Get Your Links Indexed Faster with the Best Backlink Indexer Tools

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Backlinks play a vital role in boosting your website’s search rankings. However, acquiring backlinks alone isn’t sufficient. They must be indexed swiftly by search engines to impact your rankings. This article explains why rapid backlink indexing matters, how to index your backlink faster and introduces top tools to help you achieve it. We will dive into these aspects further.

Why You Need to Index Your Backlinks Quickly

Backlinks are like votes that tell search engines your site is useful and authoritative. The more high-quality backlinks you have, the better rankings you can get. But search engines like Google don’t always find and index new backlinks right away. This delay means your backlinks don’t get counted toward improving your rankings as fast as they should.

Even if you work hard and get lots of new backlinks, those links don’t instantly boost your SEO. It can take weeks or months for search crawlers to discover and index those backlinks, especially for newer websites or sites without much authority yet. During that time, you miss out on the SEO value those backlinks should provide.

That’s where backlink indexing tools come in. They make sure your new backlinks get submitted and indexed much faster by search engines. With quicker indexing, your hard-earned backlinks get recognized sooner and start helping improve your search rankings right away, not months later. This maximises the impact and ROI of your seo efforts.

The Indexing Problem: Google Is Slow

Google has an enormous task – indexing the billions of pages and links across the entire internet. With so much new content being published and new urls created every single day, Google’s crawlers can’t possibly index everything immediately. 

This indexing delay particularly affects sites that are newer or don’t have as much authority yet. For these lower-ranked websites, Google may take weeks or even months before finding and indexing their new backlinks. During that extended waiting period, those hard-earned backlinks just sit unindexed, providing zero seo benefit.

Without getting indexed, those backlinks can’t get passed along to Google’s ranking algorithms. So even if you acquired a ton of great new backlinks through outreach link building, your site won’t see any search engine ranking boost until Google finally discovers and indexes those links – which could be a long wait.

This sluggish indexing rate creates a serious roadblock for improving your search performance through backlinks. You invest time and money into seo strategies, but can’t reap the rewards right away due to Google’s indexing delays. That’s why many seo professionals and website owners turn to specialised backlink indexing tools and services to speed up this indexing process.

How to Speed Up Backlink Indexing

To get around Google’s slow indexing rate, try these strategies:

  1. Use Google Search Console’s URL Inspection tool to manually submit URLs for indexing.
  2. Use third-party link indexer tools made for faster indexing.
  3. Share new backlinks on social media for more visibility.
  4. Temporarily post backlinks on your own site so crawlers find them easier.
  5. Submit a video sitemap since videos get indexed faster.
  6. Get backlinks from very authoritative sites that get crawled more often.

What Are Backlink Indexer Tools?

Backlink indexers tools are software or services that submit your links to search engines for faster indexing. With quicker indexing, your valuable backlinks get counted sooner toward improving your rankings.

4 Best  Backlink Indexing Tools in 2024

Google Search Console (Free)

Google Search Console is a free tool provided by Google that allows you to monitor your website’s performance and backlinks in one place. Once you’ve added your site, it will detect all the backlinks pointing to your pages – whether guest post or niche edits.

A major advantage of this tool is that you can trust the information it provides, as it comes directly from Google. Additionally, the data you submit through Search Console can actually help improve your search rankings.

If you’re looking for a simple, beginner-friendly option to index your backlinks without extensive technical SEO knowledge, Google Search Console is an excellent choice.

How to Get Google to Index Your Backlinks

The process is straightforward:

  1. Click ‘Use new Search Console’ in the interface
  2. Enter the URL of the link you want indexed
  3. Click ‘Request Indexing’
  4. Wait a few hours, then repeat steps 1 and 2 to confirm indexing

Checking if Backlinks are Indexed

To confirm that your backlinks have been indexed, you just copy and paste the said link on Google search page. If your site’s link shows up in the search result, it is indexed successfully. Otherwise, indexing has not occurred yet.

The rate at which Google is indexing new backlinks depends on how frequently it crawls (scans) your website. Through this method of crawling, web pages are added onto Google’s database which helps generate search results whenever someone looks for your site.

Normally, the more authoritative and active a website is, the more often Google will crawl and index new backlinks pointing to it.

Indexing Expert (Paid)

Indexing Expert is a creative backlink indexing service that has earned a good name in the industry. They make use of their own secret method which they believe would give the highest chance for your URLs to be found and correctly indexed by search engines.

What differentiates it among others is its 99.5% indexing rate cutting-edge rapid indexing technology. This means that they have an almost instant link indexer with their sophisticated systems, they can have your backlinks indexed within an unbelievably short time – sometimes less than an hour after submission.

This kind of speed and efficiency are critical if you want to see quick returns on investment from SEO activities. The earlier search engines detect new inbound links pointing towards relevant pages on your website, the sooner such pages will start ranking well for targeted keywords and driving organic traffic from SERPs.

SEO experts prefer Indexing Experts most when it comes to lightning-fast capability in terms of getting backlinks indexed. For site owners who want things done quickly, this is what suits them best.

With this important SEO task undertaken by an Indexing Expert you are able to concentrate on other areas knowing very well that all your valuable backlinks will be rapidly indexed thereby improving visibility in search results pages.

Omega Indexer(Paid)

Omega Indexer is one of the best backlink indexing tools when it comes to indexing backlinks. With prices that are cheaper than some others by 75%, and a whopping 88.5% indexation rate, it’s definitely worth considering.

But what really makes Omega Indexer unique among other similar tools is their team of skilled developers. They never stop working on improving this service so that even with constant changes in Google’s algorithms it stays efficient. Their team bases everything on safety and authority, using only trustworthy sources for indexing your backlinks.

And indeed – Omega Indexer has an impressive success rate with getting search engines to quickly index these links. This means better search performance and higher ranking positions.

If you want top notch indexing without spending too much money – Omega indexer should be your choice number one! They offer affordable price points coupled with consistent reliability powered by latest techniques which will surely satisfy any SEO professional or site owner looking forward to maximum ROI from SEO investments.

SpeedLinks VIP (Paid)

SpeedLinks VIP is a backlink indexing service that is capable of over-delivering. It might not be as popular as others, but it can be described as the most underrated one. What is more, it has a great 72.5% indexation rate which shows its efficiency in making search engines crawl links.

One area where SpeedLinks VIP excels at is value for money. They have very cheap pricing options across all of their packages – you will get a lot of bang for your buck here! This kind of affordability makes them perfect for any website or business size.

Also, they offer different plans depending on if you are working with smaller sites or bigger operations – so there should always be an option that suits both your needs and budget when looking into getting indexed by this service.

Speedlinks has a consistent and track record of delivering results while remaining behind the scenes undetected. In case you need an affordable yet reliable partner for indexing backlinks then let Speed Links Vip become part among your seo tools.

How to Choose the Best Indexer for You

When selecting the most appropriate backlink indexer for you, there are a few things to do:

  1. Evaluate the Indexing Capabilities – Opt for tools with good reputations regarding this service. To be more specific, compare the rates at which different indexers boast of having their links indexed. Check how long it takes them to do so and whether or not they actually succeed in getting these backlinks recognized by search engines.
  1. Consider Additional SEO Features – Look into additional SEO features offered besides those related strictly to indexing such as deeper analysis on backlinks or even spying on competitors’ moves. Then find ways around that through integrated link building opportunities. All these can only serve to beef up your overall strategy more.
  1. Assess User-Friendliness and Ease of Use – Look out for a simple interface that will make it easy for you when submitting URLs or tracking them.  This alone could save significant amounts of your time thereby making activities around an indexer more productive.
  1. Determine Your SEO Budget – Identify the best backlink indexer that fit within your available SEO budget. While some premium options offer more advanced features, there are also cost-effective indexing solutions that can still deliver strong results.
  1. Review Reputation, Support, and Reliability – Research about various providers’ history records plus what other people say concerning their services. Settle down only after identifying reliable sources capable of meeting your respective demands.

Finding the right indexing tool might seem daunting at first but it is achievable. 

Get All the SEO Value from Your Links

Backlink indexing is the secret to unlocking the full SEO value of your efforts. The right indexing tool ensures your valuable backlinks get recognized by search engines quickly which drives faster ranking improvements and organic traffic growth.

Invest in a reliable backlink indexer that can get your links indexed efficiently. Check for quick indexation speed and active help desk. It could be an all-in-one platform or specialised service that suits your requirements.

Visibility in the search results comes faster when your web pages are indexed quickly. This increases the ROI and provides a competitive advantage. Don’t give slow indexation an opportunity to delay your Search Engine Optimization achievements.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is backlink indexing?

Backlink indexing is the process of getting search engines like Google to discover and index the new backlinks pointing to your website. This ensures those valuable links start contributing to improved search rankings as quickly as possible.

Why is backlink indexing important for SEO?

Backlinks act as “votes” that signal a website’s authority and relevance to search engines. But if those backlinks are not indexed, they can’t be counted towards your rankings. 

How long does it typically take for Google to index new backlinks?

The time it takes for Google to index new backlinks can vary widely. For newer or less authoritative websites, it may take several weeks or even months. Using a backlink indexing tool can dramatically speed up this indexing process.

What are the best backlink indexing tools and services?

Some top options include Google Search Console, Indexing Expert, Omega Indexer, and SpeedLinks VIP Each offers different features, pricing, and indexing capabilities to suit various needs.

How do I choose the right backlink indexing solution?

Consider factors like indexing rates, additional SEO features, ease of use, pricing, and the provider’s reputation and customer support. Evaluate which backlink indexer tool or indexing service best fits your specific needs and SEO budget.

Can I index backlinks myself without a tool?

Yes, you can manually submit URLs through Google Search Console’s URL Inspection tool. But this is time-consuming, especially as your backlink profile grows. Dedicated indexing tools and indexing services are much more efficient.

How can I verify if my backlinks have been indexed?

Simply search for the URL of your backlink on Google. If the link appears in the search results, it has been successfully indexed. You can also check your backlink profile within SEO tools like Ahrefs or Moz.