors, and more. Unnatural proportions may trigger flags.

Using Majestic’s quality metrics and backlink details, sites can pursue higher quality links and fix issues with at-risk placements. This prevents indexing problems before they happen.

Key Metrics and Reports in Majestic

Majestic provides the backlink context and intelligence SEOs need for auditing, monitoring, and improving a website’s profile. These metrics and reports supply actionable data to boost SEO.

The main backlink data and metrics provided by Majestic fall into 3 key categories:

Backlink Profile Benchmarking

Trust Flow and Citation Flow are Majestic’s proprietary metrics that estimate the overall quality and strength of a domain’s backlink profile. They benchmark authority based on multiple factors:

  • Quantity of backlinks
  • Types of backlinks – editorial, directories, etc.
  • Relevance and authority of linking domains
  • Link diversity and proportions

Higher Trust Flow and Citation Flow scores indicate greater authority and trust. For example, a site with a Trust Flow of 30 likely has a stronger, more diverse backlink profile than a site with a Trust Flow of 15.

Comparing these metrics helps assess the relative strength of a website’s backlink profile versus competitors. If your site has a lower Trust Flow than a rival site, it signals opportunities to strengthen your backlink profile.

Backlink Tracking Over Time

The Backlink History report is crucial for monitoring trends and patterns in a website’s backlink profile. It charts the gains and losses in total backlinks over time.

This reveals the impact of link building efforts. For instance, a steady upward slope likely indicates positive momentum from an outreach campaign. Sudden drops may reveal lost links or penalties, signaling issues to investigate.

Regularly checking Backlink History helps maintain a healthy profile and informs link building strategy.

Discovering Link Building Opportunities

Majestic’s Link Neighborhood report analyzes the pages, anchor text and domains that are linking to a target website. This reveals authoritative, relevant sites and pages that may be good prospects for outreach.

For example, seeing a competitor site in the Link Neighborhood could prompt outreach to that site for a similar high-quality backlink.

Leveraging Link Neighborhood data enables more targeted and effective link building efforts, leading to higher value backlinks.

How Majestic Compares to Other Tools

Majestic is one of the most prominent backlink analysis platforms, competing with tools like Ahrefs, Moz, SEMrush and others. When compared, Majestic has some key advantages:

Index Size

Majestic indexes over 700 billion backlinks from 63+ million root domains, providing one of the largest backlink databases available. This massive index enables much deeper backlink profile analysis and discovery compared to tools with smaller indexes.

For example, a site may have thousands more backlinks indexed by Majestic versus Ahrefs or Moz, providing a more complete picture of a site’s full backlink profile. Majestic’s scale allows for discovering even more opportunities.

Key Metrics

A major advantage of Majestic is its proprietary contextual metrics like Trust Flow and Citation Flow. These estimate the quality and authority of an entire backlink profile based on link characteristics.

Competitors mostly rely on count-based metrics like total backlinks and referring domains. But Trust Flow and Citation Flow provide additional context beyond just numbers for benchmarking.

Trust Flow is especially useful for comparing overall domain authority against competitors to uncover precise gaps and areas of opportunity. It provides more insights than simplistic backlink counts.

Competitive Intelligence

Another area where Majestic excels is competitive intelligence. It makes it easy to compare backlink metrics between any domains side-by-side.

This reveals precisely how a competitor’s profile and Trust Flow differs from yours, highlighting their strategies and opportunities for you to pursue. Other tools lack robust comparison features to do this type of competitive analysis..

Link Opportunity Discovery

For discovering new prospects to build links from, Majestic reports like Link Neighborhood provides data to identify authoritative sites and relevant pages to target.

While competitors also offer prospecting features, Majestic’s massive index gives it an advantage in uncovering the largest number of quality link-building opportunities.

Tracking and Monitoring

Regarding tracking and monitoring, Majestic tools like Backlink History make it simple to track gains/losses in backlinks over any period. This helps monitor the impact of link building efforts.

The visual trends and tracking abilities provide unique insights compared to competitors without backlink profile monitoring capabilities. You can easily spot positive or negative momentum.


The long road of link building can wear sites out, always hungry for the next bit of growth. But Majestic lets sites catch their breath and refuel.

With clear eyes, we can march steadily onward – not by flashy metrics shouting “Look at me!”, but the foundation that holds us up quietly. We expand skyward by learning the soil that nourishes our roots.

Remember no lasting success happened overnight. It came by strong days stacking tomorrow’s dreams. Today’s work shapes the coming fortunes not yet pictured. Walk forward boldly, but calmly. Always onward.

Frequently Asked Questions

What core metrics does Majestic use to evaluate backlink profile authority?

Majestic leverages proprietary Trust Flow and Citation Flow metrics to estimate the quality and strength of a domain’s total backlink profile.

How can Majestic data inform positive enhancements to a website’s link building approach?

Reports like Link Neighborhood reveal relevant sites and pages to target, while Backlink History tracks the impact of campaign efforts over time to iterate on what works.

What tools does Majestic offer for tracking fluctuations in a domain’s backlink profile?

Users can leverage the Backlink History report to closely monitor gains and losses in total indexed backlinks, charting overall momentum and progress.

How does Majestic provide one of the largest backlink indexes in the industry?

Majestic has developed one of the most extensive indexes, covering over 700 billion backlinks from over 63 million root domains, for more insightful backlink analysis.

Does Majestic integrate with other prominent SEO platforms?

Yes, Majestic allows data to be exported for further analysis as well as offering developer API access to incorporate backlink intelligence across existing stacks.

Can Majestic’s data help sites strengthen domain authority metrics?

By compiling rich contextual backlink data, Majestic enables actions to reinforce and diversity quality links, in turn improving a website’s authority and Trust Flow benchmarks.

Does Majestic track website search performance and rankings?

While Majestic specializes in backlink profile analytics, not rank tracking, improving key metrics like Trust Flow and link quality can ultimately positively influence search visibility.

What global and localization options does the Majestic platform have?

Majestic supports international TLDs in its indexes and rank tracking for sites targeting audiences across multiple countries and languages.

Is educational support available to guide new Majestic users?

Yes, Majestic provides account management, tutorials, guides, and customer help to ensure users can extract maximum value from the powerful platform.

How frequently does Majestic add new backlink data into its index totals?

Majestic runs frequent update cycles, continually enlarging its index size in near real-time to keep pace with the evolving web landscape.