Local Falcon Review


In this review, VelSEOity look at what Local Falcon is, the benefits of using Local Falcon and offer a full on review of how the service works and our experience of it from first hand use. 

For small businesses, being prominent on Google Maps is crucial. Ranking in the “Map 3-Pack” can attract new customers. However, improving your Google My Business (GMB) rankings can be challenging. Local Falcon offers solutions for optimizing GMB profiles and generating reviews.

First, let’s define what Local Falcon is. We will discuss it further.

What is Local Falcon?

Local Falcon is a particular local SEO tool aimed at helping local businesses rank better in organic search results. It is not comparable with other SEO tools specifically for use by local business entities.

What stands out most about Local Falcon though, is how much people in need of its services or products are close by. So as SEO efforts evolve over time changes occurring in local search result referrals are seen by users through this tool.

One interesting thing about Local Falcon is that it helps companies know how they compare against their competitors when it comes to local searches. This has enabled them to place themselves strategically so as to beat them and rank higher locally.

Local Falcon is great for businesses with many locations. It helps them do better in local search results, especially on platforms like Google My Business and Google Maps.

Local Falcon has lots of features to help businesses with their local SEO. It gives them accurate data and tools to make their online presence better. It’s like a one-stop-shop for local businesses who want to do well in local search.

Why Use Local Falcon?

Local Falcon provides the specific data that local businesses need to succeed. Unlike general SEO tools, Local Falcon focuses on the metrics that truly matter for local search:

  • Local Visibility Scores: See how your business ranks in local search results. 
  • Share of Local Voice (SoLV): Understand how your brand compares to competitors in the local market.
  • Average Rank Position (ARP) in Google Maps: Track your keyword rankings in Google Maps, a key driver of foot traffic.

Local Falcon helps you make informed decisions about your local SEO and marketing by providing this granular, location-based data. You’ll know exactly where you stand compared to the competition.

Local Falcon Promises and Claims

Local Falcon is promising local SEO with precision, location-specific results that help businesses understand their competition and improve Google My Business listings.

It has even more pocket-friendly rates compared to other companies like Local Viking making it an attractive choice for all scales of business. GMB GeoGrid tool is a lead generator that allows visitors to the agency’s websites to evaluate local visibility through traffic.

Local Falcon helps enhance local presence and voice by monitoring multiple keywords per location.

With up front assertions such as these, the features and performance of Local Falcon need scrutiny: does it really deliver on its claims? 

We’ll look into the following areas:

  • Setup process
  • User interface
  • Features
  • Overall performance

This analysis will determine if Local Falcon can indeed deliver accurate, location-specific results and aid businesses in optimizing their local SEO strategies.

Local Falcon Pricing

Local Falcon has a flexible pricing model based on credits that can be tailored to suit the needs of all types of business organizations. The platform offers four different pricing packages each providing different levels of credits and capabilities to meet your local SEO requirements.

  1. Starter GMB Package: Priced at $24.99 monthly, this basic package provides 7,500 credits which is affordable for companies with either one or limited footprint in local search.
  1. Basic GMB Package: For $49.99 per month, the Basic package provides 15,000 credits, catering to businesses with a slightly larger local presence or those seeking to monitor a few key locations.
  1. Pro GMB Package: At $99.99 per month, the Pro package offers a generous 31,000 credits, making it an ideal choice for multi-location businesses or those with a more extensive local search strategy.
  1. Premium GMB Package: Priced at $199.99 per month, the Premium package includes a substantial 63,000 credits, providing ample resources for businesses with a large geographical reach or those requiring in-depth local search monitoring and optimization.

It’s important to note that each credit corresponds to a data point, often referred to as a “map pin,” used during a scan. The grid size you choose determines the number of credits utilized, allowing you to tailor your usage to your specific needs.

This flexible, credits-based pricing model gives businesses the freedom to select the plan that best suits their local SEO requirements, whether they’re monitoring a single location or multiple areas. By offering a range of options, Local Falcon ensures that businesses of all sizes can access the powerful tools and insights they need to dominate their local search landscape.

Local Falcon Setup Process

Setting up Local Falcon is a straightforward process that allows businesses to quickly start tracking their local search performance and accessing the platform’s valuable features. 

As a reviewer, I found the setup to be a seamless experience, with a few key steps that were easy to follow.

  1. Choose from many plans ranging from $25 to $200 each month. This makes it a cost-effective solution for service-area enterprises of all sizes.
  2. After selecting a plan, consumers can connect their Google My Business account to Local Falcon.
  3. Start tracking local rankings.

The simplicity of the setup process stood out for me in terms of features offered by Local Falcon. With its user-friendly approach, you can quickly start benefiting from the offerings on this program that is quite helpful more so for amateurs in local SEO.

Overall setup experience with Local Falcon was smooth and efficient preparing enterprises to dominate local searches.

Local Falcon User interface

Local Falcon’s user experience is topnotch largely due to its highly intuitive and simple interface. As an evaluator, I found that the platform has a good layout and design which is well organized allowing users to quickly access key features as they assess their local SEO performance.

The main things that make up the interface are:

  • Map View of Local Rankings: Local Falcon provides a visually appealing map view that displays the user’s local rankings, making it easy to understand their positioning in the local search landscape.
  • Precise Scan Radius Intervals: The platform offers scan radius intervals of 0.1, ensuring users can analyze their local rankings with a high degree of granularity and accuracy.
  • Performance Tracking: Local Falcon’s interface enables users to closely monitor the performance of their local search marketing efforts, allowing them to measure the impact of their optimization strategies.
  • Proximity-Accurate Data Visualization: The interface presents data in a manner that is representative of the user’s proximity to the searched location, providing a true reflection of their local search presence.
  • API Access: For users who require more advanced functionality, Local Falcon offers an API that grants access to ranking data and metrics, allowing for seamless integration with other systems.

In addition to these core elements, on the platform homepage you can get to do business scanning, local map ranking tracking, search result comparisons, Google Business Profile monitoring as well as staying ahead with the latest updates from the platform.

The design of Local Falcon’s interface looks good and works well. Users can easily navigate the site and use the tools to improve their local SEO. This includes an intuitive layout paired with a feature-rich approach for an overall positive user experience.

Local Falcon Features

Some of these digital instruments include genuine location information; analysis of photographs and post content; assessment of feedback rank; tracing receptivity; and profile communication analysis.

The location profile accuracy feature gives precise and complete information on the ranking of a business’s Google Business Profile in a specific area, allowing users to track their company’s local ranking and compare it to other businesses in the area.

Local Falcon provides the following features:

  • Scanning technology that measures review ratings from numerous points at varying distances from the target business and displays Google Business Profile results based on these scans.
  • The responsiveness tracking tool is used to track and monitor the responsiveness of Google Business Profiles.
  • Insightful data and visual reports can be utilized to customize cold outreach and improve client engagement

Local Falcon gives businesses a competitive advantage in their industry by giving useful data that can be leveraged to optimize their Google My Business listings and increase their local search rankings.

Local Falcon Overall performance

I’ve had the opportunity to closely examine Local Falcon’s performance across various aspects of local SEO. The platform’s key strengths lie in its ability to deliver accurate, location-specific data through its live organic results, as well as its comprehensive suite of position improvement tools.

Live Organic Results

Local Falcon provides businesses with clear insights into their local search performance in real-time. It scans the exact location of a search to show where they rank locally. This helps businesses make informed decisions to boost their visibility and understand their competition.

These live results are advantageous for local SEO analytics. Businesses can act quickly and be more responsive, improving their brand reputation organically. Users often trust organic listings more than sponsored ads, so enhancing ratings naturally builds stronger customer trust.

Position Improvement Tools

Not simply showing search results as usual, Local Falcon also comes with features to assist businesses doing better on their searches. These tools suggest ways to improve performance in particular areas and how to be noticed more on Google Maps, as well as delivering smart analytics for higher rankings.

Moreover, the tools can help ascertain a company’s position relative to its competitors. Based on this information, it will be easier to determine direction towards ensuring local dominance over rivals.

Besides, these tools are flexible in nature. As such users can customize them depending on preferences they have or when necessary; while others may want them in their entirety enabling users to receive comprehensive reports regarding their performance. This gives businesses an opportunity to use data for effective decision making about local SEO.

Is Local Falcon Worth It?

Yes, Local Falcon is worth the investment for local businesses looking to boost their visibility and rankings in Google Maps and local search results.

The platform focuses on tracking important local data, like visibility scores and share of local voice. This gives valuable information to help optimize strategies. You can also keep an eye on your Google My Business performance over time and compare it with competitors which is very helpful.

Although Local Falcon isn’t perfect and has a few small limits, it offers many useful features, an easy-to-use interface, and flexible pricing. Overall, it’s a good investment. If you use the insights it provides, Local Falcon can give you a strong advantage over competitors in your local area.

Local Falcon is worth considering for local businesses serious about improving their search presence. It could be the tool you need to boost your local search strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Local Falcon? 

Local Falcon is a tool specifically designed for local SEO that helps local businesses improve their visibility and rankings in Google Maps and local search results.

What does Local Falcon do? 

Local Falcon helps local businesses rank better in local search results.

Is Local Falcon expensive? 

No, Local Falcon offers affordable pricing plans starting at $24.99 per month.

Is Local Falcon easy to use? 

Yes, the article describes Local Falcon’s setup process and user interface as straightforward and intuitive.

What data does Local Falcon provide? 

Local Falcon provides data on local visibility scores, share of local voice, and average rank position in Google Maps.

Who can benefit from using Local Falcon? 

Businesses with a single location or multiple locations across different areas can benefit from using Local Falcon.