Should I Buy Links from Fiverr – Are they Safe?


Fiverr – cheap gigs and offers – but is it a good place to buy links? And, are these links safe for SEO purposes? We take a look at what Fiverr is, the benefits of using such a service and many of the pitfalls involved in buying links on the Fiverr platform.

One of these sources is Fiverr, a freelancers’ website where you can get these services among others. The main issue is whether these Fiverr links benefit your site and ensure safety.

In this post from VelSEOity, we will find out if Fiverr backlinks actually help in improving a site’s visibility and whether they pose any risks. We will find out if Fiverr backlinks help improve a site’s visibility and if they pose risks. We will also discuss alternative methods of obtaining links and tips for keeping your site healthy in the long run. Let’s cover everything in detail.

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What is Fiverr? Should I Buy Backlinks From There?

Fiverr was started in 2010 as an online marketplace for freelance services. It allows freelancers to deliver digital products and services termed as “gigs” at different costs. These gigs are then bought by buyers globally from sellers across the world.

SEO services including paid backlink packages are among the most popular categories found on Fiverr. There are numerous gigs that provide guest post links, web 2.0 backlinks just to mention but a few examples. Some even promise thousands of backlinks for only $5.

Nonetheless, affordable access to freelance talent has its challenges when it comes to using Fiverr. While many sellers may offer substandard jobs or products that infringe on rules due to the low entry barriers, false reviews make it harder for customers to trust them.

Well said isn’t it? High quality authoritative sites are very useful in enhancing search visibility hence one may feel tempted by cheap backlinks. That being said however any package offering an excessive number of backlinks for peanuts should be approached with caution about their legitimacy and tactics used.

Advantages of Buying Backlinks on Fiverr

Though buying backlinks on Fiverr can be highly risky, when done in the right way, it offers several advantages:

Cheap prices

One of the key attractions of Fiverr is how cheaply one can get backlinks and other digital services such as some gig packages that offer hundreds of them for $5. This low cost element eliminates much of the financial barrier to link building.

Diverse Selection

Fiverr offers a vast selection of link building gigs beyond just basic backlinks. You can find sellers offering guest posts, niche edits, business listing submissions, and comprehensive monthly packages tailored to your needs.

Marketplace Protections

As a buyer on Fiverr, you do have some protections in place like the ability to request revisions, cancellations, or even full refunds if the delivered work does not meet your requirements or violates Fiverr’s terms of service.

Time Savings

Purchasing backlinks on Fiverr can save significant time and effort compared to pursuing link building tactics like blogger outreach or content marketing completely in-house or on your own.

Of course, these advantages need to be weighed against the very real risks of receiving low-quality, spammy, or Google-penalising backlinks if you don’t rigorously vet individual sellers on Fiverr. Many SEOs still recommend avoiding the platform for link building entirely to play it safe.

Common but Ineffective Backlink Types Offered on Fiverr

The Fiverr marketplace is rife with promises of quick and cheap backlink packages. Many of the backlink types commonly offered on the platform tend to be low-quality and ineffective for SEO.

  • Forum Comments – One of the easiest types of backlinks for Fiverr sellers to offer are links dropped in forums and online communities. These lack the contextual relevance that search engines prefer to see. Forum comment links are often perceived as spammy and add little to no SEO value.
  • Directory Links – Many Fiverr gigs involve submitting your website to general directories or listing sites. While some curated business directories can have value, the bulk of low-quality directory links don’t carry much weight with search engines like Google.
  • Footer Links – Buying footer backlinks was once a popular grey/black hat tactic, where your link would be placed in the footer/bottom section of other websites. Search engines have caught on to this manipulative approach, and footer links now provide negligible SEO benefits.
  • Nofollow Links – A very common issue with backlinks purchased through Fiverr is receiving an overwhelming number of nofollow links. Nofollow links can drive referral traffic but they don’t pass PageRank value which minimises their impact on search rankings. Most quality SEO relies on accumulating dofollow backlinks.

The reason these types of backlinks are so commonly offered at cheap rates on Fiverr is that they are easy for sellers to obtain in bulk through automated methods.

Why Google Penalizes Low-Quality Backlinks

Google values backlinks because they are like votes or endorsements of quality from websites not owned by the creator. The most useful links come from sites that have authority, trustworthiness and are topically related to the subject matter.

However, with time, Google has been able to identify spammy, low-quality and unnatural links intended at manipulating the search rankings.

There are several reasons why Google penalises sites which indulge in obtaining cheap backlink portfolios:

  1. No Editorial Control – The search giant emphasises on rewarding sites with backlinks earned through true editorial process or human curation but not those bought, auto-generated, or obtained artificially without people making a judgement.
  1. Irrelevant Link Sources  – You will realise that a link only carries value if it comes from reputable sources relevant to your niche. This is different from randomly linking to unrelated websites as well as directories or comment spam alerting flags.
  1. Manipulative Linking Structures –  Among other things, this includes networks of low-quality sources appearing suspicious about search algorithms such as excessive keywords in anchor text and links passing through footprints.
  1. Violation of Webmaster Guidelines  – Most forms of participating in link schemes including buying links or too much cross-linking within own pages go against Google’s Webmaster Guidelines which govern what is good practice when it comes to building links ethically.

By penalising sites that try to accumulate artificial, low-quality link portfolios through shortcuts and schemes, Google aims to maintain the integrity of their search results. Only well-earned links from authoritative, reputable sources should be able to boost a site’s visibility.

Alternatives to Fiverr Backlinks

So rather than searching for cheap potentially deadly backlink packages go for white hat link building strategies which last long-term:

  • Create high-quality content that attracts natural linking
  • Write guest posts on relevant authoritative blogs
  • Reach out directly to webmasters for contextual edits
  • Build listings on legitimate business directories

This requires more patience and effort than buying Fiverr backlink blasts.

This requires more patience and effort than buying Fiverr backlink blasts. However, it grows your backlink portfolio with safe, future-proof links that boost search visibility long-term.

Verdict on Fiverr Backlinks

Fiverr offers some talented freelancers at affordable prices but buying backlinks on the platform is extremely risky for most websites. The potential to receive spammy, unnatural links that invite search engine penalties is very high. It’s best to avoid these services entirely unless you have expert SEO skills to properly vet sellers.

Instead, focus your time and money on safe, sustainable link building through tactics like content marketing, niche outreach, and judicious paid link building from reliable, trusted providers. This white hat approach keeps you out of trouble while compounding long-term SEO gains.