How Brands Can Get Into Google News and Reap Rewards


Google News offers brands a real opportunity to get their news out there and even more importantly make it a lot more likely to be seen. So, what do you need to know about getting your business on Google News?

How valuable it is to participate Google News?

I’ve helped a number of websites prepare for and then get accepted into Google News. Once a site is accepted, I’ve noticed how the monthly clickthrough rate from Google improves as much as a third of all the attributable clicks coming from Google News. This also only lasted for a limited number of months. Having said that, your own results might vary.

Just what exactly is Google News? Google offers ‘Google News’ as a vertical search as such:

Articles are displayed as they rate to similar content as ranked by a computerized new service which gathers up titles coming from over 50,000 global news sources. Other information content characteristics used include diversity, relevance, location, and freshness.

The Advantages Of Showing Up On the Google News Feed

Once you choose to use your own Google News SEO strategy, it’s good to understand what’s available to you to enjoy as benefits. Ranking in Google News has three primary advantages. The first is that 60 percent of all respondents trust the content indexed in the Google News section as a portion of their regular searches. The second is that Google News is focused on articles that are news-specific, rather than general search results. The third is that having a Google News ranking for you company or business helps establish you as a newsmaking authority who keeps up with current trends.

How to Get on Google News

As with all search results from Google, there are best practices and clear guideline that form the foundation of having your content included in Google News and then ranked highly. In the following paragraphs, the emphasis is on the various core guidelines you should follow if you want to have good odds of success in Google News.

Kinds Of Content: As you can well imagine, your content has to be relevant, timely, and something the audience of Google News would find to be interesting. Some kinds of content don’t fall into this area; they include job listings, advice, tips, and information-only content like stock prices and weather updates.

Readability And Originality: Your content needs to be accurate. It also needs to be created by you first-hand. If your website has both aggregated and self-generated content, then you have to differentiate this clearly. If not, none of it is going to get into Google News much less stay there. The content that is created has to be written well. It should also be void of any excessively distracting elements such as videos, ads, and the like.

Trust And Expertise: If you want better chances of getting your content into Google News, it should be reflective of expertise and thoughts that are on the leading edge of your industry. You should offer very clear opinions that are based on your experience in your field. Also, support your content with trust signals such as telephone numbers, a physical address, and supporting authorship.

Quality: Quality is something that’s you’ll find present in every single aspect across Google’s ethos. If you’re not sure what actually distinguishes content quality, you should look over the Webmaster Quality Guidelines before looking at your own content objectively. You need to compare your own content to highly ranking sites that cover the same topics. Make sure your content surpasses the basic requirements, such as depth, opinion, trust, statistics, expertise, and variation. Also keep in mind that only news content gets accepted into Google News. If you try to get all your pages in, you’re attempting a poor tactic that is doomed to failure. Most content cases are going to be industry-specific, as well as company-neutral. Nothing should be based in PR or marketing. Expert opinions and quotes can really help, but they can’t be promoting anything or advertising a business.

Get into Google News

Google’s Own Tips For Getting on Google News

Google does have best practices listed for Google News SEO. These are the following takeaways you should know before anything else.

  • Be sure that you review everything available in the Google News Publisher Help Center.
  • Be sure your headlines are accurate and clear.
  • Offer accurate dates and times by being sure that you’re only showing one single clear time and date on your page. Also use structured data in order to communicate the time.
  • Don’t freshen stories artificially in order get a bit more play with an older story. Also, don’t write new stories using primarily the same content that previous and older stories used.
  • Don’t produce any duplicate content, don’t use scraped content, don’t use content that is just rewritten from another site that doesn’t offer additional value, and don’t republish content.
  • Be transparent when using author information, bylines, and contact information about the publication. Also review the content policies of Google.
  • Don’t deceive anyone by letting or being a site that impersonates another organization of person. Also, don’t conceal or misrepresent your ownership or your primary purpose.
  • Google also says to make sure you aren’t participating in link schemes, as this is general advice for Google SEO overall anyway.
  • Be sure you use structure data, which was mentioned already. Use AMP to richen your search results up.
  • Use HTTPS to secure your pages. Also, employ other security and privacy measures.

Our Tips on How to Get Into Google News

1) Publish Content That Is Unique:

The Google News Index prioritizes content that has clear attribution and originality. Avoid the temptation to just repurpose or regurgitate currently existing articles and content. Rather, you should publish unique and relevant content that is reliable-enough content to be prioritized over others.

2) Differentiate:

Admittedly, sometimes the only think you can do is cash in on a current buzz which everyone else is also writing about. Just try and do things differently than everyone else. Put a fresh spin on something or analyze an event from a very distinct angle.

3) Forecast:

Everyone knows that the focus of news evolves as a story is dug into deeper. Learn how to stay ahead of the trend of breaking news so you can be a step ahead of any inevitable shifts. That lets your readers be in the know and ahead of the curve.

4) Publish Quickly And Update:

A good rule of general journalism is that being first matters a lot. Try to be the first to publish something, stay nimble as you track new developments, and maintain current content. Minor article tweaks prove wise and can even be interpreted by readers as updates on a developing story.

5) Headlines Are Important:

Headlines serve an essential role in the tracking formula Google uses, so be sure you make yours count. The logic behind rankings for the news box structured more simply than it is with routine search results, so it’s vital to use the best words or word combinations. Leverage powerful keywords so you can convey the most of the story you through the inclusion of events, associations, names, and companies in your article titles.

6) The First Paragraph:

Get to your point promptly. Launch the piece with the first paragraph of the story by covering the 5 Ws, which are why, when, where, what, and who. Use the first few sentence to give the reader as many details as you can so you can drive home what the rest of the piece is going to cover.

7) Be Sure To Use Proper Nouns:

Generic nouns don’t get a lot of attention from Google. If you have proper names of organizations, places, and people relevant to the article, then use them. When News notices pieces have ‘original named entities’ which others don’t, it might help you stick out as someone that’s a source of original reporting. If that happens, it’s a very good thing.

8) Optimize Your Click-Through Rate:

Google tracks all the clicks that articles get, so prioritize optimize click-through rates. Focus on components worthy of clicks, like your first sentence, videos, headline, images, and description. These elements can boost your odds of getting an edge over your online competitors, many of whom might be using CMS or content management systems which make meta descriptions their excerpts.

9) Multimedia Is Great To Use:

Google’s News Index loves looking for content which offers users multimedia experiences, so it’s crucial to use videos and graphics. Just make sure you follow the tips from Google in regards to images so you get the most out of them.

10) Be Your Brand:

As a journalist, you’ll develop an online reputation whether you like it or not. If it’s a good one, don’t get too far from home. Your readers will start anticipating what they’ll get from the content that you publish, and they’ll return again and again if they like what they get. Embrace any brand you are currently writing for. Do what you can to provide your audience with their expectations every time they check in with you.

11) Keep Your Eyes And Ears Open:

If you’re a news writer, then you’re dependent on many spontaneous daily events, ranging from world occurrences to press conferences and weather events. On the other hand, many topics can be really predictable, be it sporting events or political elections. Agility is necessary for your optimal news approach. React as quickly as you can to anything unexpected. Having said that, also maintain a steady focus on any predictable items so that you give your readers an engaging and diverse mix of topics.

In Conclusion

SEO strategies are things that can elevate your rankings in Google News quickly. Google Trends can help you find current trends and keyword terms, so you can use them. Start with any trending terms which aren’t getting enough attention. When you can publish content on topics first that resonates with online users, you can stand out quite successfully from tens of thousands of other online publishers all fighting for reader attention every moment of every day.