Agility Writer Review: Is this the AI Content Writing Game Changer?


Content creators, SEO specialists, and writers always seek ways to simplify tasks without losing quality. Agility Writer, an AI-powered writing assistant, aims to do just that. I tested this tool to see if it could transform my writing process.

We’ll explore Agility Writer’s features, its impact on SEO, and how it balances readability and originality. Additionally, we’ll look at productivity gains, pricing, and alternatives.

Content producers such as SEO specialists, creators, and writers like me prefer making their tasks easier without compromising the quality of work. There was a tool that gained my attention not so long ago – Agility Writer is an assistant to writing that utilizes artificial intelligence.

Being someone who always likes to remain updated and find new processes of making my job easier, I had some interest in agility writer. Might this be the game-changer for me? I went in to try it out under different guidelines for it can be a turning point.

Agility Writer Overview

Agility Writer is a software which utilizes AI (artificial intelligence) to create content. In this manner, it can generate high-quality SEO-friendly materials. We provide necessary information and get the right articles in return.

Key Features of Agility Writer

Agility Writer is powerful software with some features that make writing quality content easy. Below, you’ll find mind-blowing features of Agility Writer which can certainly change your writing process for the better:

  • 1-Click Article Generator

The 1-Click Article Generator is super handy. It generates a full SEO rich article in one click! The app will perform research and compose essays itself. It always provides fresh and up-to-date information about its topics. If you are in a hurry to create amazing content, this is the right thing to do.

  • Product Roundup Review Writer

For generating product reviews quickly, the Product Roundup Review Writer is a game-changing tool. We have utilized it to produce more than 400 reviews in various areas. 

On every occasion, we received accurate, informative pieces that readers would probably appreciate well. It’s meant for bloggers and marketers who need to write many product reviews.

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  • Advanced Mode for Long-Form Content

We rely on Advanced Mode for such big writing projects. This allows us to determine what type of articles they should be, how long they are supposed to be, which themes they should have and what keywords we want included in them. We may even decide how formal or casual our tone should be. Using AI technology from Agility Writer, our long-form articles are properly structured and well laid-out.

  • Smart Outline Builder

The Smart Outline Builder, as its name suggests, is a tool that automatically creates outlines for any subject in a well-structured manner. Its job is to go through top-ranking articles first, so it can suggest the most appropriate outline, keyword positioning and flow. This helps to maintain coherence from the beginning by keeping our content logically organized, easy to follow and SEO optimized.

  • Natural Language Processing

Agility Writer uses advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) across its features to produce readable, engaging, and 100% original content. Furthermore, NLP technology analyzes writing styles such that natural language flow can be created. In addition to this, it powers the AI Detection system to make sure our output is completely unique.

Agility Writer’s Superpowers for SEO Optimization

When we talk about search engine optimization (SEO), Agility Writer becomes an invaluable friend. With real-time data on trending topics and search engine algorithms at hand, this intelligent writing assistant ensures your content moves up Google’s ranks rapidly.

Here are some of the ways Agility Writer supports SEO optimization:

  • Seamlessly integrating relevant keywords to improve visibility in search results
  • Optimizing meta descriptions to make your articles stand out
  • Generating fresh, unique content that satisfies search engines’ demand for novel, engaging material
  • Increasing the likelihood of article shares, which can lead to valuable backlinks

Being an experienced SEO insider means that Agility Writer has seen it all before; therefore you will never be behind when trying to deliver relevant information over time. It takes real time data into account in order not to miss out on optimizing your writing for search engines.

In my experience, Agility Writer has been instrumental in helping me create content that consistently ranks well on search engines. This tool is able to quickly adapt to new SEO trends which radically changed the game for me and helped me stay ahead of competition.

Balancing Readability and Originality

One of the primary reasons why it manages this balance include:

  • Writing clear, concise and accessible texts that grab attention and hold it till the end
  • Avoiding jargon-filled content and repetitive phrases leading to a tone that is fresh and engaging
  • Protecting your work’s originality using sophisticated plagiarism detection and ensuring observance of copyright laws
  • Highlighting instances where you may need to rephrase or reframe certain paragraphs so as not to have them read like the existing ones

Therefore, with this aspect in mind you get an assurance that whatever you present is an exclusive article by consideration of your particular audience.

Agility Writer doesn’t only assist in generating high-quality content but also makes the writing process much faster and easier. For me, this is where the tool really shines through:

Efficiency and Productivity Gains

Agility Writer doesn’t just help create high-quality content – it also makes the whole writing process much faster and easier. For me, this is where the tool really shines through:

  • It generates unique, human-like content that passes AI detection tests with flying colors
  • The natural language processing ensures articles flow naturally and keep readers engaged
  • It stays up-to-date on SEO best practices to help optimize my articles for better rankings

But most importantly, Agility Writer allows me to go from concept to completed draft in a fraction of the usual time by:

  • Suggesting ideas and checking for issues as I write, so I can focus purely on creative aspects
  • Handling all the research and SEO optimization work automatically
  • Never running out of fresh content ideas, just like a tireless human assistant

This means far less time staring at a blank screen aimlessly. Instead, I can rapidly churn out high-quality publishable pieces to meet deadlines.

The productivity gains are massive – using Agility Writer allows me to create way more content in the same timeframe compared to writing fully manually. It streamlines my entire workflow and boosts my overall output tremendously.

Pricing and Plans

I was particularly impressed by the tool’s flexible and transparent pricing structure. Recognizing that content creators have varying needs and budgets, Agility Writer offers three distinct pricing tiers to choose from:

Plan Price Credits per Month Articles per Month Features
Basic Plan $25/month 40 Up to 40
  • Full Feature Access
  • Power-Up Guide
  • Factual Data
  • SEO Optimization
  • Perfect Outline Builder
Standard Plan $49/month 80 Up to 80
  • Full Feature Access
  • Power-Up Guide
  • Factual Data
  • SEO Optimization
  • Perfect Outline Builder
Pro Plan $88/month 150 Up to 150
  • Full Feature Access
  • Power-Up Guide
  • Factual Data
  • SEO Optimization
  • Perfect Outline Builder
Premium Plan $205/month 380 Up to 380
  • Full Feature Access
  • Power-Up Guide
  • Factual Data, SEO Optimization
  • Perfect Outline Builder
Elite Plan $475/month 960 Up to 960
  • Full Feature Access
  • Power-Up Guide
  • Factual Data
  • SEO Optimization
  • Perfect Outline Builder
Ultimate Plan $898/month 1800 Up to 1800
  • Full Feature Access
  • Power-Up Guide
  • Factual Data
  • SEO Optimization
  • Perfect Outline Builder


Agility Writer understands that trying before committing is crucial, which is why they offer a $1 trial period. This allows users to explore the tool’s capabilities and seamlessly integrate it into their content creation workflow, ensuring it’s the right match before making a financial investment.

I think this way of doing things is a big deal. Whether you’re a blogger working alone or part of a bigger team that needs lots of help with writing, Agility Writer has a plan that can work for you. Being able to adjust how much you use it is really handy.

For me, I went with the Standard Plan. It’s helped me make good content that’s easy to find on search engines without costing too much. At VelSEOity we found the extra features like the Power-Up Guide and Perfect Outline Builder have made my work even easier.

In general, Agility Writer’s pricing is clear, fair, and made to help all kinds of content creators. I really suggest checking out the different plans to find the right one for you.

Pros and Cons



  • Agility Writer is a unique AI tool that generates high-quality text while giving a smooth writing experience.
  • People who are unfamiliar with AI tools may face a learning curve. Getting used to the features and figuring out how to use them fully can take some time.
  • The program generates SEO-friendly material that can greatly improve your online exposure and ranking.
  • If you have limited funds, the price might be tough. Even with various subscription choices, it could still be pricey for some.
  • Its Outline Builder tool allows you to swiftly build well-structured article outlines, which promotes better idea organization.
  • AI-created content is handy, but you might need to edit it yourself to match your brand’s style.
  • The Advanced Mode includes customization choices, allowing us to modify the content to our own needs.
  • Because Agility Writer is an online application, you’ll need a reliable internet connection to utilize it without interruption.
  • This capability streamlines large-scale content creation, saving us important time and resources.
  • The tool has an Internal Linking feature, which is useful for SEO and works seamlessly with WordPress.


Alternatives Comparison

While Agility Writer holds its own, the AI writing tool market is rapidly evolving with new players emerging frequently. Here’s a quick look at how it compares to some other popular options:

Jasper AI – More feature-rich and advanced capabilities, but also much pricier. Best suited for professional teams.

Copymatic – Budget-friendly but average output quality. Okay for basic, supplementary content needs.

CopyAI – Focused strength for shorter-form content like social media posts, emails, bios etc. Less powerful for long-form material.

For most content creators, Agility Writer strikes a nice balance between quality AI writing, useful features and affordability in my opinion. Combining it with specialized SEO tools like Surfer SEO could potentially maximize results further.

Other Agility Writer users I came across reported similarly positive experiences. Many praised the ease of cost-effectively creating large content volumes that kept readers engaged while ticking those all-important SEO boxes.

Concluding Thoughts

My personal experience with the software has been quite positive, pointing out its strengths and few areas for improvement.

One of the great things about Agility Writer is that it has a flexible and pocket-friendly pricing structure. Consequently, beginners to AI writing tools can use the platform without having to spend a fortune on it; besides, there are packages costing as little as $25 per month. Its additional research features also saved me loads of time.

To me, using Agility Writer was akin to having a personal assistant by my side whenever I needed one. The tool gave me intelligent suggestions that were in line with how I wrote which made it my perfect companion when crafting captivating social media posts or detailed blog articles. The search engine optimization capabilities were game-changing since they helped in enhancing the ranking of my content on Google and other search engines.

In general, I have found Agility Writer extremely impressive and potentially useful for any kind of content creators out there. Among other things, its seamless workflow integration feature helps businesses in significantly improving their SEO rankings at competitive rates thereby making them strong contenders for AI-powered text generators like this one.