ZimmWriter Review 2024


At VelSEOity we have tried out a number of AI tools as a content creator in an effort to make my work more organized and efficient. So when I heard about ZimmWriter, I thought it would be worth trying out and see how it could impact my process.

In this review, I’ll share my first hand experience with ZimmWriter – the good, the bad and all in between. Let’s break down the key features, functionality, user experience and even pros and cons that I encountered. We’ll also discuss its pricing and provide a conclusion based on my experience. Let’s get into it.

What is ZimmWriter?

ZimmWriter is an AI-driven tool for content creation which utilizes OpenAI’s language models to help you create high-quality SEO optimized content seamlessly. 

A software application that lives on your desktop can simplify the process of generating content for your blog, whether you are a lone writer or perhaps somebody who has entered into affiliate marketing and needs an affordable solution to your writing requirements.

Key Features of ZimmWriter

ZimmWriter contains an extensive suite of features designed to enhance your experience while creating content. Here are some exceptional capabilities:

  • 1-Click Blog Writer 

The 1-Click Blog Writer does exactly what its name implies; it writes a complete long-form blog post within one click. All you need to do is input the blog title before pressing ok.

Guest posts often don’t require much SEO work; therefore, 1-Click Blog Writer will be very ideal for such articles.

You can also use 1-Click Blog Writer for creating listicles like  “5 Tips to Make Money Online.”

In my experience, 1-Click Blog Writer generates roughly 2,000 words of articles depending on the topic, and it takes a few minutes to complete the content. 

Generally, the articles are of high quality. 

1-Click Writer’s Surfer SEO score is normally between 40 and 50 out of the box.

  • SEO Blog Writer 

The SEO Writer in Zimmwriter is a tool that is becoming more and more captivating. The program helps you produce long-form blog posts that are optimized for SEO within minutes. Simple to use, just select your preferences and let the SEO Blog Writer do the rest.

It works as follows:

  1. Type in H1 and H2 titles. You can come up with H2 titles in three ways:
  • Method 1: Enter the titles manually.
  • Method 2: Allow Zimmwriter to design the titles for you
  • Method 3: Enter the seed keywords and then Zimmwriter generates titles using AI based on them.
  1. Choose your preferred settings and launch SEO Blog Writer.

There are a number of parameters available:

  • H2 section length: This lets you specify how long each paragraph should be. Options include short, medium, or long paragraphs.
  • Voice: YVery Personal, Personal or Professional tone can be chosen for output. Professional tone means there are few “I” and “You” statements in it.
  • Enable Literary Devices: enables various literary devices that make the output look more human-like readable text. Using this value, AI detectors are unlikely to distinguish the text as AI-generated.
  • Enable FAQ: When you select this option, the program will generate 5 FAQs in the output.
  • Enable Tease: makes the output more interesting by adding extra sentences at the conclusion of each paragraph to make the transition to the next part smoother and more appealing.
  • Enable Lists: This option allows bullet points in the output.
  • Enable Tables: This option allows table formatting in the output.
  • Boost Change of Detection as Real: This option allows Zimmwriter to work its magic, making it more difficult for AI detectors to recognize that the content was written by an AI.
  • Write in the Style of: This option allows you to specify which character or person’s name the output should sound like.
  • Audience Personality: This option allows you to specify which type of audience the article is meant for. There are several brand archetypes that can be used for a variety of objectives.
  • Use Auto Style: Zimmwriter will attempt to use the style of the most authoritative person on the issue when this option is checked. This is a new feature in 6.0 edition. I haven’t done much testing on this yet, but I believe it has a lot of potential.
  • Use Best of Two: If you select this option, the AI will write all subheadings twice and choose the best one as an output. Please keep in mind that this choice doubles the price of the article (we are still talking about very low cost).
  1. Add SEO Keywords

This is the section where you put your important words for your article. The limit here is 150 words. If you have more than that, just keep the best ones.

Hence, the choice of words matters on whether or not your article will appear in Google. Therefore, it’s highly important to choose good ones.

So how do you know which words are right? How my ZimmWriter bonus comes in. Let me take you through a step-by-step process of manually finding the best words.

Kw Per Subheading Section enables AI to distribute keywords within different sections. For instance, if there are 50 keywords and ten sections, then put 5 here.

Remember AI doesn’t use every keyword five times each; it uses them at least once, maybe more.

From my experience, depending on the subject matter, SEO Blog Writer feature can generate articles of up to 6,000 words. It only takes a couple of minutes to get done with it. These articles usually get a Surfer SEO score between 60 and 70.

After this article is over what will be left for you is editing it; therefore I use Grammarly first to correct grammar errors

Then I also increase the SEO score by adding any suggested keywords from Surfer

To rank even higher on Google try to increase the SEO Score on surfer or similar tool up to about 80 or even 90

  • Bulk Blog Writer

Bulk Blog Writer is designed to make lots of content quickly.

Bulk Blog Writer works like SEO Blog Writer, but you can’t put in keywords.

It’s easy to use. Just type in titles, and the program makes many blog posts at once. You can put in up to 1000 titles.

ZimmWriter saves the writing in a Markdown file. You can change it to another format using Alldocs online converter, like Microsoft Word. Then, you’ll see all the H2s correctly.

Once it’s changed, you can copy the writing to Surfer or a similar tool.

  • Local SEO Buffet

In version 6.0, there’s a new thing called Local SEO Buffet. It tackles a big issue in local SEO: Many local businesses don’t have good service pages on their websites.

This Local SEO Buffet is quite special and not like anything else out there.

Basically, it helps local businesses create content for their service pages. It’s easy to use: Just fill in the fields and let ZimmWriter work its magic.

  • Penny Arcade

Penny Arcade is a cool part of ZimmWriter. This ZimmWriter feature has become one of my favorites.

Here’s the deal: with ZimmWriter, you just give it a URL, and it writes an article from that page. Can you imagine what you can do with this tool?

You can add up to 1000 URLs all at once.

But hold on, there’s more! You can even put in a transcript from a YouTube video, and Penny Arcade will make an article from that.

You might wonder, why the name Penny Arcade? Well, it’s because Penny Arcade uses GPT3.5 turbo, and it’s really affordable.

The articles are really good with the newest ZimmWriter version.

  • Topical Authority Generator

Struggling to make a map showing your website’s expertise in certain subjects? ZimmWriter now has a solution for you. It’s called the Topical Authority Generator, a new tool found in the AI Vault.

Topical authority shows how well a website covers a topic, helping search engines rank its content. It’s built through quality content, grouping similar topics, understanding what users want, getting links, and linking within your site.

ZimmWriter’s Topical Authority Generator uses AI to organize a broad topic into smaller groups, keywords, and titles for creating content. While using GPT4 costs more, it gives better results.

I suggest trying out this feature with Turbo first.

  • Magic Command (CTRL-1)

Magic Commands operates within ZimmWriter, integrating ChatGPT. Instead of utilizing ChatGPT directly, prompts can be entered into any editor such as Notepad, yielding comparable results.

?Tip: Magic Command can be utilized in virtually any software. For instance, on LinkedIn, you can create a post by accessing LinkedIn and employing the Magic Command feature within the platform.

  • Custom Outlines

Custom outlines are one of the latest and most powerful features. Custom outlines allow you to make multiple posts at the same time using the same outline format, which was not previously feasible.

  • Internet Scraping

ZimmWriter is capable of scraping the internet.

Zimmwriter scraping example 1

Using the “Scrape all the URLs” command, ZimmWriter will scrape the URL and insert the webpage’s summary into the backdrop box. 

Zimmwriter scraping example 2

To scrape a URL, you can use the following magic command:


The scraping tool now allows you to write a blog entry. You can easily utilize any web page as background material for your new article. 

  • Midjourney Prompts

Midjourney is the most advanced AI-powered text-to-image generator. ZimmWriter can create Midjourney prompts for your blog automatically. 

All you have to do is input the picture prompt into your Midjourney Discord server, and you’ll have a lovely featured image to accompany your post. 

You could also have ZimmWriter create Midjourney prompts for each H2 heading to break up the text with images.

How ZimmWriter Works

ZimmWriter’s functionality is heavily reliant on its integration with OpenAI API. Users will have to install their own OpenAI API key in order to use the AI-powered content generation features of the platform. 

This condition enables you to be in total control of your data and ability to personalize AI models.

Who is ZimmWriter for?

ZimmWriter is developed primarily for independent content writers and affiliate marketers who need a versatile and cost-effective content creation solution. The platform suits those who are looking for local SEO and automated content. 

However, if you require robust collaboration features, strict style guide adherence, high-touch content or advanced brand voice implementation, ZimmWriter may not be a good match for your needs.

Pros and Cons of ZimmWriter

Pros Cons
  • ZimmWriter is a beast for content automation.
  • No Mac version available yet
  • Triggers, commands, background information, literary devices, and bespoke prompts all contribute to its adaptability.
  • Limited collaboration features
  • Creates high-quality content.
  • Brand voice implementation may not be ideal
  • Focuses on local SEO content.
  • Requires setting up an OpenAI API key
  • Desktop tool, works in Notepad, Word, Microsoft Word, Notion Desktop, and other programs.
  • Limited AI model options
  • Cost-effective with low-cost monthly subscription and lifetime offer.
  • Subjective user interface opinion
  • Ability to add your own Open AI key to ensure payment for what you use.
  • Lacks built-in grammar and plagiarism checkers

Unique Features Compared to Other AI Tools

What makes ZimmWriter distinctive among other AI-powered content creation tools is its desktop-based approach which allows you to work offline and bring your own OpenAI API key.

Moreover, it also offers various custom prompt options for tailoring the output based on what you want as well as excels at handling bulk content creation. Still, its focus on local SEO has made ZimmWriter a popular choice among creators targeting specific geographical areas.

Pricing and Plans

The company has diverse pricing options for various content creation requirements provided by ZimmWriter.

Monthly Plan: $24.97 per month

This package is the most basic subscription; it guarantees a complete range of software features.

Yearly Plan: $247 per year

If you go with the annual plan, you get a discount compared to the monthly option.

Lifetime Deal: $497 one-time payment

I would recommend this Lifetime offer to anyone who wants to be with us for a long time. It is the most rewarding as it gives a person unlimited access to ZimmWriter and new versions of it in future.

In my humble opinion, Lifetime Deal makes the best sense when you think about how much you will use ZimmWriter over a period of many years. A single investment upfront that wipes out ongoing monthly or yearly fee payments in future proves wise in due course. The Yearly Plan is also an attractive recurring subscription option if one desires lower expenditure every month.


To conclude, ZimmWriter is a tool that enables online creators. It provides many facets that facilitate easy writing. ZimmWriter has something for you, whether you are churning out short blogs or diving into SEO.

It features like Penny Arcade that can turn web pages and YouTube videos into articles as well as the Topical Authority Generator to help you look like an expert on any topic. Additionally, through the Magic Command feature at ChatGPT, it is possible to get smart advice on writing.

Factually, though, ZimmWriter has its limitations such as not being available for Mac and lacking some teamwork elements. However, all in all this tool is useful if you want to improve your online content game. The pricing is also pocket-friendly particularly the lifetime package which makes it worth long-term consideration.